Homemade Deodorant

You can find many reasons why we need to utilize homemade deodorant as part of your personal hygiene. The main purpose of deodorant is to hide any bad odor from our body. Some commercial deodorants are often not good to use compared to the homemade ones. That is why we are advised by experts to make their own best natural deodorant by creating some unique recipes.

You can find recipes in the internet together with their simple instructions. You can easily make one if you will just invest time and effort doing it. This homemade deodorant recipe is very nice for those who have sensitive skins. Aside from that, why do we really need to make our own deodorant?

natural homemade deodorant best for sensitive skin

Benefits of Homemade Deodorants


  • The homemade deodorant is made in budgeted price than those commercial ones.
  • The cornstarch and baking soda that are the common ingredients of making deodorants can be bought in affordable prices. The ingredients are secured to work and you won’t need to worry about chemicals.
  • You can also use the household containers in your house in mixing the deodorant.
  • The essential oils and fragrance you mix with the deodorants can be bought in small quantities that are good for many deodorants.


  • The natural homemade deodorant components are safe to use, even on sensitive skins.
  • There are harmful chemicals often mixed in commercial deodorants. These chemicals can cause skin irritation and can even lead to long term health problems.
  • But when you make your own deodorant, you know what you have put. Since you can mix the right amount, you are sure that you can keep the components constant over a short period of time.

make your own homemade deodorant

User Satisfaction

  • Lastly, homemade deodorant is made according to the preference of the one who will use it. As the one who is making the deodorant, you can have the choice of what scented oil you can put and other healthy ingredients to provide different scents and other health benefits.
  • This is different when only buying commercial deodorants where the option and benefits are limited.
  • You can buy the scented oils and fragrances from stores or in online retailers. You can really search for exotic ingredients in the internet.

You can really find many options in making homemade deodorant at home. You can even find simple recipes such as the recipe for homemade deodorant coconut oil. You can search through the internet where the options are wide. So, you can now start looking for your own deodorant.