Tips On How To Use A Pressure Washer

Cleaning your car, driveway, the deck and the pavements may be difficult and tiresome without the help of nice gadgets. However, with the use of pressure washers, you can clean easier taking only a few minutes of your time instead of the whole day. Hotsy pressure washer is one of the most popular brands of pressure washer. Here are some tips on how to use a pressure washer.

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Pressure Check

The number one tip on how to use a pressure washer is being careful in changing the machine from high pressure to low pressure. High pressure will cause splashing and may cause wastage of your soap/detergent and also your time.

Checking for Oil Leaks

If your pressure washer is leaking oil, you have to fix this first because the oil will only make your surfaces dirty. It is also very dangerous because you can slip on it. Most common causes of oil leaks are overfilling or busts in the oil tank.

Wearing Protective Gear

Among the tips on how to use a pressure washer, this is very important. You must wear protective gears every time you are using chemicals and when you are using water that runs in temperatures that are more than 140 Fahrenheit. This will avoid accidents because the water might accidentally splash on you.

The Nozzles

Reading the user manual of the nozzles is very important. This is a good way to know how to use a pressure washer. The nozzles are different in pressure and power. The zero degree nozzles, for example, are the most powerful and it can give very strong flows that can damage fragile surfaces if one is not careful. One should mark the use of all the nozzles and the surfaces it is compatible with.

The Bleaches

The most important caution is that you should never mix any power washing detergents with bleach. You will be lucky if this mixture does not burn your skin but it could also cause fires as it is highly flammable. Always use each at a time and clean the tank well.

Using the Spray Gun Safely

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The tips on how to use a pressure washer cannot be complete without the mention of the spray gun. It must be well used and gripped because it can cause a lot of destruction due to the power of water pressure. Do not rinse your feet while gripping it because you will get injuries. Spray guns should never be allowed to freeze. Every time you finish using it, it should be stored at temperatures that are higher than 32 Fahrenheit to ensure it does not freeze. It is also important to always make sure it is in prime condition before using it. Knowing how to use a pressure washer will not only efficiently do the cleaning job but will also make it accident free.

How To Clean Pressure Washers: A Comprehensive Manual

Most homeowners these days invariably use pressure washers for cleaning home, garages, car and other stuff. But maintenance of these washers is an important issue. You should learn how to clean pressure washers properly to ensure maximizing the benefits of purchasing one for home. These washers are simple interface cleaning machines and able to provide really quick results.

These washer save time, make cleaning operation a fun task for you. You may go for rentals or you can purchase one for your home as well. No matter which option you choose, learn how to clean pressure washers properly and the principles of maintaining these machineries. Here you’ll learn how to clean pressure washers in an effective, simple yet systematic way.

Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers can be classified into two major groups based on the power source. These washers can run on electric motors or gas engines. But for both types, you need adequate and uninterrupted water supply. For residential uses, washers should have pressure range of 1.3K to 2.4K psi. Electrical washers can deliver 1300 to 1400 psi and has a standard requirement of 1 to 2 gallon per minute whereas gas washers are able to deliver more.

How to Clean Pressure Washer: A Systematic Approach

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Cleaning a pressure washer involves two major steps: cleaning the washer nozzle and cleaning the washer filter. You need to clean and maintain the washers to make sure the machines last long.

  • Cleaning a pressure washer nozzle:

First of all, you have to unplug the washer from the electrical supply switch. Now, you have to flush the jet with clean water. Then you need to use a fine needle to clear the nozzle carefully. Make sure that the hole is intact and doesn’t lose the architecture.

  • Cleaning a pressure washer filter

First, detach the hose of cold water and then unscrew the nozzle carefully. Removal of the inlet filter should be done carefully using pliers. Now, you hang your inlet filter under running water. Hang it till all the dirt is removed, you may use an old toothbrush to clean it properly.

It’s important to consider the delicate nature of small accessories installed inside the pressure washer. You need to pay special attention while cleaning. If any part is broken or cracked, you should replace the accessories as soon as possible. If the repair work seems complicated, consider hiring an expert to help you resolve the issue.

Top Brands of Pressure Washers

Numerous brands are manufacturing high quality accessories and pressure washers for residential use. It’s important to figure out the best working machine for your home. Currently, top 5 brands of these pressure washers can be listed as:

  • Karcher
  • Troy-Bilt
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Campbell
  • Craftsmen

Karcher presents both electric and gas powered washers whereas other brands offer specific energy source washers.

Hotsy Pressure Washer on the Rise

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Recently another product, Hotsy pressure washer is rising high on the selling list. Hotsy pressure washer was previously popular for corporate and industrial use, but now homeowners are also considering these washers as preferable options.

These pressure washers make cleaning operations extremely easy for homemakers. But it’s important to learn about the available products carefully before purchasing one. Consider the size of your house, basic DIY cleaning operations you practice and the water and energy source while purchasing a washer. And once you have bought one, go through the manual carefully; learn about the maintenance issues and obviously how to clean pressure washers.

Why Choose An Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washer is becoming more of a need than a want in today’s world. This is due to the fact that most people nowadays are getting busier in their bid to earn more. Due to this reason, they do not have time to do their washing manually hence the need of this type of machine is necessary. An Electric pressure washer comes with different features thus these features dictate their prices. However, it is important for you to purchase your pressure washer from known suppliers in order to ensure that you get a warranty.

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Basic Troubleshooting

In case your electric pressure washer is not functioning properly, you can easily troubleshoot it. First check if a power of your pressure washer is on or off if it is off, switch it on again. Check if there is any power transmission in the outlet part, if not, analyze if the circuit breaker or switch has blown or tripped. If it has blown then replace it, if it still does not work, you can try a different power outlet. Any voltage that is more or less of your electric pressure washer will lead to blowing of circuit breakers. Once you are done with all these and still your machine is not working, you should seek services of a professional.

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Advantage of Using an Electric Pressure Washer

Below are some advantages of using an electric pressure washer

  • They are silent. These types of machines give you peace of mind while cleaning different places since they do not produce noise.
  • They do not emit carbon monoxide that is harmful to the environment. This makes pressure washers safe to use in homes.
  • The presence of pressure washer increases the value of a house.
  • Allows you to reach and clean high places without lifting your foot from the ground.

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According to electric pressure washer reviews, they state that an electric pressure washer is more silent than gas washers hence making them environmental friendly. Electric pressure washer ratings of 1,800 psi will help you in removing dirt and stains in your household easily.  It is noted that pressure washers that costs below 300 dollars cannot last beyond the warranty period given despite using it carefully and following instructions to the latter.

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Hotsy pressure washer is one of the best electric pressure washer. They are found in hot and cold water models and are commonly used in industries. When you purchase a hotsy washer you can be rest assured that it will perform to your expected standards. Other brands of electric pressure washer include Briggs & Stratton, AR Blue Clean and also Karcher.

The Dependable Power Washer

A power washer, also known as a pressure washer, refers to a mechanical sprayer that uses water under very high pressure in cleaning and removing loose dirt, mould and grime from surfaces and objects. It is commonly used for cleaning vehicles, buildings and concrete roads among others. Some of power washer parts include;

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  • An electric mortar/ engine – this is the part that is responsible for the driving of the water pump
  • A high pressure hose
  • A trigger gun style switch that turns water on when required and off when not needed

Some washers have parts that allow the adding of detergents to cleaning water for better performance. Power washer reviews are quite important to buyers as they are assisted in determining the best brand of power washers to go for in relation to their performance and functionality. These reviews are not accurate all the time. The results vary from one user to the other which means that the performance may not be feasible to one group of user and perfect to the other.

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Types of Pressure/Power Washers Based on Fuel Used

There are various types of power washers today. These are classified according to their source of power and they include;

  • Electric power washers
  • Diesel pressure washers
  • Petrol pressure washers
  • Gas pressure washers
  • Ultra high pressure washers
  • Hydraulic high pressure washers

Hotsy pressure washer is a high quality power washer that is of industrial grade used only by the qualified and experienced individuals as it is not so easy to operate. This kind of pressure washer comes in different models. The different models may operate using either hot or ordinary tap water.

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Power Washing Techniques

There are several power washing techniques that give different results. These are developed because not all power washing will only remove dirt from the surface.

  • Dry ice blasting – this technique uses dense ice pellets to remove all forms of dirt. This is used for one notable effect – the ice pellet turns into a gaseous substance upon contact or impact and leaves the surface dry instantly.
  • Sand blasting- this technique is used to have some scratching or stripping effect.
  • Soda blasting – this technique has a multi-layer cleaning effect and environmentally friendly.

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Power washers are the best solution for tough dirt or stains that a regular garden hose can’t do the job. They are a very important tool to maintain the cleanliness of a place or an object.

Features And Benefits Of Hotsy Pressure Washer

If you are contemplating getting a Hotsy Pressure washer, then you are making a great decision. When it comes to pressure washers there is no better brand out there than Hotsy. What a lot of people are unaware of is that this is not your average power washer; they have many more features than that.

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Something that you will see below are some of the features that the Hotsy pressure washer has and why more and more people are buying them. Now, if you are looking for a pressure washer to clean your sidewalk and wash down your house, then this will do that. If you want a pressure washer that can strip the stain off your deck, then all Hotsy pressure washers can do that as well. One great thing about a Hotsy pressure washer is that the company has been around since 1970 and in that time there has never been a pressure washer that even compares to them.

Popular Features Of Hotsy Pressure Washer

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  • Hot And Cold Option – Did you know that you can get a Hotsy hot water pressure washer? These are great as some things are better cleaned with hot water as opposed to cold. Now, if you want a cold water pressure washer, then you can get that as well.
  • Replaceable Parts – The nice thing about finding Hotsy pressure washer parts is that you can order them directly from the manufacturer and they will arrive on your doorstep. Most other companies require that you find the parts yourself, however, Hotsy would rather you come directly to them for the best part.

One thing that you will notice when you use a Hotsy pressure washer is that they are not your typical pressure washer. These will produce more pressure than most commercial washers and they are built to last. You may notice on some pressure washers that they look rather weak; this is not the case with Hotsy. This is also due in part to how easy they are to maintain.

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Maintenance Tips

  • Remove Dirt After Each Use – One thing you should do after each use is to remove any excess dirt that you have on the machine. You do this in order to keep the pressure washer looking like new and running like new as well every time.
  • Store In Moderate Temperature – Did you know that keeping your pressure washer in a room that reaches high temperatures or really low temperatures can cause it to break? What happens is the water will start to corrode the pressure washer and after a while it will make the entire unit worthless.

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Being that a Hotsy pressure washer is not the cheapest pressure washer out there, you need to keep it clean for the next time you use it. Don’t make the mistake that many people make and think that just because it is a commercial piece of equipment that it can handle all the abuse. Yes, it can handle abuse but just like any piece of equipment, a Hotsy pressure washer will last longer if you keep it looking and running like new.