Preventing Bed Bugs From Ruining Your Life

Just the thought of having little blood-sucking bedbugs in our homes, or even worse in our beds, is enough to make some people run to the nearest computer and type in preventing bed bugs.” The sad truth is that these nasty bugs are making their way around the world and causing more outbreaks or infestations every day. This means a lot more people need to know how to avoid bed bugs. So, if you want to be preventing bed bugs in your home, then pay attention to the following advice:

preventing bed bugs while traveling

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are little flat bugs about a quarter of an inch long and oval in shape. Their coloring ranges from white (after molting) to tan, brown, orange or red. They usually hang out in the bed or in areas around the bed, but can be found in other places, especially if the infestation is high. They also like to hide in cracks and crevices, or in places such as the bed frame, box spring or bed mattress. That’s why buying something like mattress covers for bed bugs can keep these blood suckers out of your bed.

How do Bed Bugs Enter Homes?

Preventing bed bugs is difficult because of the many ways they can get into your home. Some common ways are that they snag a ride on someone’s luggage or clothing from someplace they have been that had an infestation, so it’s important to also know how to go about preventing bed bugs while traveling. They could have been at a hotel you stayed in, on some sort of public transportation or even on another person on your trip.

They have also been known to get inside of things like laptops, tablets, the ports to electronic products because they like the warmth. Moving boxes can also be a source of a bed bug problem. All of these things make preventing bed bugs difficult, and shows you how it is very possible to carry them into your home without knowing it.

So, how do you prevent bed bugs so you won’t have to worry about getting sick from these nasty parasites?

Preventing Bed Bugs

Keeping Bed Bugs From Your Home

Preventing bed bugs means putting some effort into checking sheets and mattresses, as well as the seams, edges of the box springs, and other likely places. Any used or even possibly new furniture you buy you should inspect all the cracks and crevices. When staying in a hotel, you should inspect all the furniture and the bed before sitting yourself or your suitcase down. Use the luggage holder or put the suitcase in the tub while you check everything out.

Doing these things will work for preventing bed bugs in tagging along with you. Being careful when you are on vacation or somewhere else is the best way in preventing bed bugs to call your home their home as well.