Cleaning Filtrete Water Station

For as far back as anyone can call to mind, water bottles are common in a majority of American homes. Actually, a survey done in 2009 found that every year, Americans buy approximately 29.8 billion water bottles made of plastic and 8 of every 10 of the bottles end up in the garbage.

portable filtrete home water filtration systems

Purchasing these plastic water bottles can become quite expensive eventually and they add to the constantly increasing crisis of solid waste worldwide. However, they offer convenience to persons who desire to have clean and fresh water at home, as most times, the water that comes from the tap tastes and smells like chlorine. Thankfully, with the recent Filtrete water station, purchasing plastic water bottles to ensure that you always have convenient and safe water is no longer your only option. Here are some tips on cleaning Filtrete water station to ensure that you enjoy clean water for a longer time.

Features Of Filtrete’s Water Station

Filtrete’s water station is a type of water filter, which sifts water from the tap directly into four plastic bottles that are reusable and which are included in the water station system. The filter reduces sediments as well as the taste, and odor of chlorine. The filter life of 100 gallons makes it 2.5 times the life of the filter of regular water pitchers. Their main features involve the fact that they are also dishwasher-friendly, safe to use, and BPA-free.

filtrete water station cleaning guide

How To Clean Your Water Station

You may be wondering how to clean the water station. Cleaning Filtrete water station is effortless, if you follow the guide below.

  • First, when cleaning Filtrete water station, you should know that the filter of the Filtrete home water filtration systems must be replaced every 100 gallons or every three months. Included in the water systems is a feature that indicates to the user when it is time to replace the filter in the water station.
  • Unlike several water filters, the water station filter is eco-friendly.  It is created with the #2 plastic that a milk jug has and can be re-used. You simply get rid of the filter media in the garbage and recycle the parts that are plastic, including the rest of the #2 plastics.
  • Installing and removing Filtrete water station is also quite simple. The water station manufactured by 3M offers the practicality of bottled water but minus the waste or cost. Unlike regular filters that are quite slow and that require separate glasses or bottles, the water station filters water straight from the tap at home into four water bottles that can be reused. In just seconds, the water station facilitates the reduction of sediment, chlorine odor and taste usually found in tap water.

Following the above guide on cleaning Filtrete water station, and understanding what the Filtrete’s water station is all about and how it works, will help you to ensure that your water station will last a long time under your care and use.