Cool Designs for Shirts

There are a lot of designs for shirts in the market these days, but the one that will catch your eyes are the graphic tee designs. They have been handpicked for their unique and very creative designs for both male and female. They are cool designs for shirts that have a graphic design done somewhere on the shirt. On a normal basis, you will find the graphic design on the shirt is on the front side. But there are graphic shirts that have designs on the sides, back or even on the sleeves. These shirts have been in the market for the longest time, but they became increasingly popular between the 1990’s and the 2000’s. This was when every designer wanted to have a piece of this cake. Thanks to graphic design techniques availability made possible by technology and computers.

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Fun Graphic Tshirt Designs

Unlike other types of t-shirts where the name given either describes the style or the fit, images on the graphic shirts come from a wide range from licensed characters and random art to company logos and brands. Graphic shirts are mostly found in retail shops that cater for youth clothing and young men and girls’ catalogues. However, there are graphic shirts that display licensed characters such as the ones created by Cartoon Network or Disney or even Nickelodeon, which are popular with the young children. Older kids tend to be more into graphic logos for name brands or artwork done by upcoming and new music groups.

Graphic Shirt Design Technology

Technology has played a big role to this business, with the emergence of iron on transfer paper technology, printers and computer imaging software making it a whole lot easier for people to come up with individual designs for shirts. There are also an increasing numbers of companies that offer the services of making graphic shirts. You find that kids and upcoming designers have easy access to getting custom shirts.

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The Most Popular Graphic Shirts

  • The Bape Kung Fu Tee – It is said to keep it gully and has a home page to Bruce Lee. It retails at $79.
  • Stussy Authentic TTSM Temple – A London based music producer and guest artist Richard Norris have collaborates to create the space and time machine, named after his music project. This retails at $28.
  • Estevan Oriol X Cassie Venturea Creation – This is made by the Diamond Supply Co. It retails at $38.
  • Original Fake Reflection Tee created by Hues Of Blue. It retails at $85.
  • Commonwealth Cmon Panther – This is a combination of black and yellow and is just amazing. It retails at $28.
  • Beta Unit Space Age Tee – It is made from 100% combed cotton. It feels incredible. It retails at $40.
  • Freshjive Nightlife Tee  – You should make this your next party night out tee. It retails at $20.
  • Warriors Of Redness Tee – This retails at $36.
  • Robert Gellet Seventeen Tee – This tee was inspired by the hit song “Seventeen Seconds” by The Cure. It retails at $77.
  • Blood Tee – This works just perfectly as an under shirt. It retails at $45.

Go on and get the best cool designs for shirts. Don’t be left behind. Get yourself a graphic tshirt today.

DIY Shirt Designing

DIY shirt designing is one of the most exciting experiences because you can design your shirt the way you wish. Good styles are found when one designs according to their taste and according to their body shapes. A self-made shirt will always look better on you than a ready-made one because you get to choose the color, design, size and even style of the shirt. This is a common trend especially for the young people because it is one way to portray your personality. Designer clothes have a kind of personal touch that makes them unique and magical.

 DIY shirt designing is especially common on t-shirts. Graphic tee is everywhere and everyone wants to have their own images and words put out and designed the way people will read them everywhere they go. Never mind that some of these are very vulgar words and some even offensive. If one wants to do this at home for themselves, there are several things they will require.

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Materials for DIY Tees

Materials needed for DIY shirt designing:

  • A computer with Adobe Photoshop application
  • Craft blades
  • Plywood pieces
  • Masking tape
  • Thin acetate sheet
  • Painter rollers (small ones)
  • Iron and parchment paper
  • A t-shirt preferably in bright colors

The Procedure of DIY shirt designing:

  • Developing the stencil
  • Look for the image you want and then import it into Photoshop
  • Create a duplicate layer and then remove the background coloring
  • Change the image into the black and white color scheme
  • On the application, go to filter, then blur, then Gaussian blur and apply.
  • Take the paintbrush in tools to join all the black parts so that no part will be left out in printing
  • Print out the image on paper
  • Carefully place the acetate paper on top of the image you have just printed and then hold in place with the masking tape
  • Cut out the black parts of the image so that you remain with the definite shape. Do this using the blades. One has to be extra careful and take time to cut out a good image.
  • Lay out the shirt to be printed, place the stencil on it and then cover the other parts with old newspapers to prevent them from being stained by the paint.
  • Mix your ink and fill the roller with ink.
  • From the outside of the stencil paper, paint out the shirt and then carefully remove the paper and also the newspapers. Your image is now done.
  • Leave the shirt to dry and then iron it to stick in the paint

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Designing the Shirt

There are plenty of other styles that you can use to design lovely shirts and one of these is embroidery. However, screen printing is the most common and it takes a lot less time when you are used to it than embroidery.DIY shirt designing is fun and it can be learned by anyone.

Easy Fashion Fix: Cheap Tees

These days, a lot of men love to don different kinds of tees for everyday casual use. Whether they are hanging out at the local hang-out place, strolling at the mall, going out for some snacks with their buddies or with a girlfriend, visiting a friend, or dropping by the beach, cheap tees certainly provide a quick and very convenient fashion fix for men.

The Use of Cheap Graphic Tees for Men

Generally, men do not like dressing up too much and too often. They would rather sport the same old style day in and day out as long as they feel comfortable, smell good, and look decent. Besides, there is no need anymore to think about what to put on. It is very easy to just grab a graphic tee off the rack or from the drawer, and pair it off with jeans or shorts.


Because of the advent of cheap tees and the popularity most especially of cheap band tees and cheap graphic tees, it has become easier for men to stock up on these for daily casual wear. After all, these shirts are both stylish and very affordable. They can thus purchase not only one or two, but several in order to answer their simple fashion needs on a regular basis.

The Effects of Cheap Graphic Tees for Men

Graphic tees are great because they immediately give you a trendy look while enabling people to catch a glimpse of your personality, interests, etc. Usually, these cheap tees show off images and words that make a statement full of impact or that are humorous, thought-provoking, and perhaps downright vulgar. It really depends on you when it comes to the type of graphics that you would like projected on your shirts.

In addition, these tees are certainly a great way to express yourself and to look unique and fashionable.

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The Variations of Cheap Graphic Tees for Men

These cheap graphic tees may be contemporary in style and design, or may have a vintage or retro feel. They may seem to shout out messages or describe what you like. They can be pure graphics or a combination of images with text. They come in a wide array of color schemes and designs.

These cheap tees can easily be worn with casual jeans and shorts for occasions that do not require formal clothing. They can also be paired with jeans plus a suit jacket for a semi-formal attire that will still give you that cool and laid-back image.

You can get hold of these graphic tees in online shops, where the pictures clearly exhibit the designs and can allow you to even view the design in a multitude of colors so that you can have a variety of options. Of course it would also be good to check them out in actual stores so that you can touch the material and see if it is of good quality and if it is comfortable and easy to wash.

Funny Tees for Everybody

Funny tees are very trendy and suitable for all ages. There are plenty of stores offering personalized shirts where in you can customize the design you want. In some countries they call these shirts as spoof tees, funny graphic tees or statement shirts. Many people consider buying this type of shirt because of fashion and comfort. The fabrics used for tees are very pleasant and breezy while the prints are attractive or really eye-catching especially when it is unique. There are some stores selling ready to wear clothes with humorous prints and designs styled appropriately for specific ages and gender.

Funny Tees VS Naughty Tees
Some people find intelligently funny tees or shirts with full of sense statements or double meaning words better compared to naughty statement shirts or “spoof” funny tees commonly sold in the market. Young professionals or adults would be the perfect target market for this type of merchandise. On the other hand, teenagers appreciate hilarious statement shirts which can be cool and loud. These shirts are best for gifts because you can choose from a lot of designs or make your own (if you prefer to be unique), plus it is very affordable and easy to find.

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Funny Tees for Pregnant Women
Funny Tees can be found all around the world. There are certain outlets offering wide range of designs not only for kids or teens but also for pregnant women. Since most pregnant women can’t afford to buy fashionable clothes for reasons such as they are not comfortable wearing trendy dresses due to weight gain or they just can’t find the perfect outfit for their body shape or mood.
Here are some good reasons to buy funny maternity tees:

  • To keep a happy spirit during the pregnancy period
  • Perfect gift to cheer up pregnant women or advance greetings for the upcoming baby.
  • To keep the fashion sense while feeling comfortable

Funny tees are not limited to spoof, hilarious statements or even a cute graphic tee. You can be very stylish like what some couples do particularly in Asia, they wear same or pairing tees called couple shirts. Some parents celebrate their kids’ birthdays wearing same style shirts personally made for the event. These shirts can be bought from online or local stores. It could be considered basic clothing you need in your closet if you still want to look cool and feel comfortable or casual at the same time. Choosing designs for your shirt could be exciting and not to mention you can get the graphic design you have always wanted.

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Advantages of Funny Tees
The advantage of purchasing or having funny tees is you can set your own style by being creative and artistic. You can stand out and be popular without spending too much money by simply wearing uncommon styles of shirts whether it contains funny, cute and appealing graphics or statements, spoof of a popular brand, heart melting quotes, quotes, vintage designs such as celebrities, famous bands or shows, etc. It all depends on your mood and choice of fashion style. With funny tees you get style, convenience, satisfaction and personality.

Graphic Tee: Your Own Style

Graphic tee is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing as it can be worn to just about every occasion. It is incredibly simple yet exceptionally effective. Graphic tee enables you to stand out from the crowd, express yourself in your very own way and look trendy at the same time. And unlike other pieces of fashionable clothing, which often are not particularly comfortable, graphic tee offers all the comfort you could possibly imagine.

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Difference of Graphic Tee from Regular Tee

Graphic tee feels just as comfortable as a regular tee and is often made from identical materials and identical design. But unlike regular tee that does not really impress anyone unless you have a great figure, this shirt makes an immediate impression and reveals your personality and character as it reflects what you like and sometimes even what you stand for. Outstanding versatility is another great advantage of a graphic over regular tee. Whereas the latter is appropriate only for the gym, supermarket and lazy Sundays in the backyard, you can wear a graphic tee just about everywhere thanks to the graphics, which give it a fashionable and unique look.

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Fashion Tips for Graphic Tee

These shirts look perfect with casual wear and can also be worn at home as they enable you to both feel and look good. But they can also be worn out, especially if combined with trendy clothing and carefully chosen accessories. They may not be the best choice for a business meeting for instance but graphic tee shirts for men are a great choice for clubs, parties, dates, picnics and just about all social gatherings which do not require a formal wear. Many graphic tee shirts also go great with a suit jacket and jeans, creating an elegant yet relaxed look and above all, enable you to feel comfortable which cannot be claimed for many trendy pieces of clothing.

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Where to Find Graphic Tees

Considering the popularity of graphic tee shirts, looking for the one that suits your taste for fashion really should not be a problem no matter if you need graphic tee shirts for men or women. They are available in many online and offline stores and usually are not expensive although the prices vary greatly from one brand to another as well as from store to store. The most popular designs, styles and patterns tend to be slightly pricier, however, they also tend to be very common which in a way takes away the “magic” because the shirt does not have the same effect if it is worn by every third person.

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If you want to take advantage of the uniqueness of graphic tees, it is worth considering to make your own graphic tee. Well, not literally although you can give it a try as well if you feel like it. However, it is a lot more convenient to have it made instead. There are many brands that do not only offer fashionable designs and patterns but also make graphic tees according to your wishes. You just need to be a little bit creative and let your imagination free.