Hoshizaki Ice Machines: Endless Crushed Ice Cocktails

Crushed ice cocktails are very popular especially in the hot summer weather. In order to get the best taste out of a cocktail, chilling is the best thing. Since you can hardly mix a drink and keep it in the freezer for some moments, crushed ice works just fine. Hoshizaki ice machines are very helpful in ice cubing and making ice pieces to be used in ice buckets and also in glasses. There is no doubt that Hoshizaki are a leading company when it comes to kitchen utensils and appliances. They have cube ice and flake ice machines on display and both come with very reasonable prices.

perefect crushed ice cocktails

The ice machines come in a variety of models. One can choose what fits them best according to their uses. Crushed ice cocktails can be made at home and even in restaurants, which will definitely need bigger machines to cater for wider range of clientele.

Top Models of Hoshizaki Ice Machines

  • AM50 BAE

The model looks just like a fridge. It is capable of cubing ice and storing it for a long time even in very hot weather. It has a storage bin, which can store as much ice as they need. It can also produce up to 55 pounds of ice in 24 hours and it is air-cooled. The exterior surface is made of very durable stainless steel and the machine is approved for outdoor use. The moving parts have been kept to a minimum to ensure it last longer and it has a great reversible swinging door. It also comes complete with a side-trimming kit and a draining pump, which is optional.

  • AM150 BWF

This is a much smaller version of ice cuber with a water-cooled system rather than air cooled, as is the case with the AM50 BAE above. It is also made of stainless steel exterior that makes it very durable. It can produce up to 150 lbs of ice per every 24 hours. It has a convenient drop down door and a greater storage capacity of 88 pounds. It is made of minimum moving parts to ensure it lasts longer. You can now enjoy crushed ice cocktails with a lot of ease and as often as you wish with the BWF model in your household.

  • KM61 BAH

This is a much smaller model with a storage capacity of 30 pounds of ice. It can produce up to 71 lbs of ice in 24 hours and it is air-cooled. It has a unique individual crescent cube and it is made of durable stainless tell on the exterior. It is complete with a cycle saver design and an alert system. This ice machine is ideal for small families who still want to enjoy their crushed ice cocktails. It is possible to have a built in installation of this machine and it has a very convenient slide door.

great hoshizaki ice machines

There are about a dozen other models and editions of the Hoshizaki ice machines and all of them are top quality. One can now enjoy fully their crushed ice cocktails with these machines in their homes. You can order for them from top online retailers such as eBay or on Amazon.

How To Make Hawaiian Shaved Ice Recipe

One thousand years ago, the first Hawaiian shaved ice recipe was made by the people of Japan. The recipe got its name when the Japanese craftsmen brought it to Hawaii. Known for its distinctive, fine-grated texture, the recipe usually uses syrup specially formulated to achieve this fine-grated feel.

best hawaiian shaved ice recipe

If you have already tasted or seen this dessert, you are probably aware that the flavored syrups do not sink at the bottom of the glass. They remain suspended over the ice, which makes Hawaiian shaved ice different. Red azuki beans were traditionally placed at the bottom of the glass, but now, most restaurants serve it with ice cream underneath. Usually served with a spoon or straw, this popular dessert refreshes people through its tropical flavors like papaya, lilikoi, or rainbow (blue vanilla, orange, and cherry).

Making your own Hawaiian shaved ice recipe is really easy. You can even make this refreshing dessert at home.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Recipe

Ingredients Needed

  • Electric Ice Shaver or Blender
  • Ice
  • Syrups (available in different flavors like strawberry, watermelon, lime, pineapple, and even pina colada)
  • Spoon
  • Cup


  • Place two cups of ice in the blender and crush them into fine pieces to get the right consistency for Hawaiian shaved ice recipe. If you plan to make shaved ice for several people, you may need to crush the ice on several batches, depending on the capacity of your ice crusher. The ideal size of the ice should be similar to the size of breadcrumbs, but it is better if they are smaller than that.

If you use an electric ice shaver, place the ice on its compartment and refer to the machine’s user manual for directions.

  • Get a cup or glass and pour the ice inside. Prepare one or two shot glasses of syrup, and pour it on top of the shaved ice.
  • Now, your Hawaiian shaved ice is ready to serve.

Preparation Tips

If you want change on your typical Hawaiian shaved ice recipe, consider trying the creamy Hawaiian shaved ice. To prepare, combine seven ounces of condensed or evaporated milk with one ounce of syrup. Pour one or two shot glasses of the creamy mixture on top of your shaved ice. Do not worry about the excess, for the creamy syrup can last up to five days in your refrigerator.

best hoshizaki ice machines

And if you loved Hawaiian shaved ice recipe, you’ll probably love Hoshizaki ice machines as well. The manufacturer does not only sell ice dispensers, but also other types of huge ice machines like built-in storage bins, ice cubers, ice dispensers, ice flakers and many more. These ice machines are designed to maximize ice production with every amount of energy and water they consume. Built with quality engineering, Hoshizaki ice machines are definitely a superior when it comes to operating cost, as compared to similar models distributed by other manufacturers.

The Useful Snow Cone Machines for the Sweet-Tooth

The Useful Snow Cone Machines for the Sweet-Tooth

Many people take the pride of serving home-made snow cones to their guests as it adds an extra personal touch to the get-together. There are basically two types of ice machines available in the markets namely the commercial ones and those for the householders. Hoshizaki ice machines are among the best commercial snow cone machine that has captured the markets for a long time.

Cool Hoshizaki ice machines

How Ice Machines Work

Hoshizaki’s ice machines are very popular as the machines are of the highest quality and offer great performance especially for commercial purposes. However, before purchasing a snow cone machine it is right to know some details of the machine.

A snow cone machine is basically single-purpose equipment. It has a grinder blade that is powered by electricity. The grinder crushes the ice, which are fed into the ice machine’s feeder. Some snow cone machines use solid ice blocks, while others use ice cubes.

variety of commercial snow cone machine

Safety Precautions When Handling An Ice Grinder

Although the method of making snow cones is not very difficult, certain precautionary methods should be adopted to avoid accidents.

  • Electricity connections, plugs, and the table-tops on which the ice machines are placed must be well checked.
  • The materials to be used should be new and are made of the best quality.
  • Kits are available at the departmental stores for both commercial and private purposes. It is best to buy the original cones and syrups.

Best Ice Machines Today

shopping for used snow cone machine

In today’s market snow cones business brings in great profits. So when purchasing the commercial snow cone machine, buyers often opt for the Hoshizaki ice machines. as it is a trusted brand and has proved its efficiency for many years. It is easy to operate, hygienic and gives various options of making ice. It has a remote LED sensor and comes with a warranty.

Often, people are prone to buy a used snow cone machine as it is available at a cheaper price. But, the machine must be well tested before the final deal. If it is a Hoshizaki ice machine, then it is dependable as the company is the producer of the highest standards of snow cone makers for the home as well as for business purposes. Experts’ advice is necessary when purchasing used snow cone machine as faulty machines are prone to unseen accidents. When the snow cone machines are intended for home purpose, it is wise to go for the smaller machines especially from Hoshizaki machines that are new and will serve all purposes for a long time.

Making Snow Cone Treats

affordable snow cone machine rental

It has become quite convenient presently to serve delicious ice cones of various flavors to guests during small gatherings and home parties apart from restaurants and commercial places. Snow cone machine rental system are quite common and so one can easily install a small snow cone machine for the purpose. Some of the machines can make even 10 snow cones in just one minute. It is really great fun to serve friends and relatives snow cones of different flavors and enjoy a birthday party. But, it is advisable to get the snow cone machine on rent from reliable rental companies to avoid mishaps.

Owning an Ice Maker for Homes and Businesses Alike

Hoshizaki is a Japanese company known for their good quality kitchen equipment. This company has spread all around the world offering the best ice machines and refrigeration equipment for commercial use.

trusted hoshizaki ice machines

One of its products is the Hoshizaki ice machines. This equipment is made from stainless steel and is available in different designs and sizes. Hoshizaki ice machines are best known for maximizing the ice production which makes it an excellent choice for household and catering used. There are three different types of ice machines manufactured by Hoshizaki. These are the portable ice maker, under counter ice maker and crushed ice maker.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

1. Portable Ice Maker
Location of each catering service and even family gatherings may vary. This means that you need an ice machine that you can carry anywhere. One of Hoshizaki ice machines is the portable ice maker. This ice machine offers convenience for its users. With its small size, you can carry it anywhere. The body of this machine is made from stainless steel which prevents it from rust. It has LED lights to identify the controls of the machine and it has a wide ice storage and transparent cover to let you see the produced ice.

good quality portable ice maker

When using a portable ice maker, be sure to place it on an elevated area. Keep it off the ground to prevent dirt from getting into the ice maker. This ice maker has its own water storage that you need to fill up before attaching it to the power supply. You can then select the size of ice cubes you wanted. Just refill the water storage from time to time until you have enough ice to use. After using your ice machine, drain the remaining water and clean the machine. Read the ice machine manual for the proper way to clean your ice maker to keep its good condition.

2. Under Counter Ice Maker
There are also Hoshizaki ice machines that you can use inside your houses or for restaurants. These models are known as the under counter ice maker. This ice maker can easily be placed in corners of your kitchen and restaurants without consuming a lot of space. The same as other Hoshizaki ice machines, this under counter ice maker is made from stainless, durable steel with LED lights for controls and you can choose from different overlay designs that will match your kitchen and restaurant designs.
Under counter ice maker has built-in ice storage and should be attached to a water source to continuously product ice.

great and efficient under counter ice maker

It can produce from 22 pounds to 65 pounds of ice cubes per day which make it a good equipment to have around your house and restaurants.

3. Crushed Ice maker
There are times that you will need crushed ice instead of ice cubes especially if you are making fruit or chocolate smoothies  or using it for your other frozen foods. For this reason, Hoshizaki ice machines offer you the convenience of having this type of ice with the use of the crushed ice maker.

highly recommendable crushed ice maker

Crushed ice maker can be used both in households and commercial establishments. Just like any other Hoshizaki ice machines, it is made from durable, stainless steel. It can crush ice up to 30 pounds per hour. The ice is finely chopped that makes it the best choice for your shakes.
If you want to have these equipment around your house or in your establishments, you can visit the nearest stores near you or you can browse and order it online. With Hoshizaki ice machines, ice making is easy and more convenient.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

With over 65 years of experience, Hoshizaki Electric Company has established its place as a leading manufacturer of ice machines, ice dispensers and refrigeration products throughout the world. With an attention to detail, constant innovation and first-class build quality; Hoshizaki ice machines can be found on nearly every continent of the world.

High Quality Hoshizaki ice machines

Uses Of Hoshizaki Ice Machines

The uses for Hoshizaki ice machines are nearly endless. Ideal uses of ice machines include:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Lobbies or waiting rooms
  • Multi-family housing units, such as apartment complexes
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Mobile vendors

Many ice machines include storage bins and are self-contained for ease of use and simple set up. If you are looking for a self-service appliance, many Hoshizaki ice machines are available with optional ice dispensers to offer a complete solution with one appliance. Other Hoshizaki products include commercial grade refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated display cases and water electrolyzers.

buying used Hoshizaki ice machines

With a variety of sizes, cube styles, output levels and designs, Hoshizaki ice machines can fit to match your needs exactly. This means less waste, increased efficiency and quicker return on investment. For additional savings, used Hoshizaki ice machines are available as well. With their quality and reliability, repairs for these ice machines are infrequent. Best of all, many Hoshizaki ice machines parts are available on the Internet to get you back up and running quickly and affordably.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine KM Series

One of the most popular lines in the Hoshizaki ice machine select is the KM series. These cuber machines offer reliable performance at affordable prices. Specific models include:

High Capacity Hoshizaki ice machines parts

  • KM-61BAH: This model offers 38 pounds of storage with an output of approximately 71 pounds of ice per day. The crescent cube design prevents clumping and makes it ideal for both beverages and kitchen use.
  • KM-101BAH: With a 56 pound capacity and approximately 115 pounds of ice production in a single day, this Hoshizaki ice machine is ready for the kitchen. Its crescent style cubes are easy to handle. The water circuit on the machine is designed for quick disassembly for quick and easy cleanings.
  • KM-201BAH: This model is one of the largest Hoshizaki ice machines available. With an 80 pound storage bin and the ability to produce up to 215 pounds of ice in a single day, the 201 is ready to keep up with the most demanding of uses. The unit’s pull out design makes it ideal for places where space is limited.
  • AM-50BAE: Unlike the previous models, the AM-50 is designed for under the counter installations. With a 30 pound storage capacity, 51 pound daily production and a convenient top hat cube design, these machines are ideal for the bar or small kitchen.

Reading Hoshizaki ice machines manuals

With such a wide selection of products and a first class global reputation, you can count on Hoshizaki ice machines to meet your needs and provide outstanding service for years to come. Most models include warrantees on all major parts for three to five years from the date of purchase. Specific warranty terms and conditions are available within the Hoshizaki ice machines manuals for your specific model or on the official Hoshizaki division website for your region.