Hot Wax: Smoother Hair-free Underarms

The use of hot wax is one of the methods that are widely done by women to remove hairs that are not desirable. These ingredients can be obtain in variety of hot wax surf shop and online. These unwanted hair in women are caused by an excess of male hormones such as androgen and testosterone. The growth of unwanted hair is very interfering and reduces the attractiveness of women. Removing the hair is usually done by shaving. Shaving hair has many weaknesses such as cuts and irritation caused by razors. Besides, the shaved hair also grows too fast with the size more rugged. Compared to laser and other hair removal method, hot wax has a number of advantages.

quickest waxing method for smooth underarm

Advantages of Hot Wax Hair Removal

  • Cheaper than laser
  • Skin looks smoother
  • Skin is cleaner and healthier
  • The effect is longer lasting
  • Can be done at home
  • Can be used on all skin types

The hot wax hair removal can be done alone or in the beauty clinics. Usually, when waxing is done for the first time, pain is unavoidable. This pain can be alleviated when you get accustomed to it.

Tips Before Using Hot Wax

  • Make sure your skin is not oily and dry.
  • Avoid waxing skin that is frequently exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid the use of tight clothing after waxing to prevent irritation and swelling.
  • Adjust the warmth of the wax to the recommended temperature.
  • Avoid using hot wax along with other skin care products from vitamin A, Accutane, Retin A and other ingredients to avoid exfoliation.
  • Make sure the area to be waxed does not have a wound or a pimple.

painless hot wax

The use of hot wax hair removal is done by heating the wax in a wax warmer or in the hot wax machine. Furthermore, the liquid wax is applied to the body part you wish to remove hair. The layer of the wax that has been applied to the skin is then covered with a waxing strip. The waxing strip is then quickly withdrawn so that the hairs that stick to the wax will be uprooted. This method can leave you smooth and hair free for approximately 3 weeks or so. To maintain a healthy skin on the waxed area, avoid putting on lotion or any deodorant for about 48 hours.

Hot wax is not only beneficial in cleaning the skin and getting rid of unwanted hair but also increasing the confidence of a woman. Make sure to check the ingredients of the product to prevent allergic reaction.