The Various Herbal Essences Hair Color Line Products

Hair dying, a common do-it-yourself cosmetic procedure, may seem daunting if you’ve never tried it before. But the most difficult step is actually selecting a quality product to work with. Herbal Essences hair color products are a great option and a go-to product for many consumers, receiving consistently high reviews for their effectiveness, affordability, and non-damaging formula. This formula leaves hair soft and healthy even with repeated application. Between their three main brands, they offer dozens of different shades for both permanent and nonpermanent coloring, plus additional formulas for targeted blending and highlighting. The Herbal Essences hair color product line is produced by the parent company Clairol. Clairol Herbal Essences hair color products come as either foam, liquid or cream with a varying degree of permanency.

Effective Herbal Essences Hair Color

Herbal Essences Product Classification

  • Nice ‘n Easy: This is their signature brand containing eight permanent and non-permanent variations for coloring, highlighting, blending, and touch-ups. It boasts of 100% gray coverage.
  • Natural Instincts: This product provides the same vibrant results as the Nice ‘n Easy line but with a formula that does not use harsh chemicals like ammonia.
  • Perfect Lights: The newest in Herbal Essences hair color, this product is designed to provide quick, easy do-it-yourself highlighting. This product is currently available online as a free sample kit (plus $9.99 for shipping and processing).

Perfect Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Color

Nice ‘n Easy Product Line

  • Nice ‘n Easy: A permanent hair color that is easy to use and provides highlights and tones.
  • Nice ‘n Easy Non-Permanent: This includes gorgeous, believable tones and lets hair shine in a non-permanent formula.
  • Color Blend Foam: A no-drip solution for blending tones and highlights.
  • Perfect 10: A product, which will give you a full, glossy color in as little as ten minutes.
  • Touch-ups: A10-minute permanent touch-ups for roots in between colorings.
  • Gray Solution: A lasting, effective coverage for persistent gray hairs.
  • Highlighting: This product will subtly accentuate the natural-looking highlights.
  • Born Blonde: A single step whole head lightening for a natural-looking blonde.

Natural Instincts Product Line

  • Natural Instincts: A natural, ammonia-free semi-permanent color that blends gray hairs.
  • Vibrant: A long lasting permanent color that completely covers gray.
  • Shine Happy: A bright, conditioning shine for up to four weeks for both colored and non-colored hair.
  • Crème: It provides glowing color while simultaneously softening hair.
  • For Men: It has a subtle gray-coverage effect specifically for men.
  • Brass Free: It mellows out bright, brassy tones to give hair a more natural look.

All About Herbal Essences Hair Color Chart

To determine the best product and shade for you, it’s helpful to consult the herbal essences hair color chart found on the Clairol website. Their site also contains answers to a number of frequently asked questions and other coloring advice those first-time users will find helpful. In addition, the Herbal Essences line of shampoo products also has a number of color-safe formulas that are designed to go hand in hand with their coloring products.

Use Herbal Essences Hair Color Coupons

Herbal Essences hair color products provide excellent results and are overall a fantastic value. And since Herbal Essences hair color coupons are frequently available through the Clairol website, what better reason do you need to take their fabulous products for a spin? Go on and try one and see the amazing effect this brand could offer for your hair.