How To Clean Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell filters are great to look and very efficient to use. When it comes to cleaning them, they require very little effort. Most of the air purifiers in the market require tedious services and cost a fortune. But, customers never have to worry about how to clean Honeywell air purifier. Honeywell is one customer friendly company, which makes the cleaning process of their air purifiers as simple as possible. Any person can attempt to do it on his own.


Guide for Honeywell Filters Maintenance

Two Ways On How To Clean Honeywell Air Purifier


1.    Filter Cleaning

Keep checking the space around the filter regularly. Vacuum the carpet nearby and wipe the wooden products near the filter if you see white deposits on them. The increase in these deposits indicates it is time to clean your filter. Cleaning Honeywell filters is no major task. First switch off the purifier and disassemble the set. It can be done easily by unscrewing the handle. There will be two filters inside a medium air purifier. One HEPA filter and another pre-filter wrapped on it. Separate them.

Clean the HEPA filter with a small brush, and a damp cloth. Remove the dust and the mould settled on them patiently. You can even try vacuuming the filters to remove these dust particles from them easily. The pre-filters surrounding the main HEPA filter can be simple cleaned by holding it under a tap. It has to be replaced in every three months time. Make sure you throw out the old one and just wrap the new carbon filter around the HEPA filter.


2.    Vent Cleaning

The outer cover cleaning is not similar to Honeywell filters cleaning. There will be small vents for air circulation in the purifiers. They usually get accumulated with dust. Vacuum the vents well. Use a general soap or detergent mixture to wash the outer plastic body and the lid. This will make the purifier look new forever. Wipe and dry them before putting back the filters. Also, clean the round seal with a dry cloth.

TIps on How To Clean Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell filters care and maintenance has never been an issue to their customers, so that it has now become easy to learn how to clean Honeywell air purifier. There are specific lights, which indicate when the pre-filter or the HEPA filter needs to be changed in each air purifier. They glow once the filter gets dirty and stops functioning properly. All the customer has to do is get them replaced by themselves or through a professional. Several tutorials on how to clean Honeywell air purifier are found online to assist the customer in the process. Only whole house purifiers installed at unreachable heights require professional servicing. All the other small and medium air purifiers are designed in such a way that they can be cleaned by the customers themselves.