All About Hertz Discount: Car Rentals For Less

While everyone has different tastes and opinions on many things, there is one thing most everyone has in common—everyone likes to save money. When it comes to saving money on vehicle rentals, a Hertz discount can take care of some of the bill for you. Whether you are using one of their discount programs, such as the Hertz student discount, or taking advantage of promotional offers, like Hertz car rental discount codes, there are plenty of options for saving some money.

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Of all the available Hertz discount options, the Hertz student discount is perhaps the easiest and most available. Using the Hertz student discount is simple, all you have to do is:

  • Be over the ages of 19 at the time of rental.
  • Have a credit card issued in your name.
  • Have a valid Student ID.
  • Have a valid driving license for at least one year before the time of rental.

Those four simple steps can save you upwards of 15-percent off your car rental bill for particular vehicle groups. Another easy-to-use Hertz discount option is Hertz car rental discount codes. These are widely available on various websites around the Internet. If you cannot find a car rental discount code, these tips might help you find one.

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How To Get Hertz Discount

  • Check popular travel and rental websites. As an incentive to encourage customers to use their services, many of these websites will offer promotional codes and printable Hertz discount coupons.
  • Check various coupon databases on the Internet. These sites are often simple to find using your preferred search engine. Many popular coupon databases sort their coupons for easy access. Simply click the travel, rental or automotive categories and watch the savings add up.
  • Use your preferred search engine. The amount of websites being created every day is astonishing. Listing every site with Hertz car rental discount codes would be impossible. However, a quick search can provide you with near-instant savings on your next car rental.
  • Check the official Hertz website. There are often online-only promotions listed on the official website that are not available anywhere else.

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For finding Hertz discount coupons in your surrounding area, similar tips apply. Check with local travel agencies, community organizations and retail stores. Many of these places will have promotional offers that provide Hertz discount coupons for members. However, when using this method, be sure to check the terms on the coupon offer. Some offers might require specific product purchases, memberships or subscriptions before they can be redeemed.

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Regardless of which method of Hertz discount you decide to use and how you acquire it, this can be a great way to save money on car rentals. For frequent vehicle renters, the savings over the course of a year can amount to hundreds of dollars. With many families and businesses having to tighten their budgets more than ever before, a Hertz discount can be the difference between an enjoyable family vacation and being stuck in the house playing board games and watching re-runs.