How Long Does Flu Last

No one would ever want to have flu and stay in bed for days because of headache, stuffy nose, fever, and body malaise. Flu is one of the leading respiratory illnesses that are often mistaken as common colds. But understanding how long does flu last can help us better deal with the signs and symptoms of the illness. So, you may be wondering how long does it take you to succumb to the sickness after you have been exposed to a flu virus or have interacted with someone who has flu. Medical references on how long does flu last, would often tell you that it takes 3-7 days for the influenza virus to take its toll in your system.

how long does flu normally last in adults

Influenza virus strain and flu duration

There are many strains of the influenza virus that can possibly infect a susceptible individual. Maintaining optimal health or knowing how long does flu last may sound easy but it can really be a complex thing as health in itself can only be defined by the person in consideration with all aspects of life affecting him or her. The same thing is true with understanding how long does the flu normally last. Health and illness are greatly determined by the status of your immune system. For even healthy individuals can get infected with influenza anytime in their life. But physicians and medical experts can help identify how long does flu last by identifying the virus strain.


How Long Does Flu Last?

Flu Duration On Adults:

As health and wellness is a complex phenomenon that is said to be always in a continuum, the average days on how long does flu last may not always hold true to everyone. But because flu hinders the person from doing several responsibilities, many would really seek out the exact duration to gain more understanding on how long does flu last in adults.

  • Depending on the health status of each person, one can even get the flu in as early as two or three days.
  • According to medical literatures, the flu virus can stay up to three weeks inside the body system of the affected person.

Flu Duration on Children:

how long does the flu and cold last in children

If knowing how long does flu last is a concern in adults, it should also be a concern in children. Unlike adults who may be able to withstand the pain, the body malaise and other symptoms of flu, children often need professional medical attention that is best to admit into a medical and health care facility. How long does the flu last in children is really a concern that parents should be careful to watch their children who may initially catch cold and fever. And because fever is highly elevated in most children with flu, aside from knowing how long does flu last, proper intervention and medication should also be given.

Treating flu at home

Aside from knowing how long does flu last, another concern that parents should watch out for whenever children may exhibit flu signs and symptoms, is the right treatment to such condition. Knowing exactly for how long does flu last will help the parent identify if the illness is flu or just a common cold. There may be a lot resource that will show us on how to treat the flu.

  • Giving fever reducing medicines, nasal decongestants should be the initial treatment that anyone can give to a flu infected person at home.
  • Aside from the medical and pharmaceutical preparations to be administered, you need to advise the person to stay in bed and have rest, and to drinks lots of fluids. Knowing how long does flu last must not end in that alone, getting adequate rest is just as important.
  • Taking in warm soups and tea may help relieve the stuffy nose.
  • Pain relievers and paracetamol may also help lower the temperature in times of headache and fever.