Essentials On Gluten Free Cereals

While growing up, your breakfast may have consisted mainly of fruits, toast and a bowl of ordinary cereals but all that could change if you find out that your body does not like gluten that much. However, although there are several breakfast options that are free of gluten, most people would still like to have a bowl of cereals every now and then. If that includes you, then your only option would be gluten free cereals. There are many gluten free cereals brands on the market but the best ones are those that do not taste like gluten free.

Breakfast Gluten Free Cereals

Just several years ago, you will have limited options if you prefer gluten free cereals and most can be purchased only from natural food outlets. Everything has changed though as you can find cereals that are gluten free in almost all supermarkets. A huge variety of gluten free cereals have become available for your selection as well. These include cold breakfast style cereal brands, kid friendly cereals and hot variety cereals such as whole grain porridge and oats, all of them gluten free.

It is easy to be confused when buying gluten free cereals because of the huge number of different brands that are available on the market. Thus, before doing your shopping, it is important to know what cereals are gluten free. To help you make a buying decision, here is a list of gluten free cereals that can be found in the market.

Know the Best List Of Gluten Free Cereals

Cold Gluten Free Cereals

There are plenty of options that are available if you are searching for gluten free cold cereals that you can enjoy as a snack or for breakfast. Mainstream consumer brands and specialty manufacturers all offer different varieties that include sweet cereals, high fiber cereals and cereals added with fruits. 

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Hot Gluten Free Cereals

If you prefer to start your day with something hot in your stomach, there are various kinds of hot cereals on the market that are all gluten free. These include high fiber hot cereals and instant hot cereals that you can easily cook in your stove or microwave oven. However, many hot cereals have gluten free certified oats, which can be a problem if you are a celiac who is sensitive to oats. If so, oat free brands would be your best option.

Whats The Best Gluten Free Cereals Brands

Granola Gluten Free Cereals

Granola can be consumed as a filling morning cereal or as a good snack that you can take along. There are four manufacturers that offer a variety of cereal flavors like Nature’s Path, all of which are gluten free food. But as with hot cereals, there are many granola cereals that contain oats so if you have sensitivity to the ingredient, you should read the labels carefully and get the ones that omitted the oats in their formulation.