How to Make Costume Wigs

Costume wigs are wigs that are designed to look like a head of hair but are finished in bright colors. Like regular wigs, they are made from many materials such as human hair, horse hair, wool, feathers or synthetic materials. They are usually dressed on the head so that they can match a given character for acting or as part of a costume for special occasions. Glueless lace wigs are types of wigs that are designed to be worn without glue or tape when attached to the head.

cute purple party girl costume wigs

Styles of Costume Wigs

There are various types and styles of costume wigs that are out there. Choosing one is just a matter of how far one’s imagination can go. Examples of these wigs include:

  • Witch or wizard costume wigs, for example, those used for Harry Potter characters.
  • Wigs imitating a singer, for example, Elvis cut wigs or Hannah Montana wigs that are favorites of children.
  • Clown wigs that are worn during children’s birthday parties.
  • Afro wigs that are made to resemble African-American hair types.

The color, length and style of the wig depend on one’s choice and the attire to match it with. It is better to use glueless lace wigs because they are easier to wear and remove.

Uses of Costume Wigs

There are several uses popular uses of costume wigs. These are:

  • They can be worn in theme parties.
  • To hide a bald head.
  • Worn by actors to portray various characters.
  • Worn by judges to show authority and as a symbol of official work.
  • Worn during certain holidays of the year for example Christmas and Halloween.
  • They can be worn to portray fashion and enhance one’s looks.

How to Make Costume Wigs

Making costume wigs is fairly easy. The tools that you will need are the following:

  • Styrofoam head, where the hair will be glued
  • Wig cap
  • Hair, which can be synthetic or human.
  • Glue, for sticking the hair


1. Choose a style and color for the hair type you want. Choose also whether you want synthetic or human hair on your costume wig.

2. Find a spacious area to set all of your material.

3. Place the Styrofoam head on a surface and fit the wig cap neatly over it.

4. Begin carefully to glue the hair onto the wig cap. Start from behind and work your way to the front. Make sure you do this neatly and along a curve.

5. Leave the glue to dry on the hair for about two hours. Check the top pieces of the hair and if they have not dried, allow them to.

6. After the wig has dried, design the wig to your desired style. This involves trimming the rough edges, shaping the wig and even adding curls if the hair was human.

7. It is important to make sure that inner part of the wig cap does not have any glue when making glueless lace wigs.

princesslike long blonde wig

It is very easy to make costume wigs. This enables one to save a lot of money and have the benefit of making a wig that incorporates one’s own style. When one is making a costume wig, it is good to add some accessories in order to further improve the quality of their work.

Comprehensive Steps In Using Wig Making Tools

There are different wig making tools that are available in the market. Using materials such as glueless lace wigs, you can design a wig for your own comfort. Making a wig is a task that requires skilled hands. However, if you have passion in learning artistic work, you will find it pretty an easy task to handle. The only thing it requires is to have an interest.

You can utilize the wig making tools to design a wig for your daily use. You just have to follow a number of steps and you will have a beautifully made wig. You might decide to make the theatre or film wigs. Just know these two are made in a slightly different way from most other wigs.

all set wig making starter kit

Steps In Making A Theatre Or A Film Wig

  • The first step to make a theatre or a film wig is to measure the head for a wig or toupee and then transfer the measurement that you have taken to the wig block.
  • Then you have to use the cotton ribbons and nail it to the wig blocks considering the measurement that you already have.
  • The next step is to use a lace of cotton which is wet to shape it over the block of the wig. You can use a different material for the glueless lace wigs. The laces come in so many colors and sizes to suit the taste of the consumers.
  • After doing the wig foundation, use your hand or a machine to sew it.
  • Try the wig on. Just in case it does not fit properly, you can adjust it to fit well.
  • The cut off hair is first sorted in a hackle.
  • The hair will then be sorted into lengths then stored. It is highly advisable to clean it properly before using it.
  • To continue with the design, use similar two drawing mates and place your hairs between both of them and then proceed making them.
  • Ventilating needle has always been treated as an important wig making tools. Considering the needle size is a very important factor so that you are able to determine the amount of hairs that should be used in a single knot.
  • Ventilating begins at the neck. To make a loop, fold the hair from the root. Take the needle over the lace so that you are able to grab few hairs and finally pull them back through the lace.
  • Depending on the taste of the consumer, you can make either a double or a single lace using one of the important wig making tools known as a filet lace.
  • Then close the note by stretching your hair between the fingers.
  • Then tie the wig in the back ribbon and do double knots on the sides.
  • The steel springs is then sewn in to make it fit well.
  • Shape the hair style with water and leave it to dry and there you are done.

essential wig craft tools

You should consult your customer so that you can discuss with them the colors, styles, thickness as well as the curliness of the wig desired. This will make you the producer and you will have the best product for your client.

Human Hair Wigs – Instant makeover Solution

Many people cannot differentiate between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. The two appear very similar to the eyes but they are very different when you take a closer look and feel the texture. Maintenance is also different. Synthetic wigs are made from a variety of synthetic fibers that resemble human hair. In manufacturing, they can use a single type of fiber or combine two or three different types of fibers. Synthetic wigs are normally already styled from the manufacturer, therefore, it will not require a lot of effort from the wearer to comb or style it. It can be washed and aired and still retain its original style. Hot rollers and blow driers cannot be used on synthetic wigs.

trendy human hair wig

A Closer Look at Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are made of human hair. It can be cut and styled as you wish, premed or even colored. These wigs last longer than synthetic weaves and require more care just like ordinary hair. You can get a huge selection of cheap human hair wigs online and get what you want. Human hair half wigs is where you blend the front and top of your hair into the wig. It covers half of your hair and is commonly used to make hair appear longer than it is.

Natural Hair Wigs Caring 101

Caring for a human hair wig requires time and attention just like ordinary hair. The following are tips on how to care for human hair wig:

  • When you need to wash the wig, remove all the tangles by thorough combing. This will help you to comb it easily after washing.
  • The wigs are washed in ordinary human hair shampoo in Luke warm water. Never use hot water as this will damage the base materials used to make the wig. Rub gently and not vigorously.
  • When brushing, avoid brushing the wig calf. Glide the comb gently over the hair.
  • Thoroughly wash the front or forehead area which may be oily but do not use a lot of friction.
  • Rinse the human hair wig using running water from the roots to the ends.
  • Place the hair wig on a flat towel to remove excess water.
  • Do not comb the hair while still wet or speed up the drying by blow drying or placing it under the sun. This causes the wig too loose hair.

cute fashion lace front human wig

Glueless lace wigs are designed specifically to be worn without using any kind of adhesive. They include glueless full lace wigs, and full stretch lace wigs, which are among the most popular of these wigs.

There are several online shops that offer full lace human hair wigs. There are custom made wigs and stock wigs designed for everyday use. Custom made wigs are available in different styles such as full front lace wigs, lace front wigs and wavy full lace wigs.

Human hair wigs allow anyone to have that natural look and feel of a real hair. It has made many wonders for women that needs instant new look. This accessory has given chance for women to go back to the world of long hairs even for just a while.

A Quick Makeover with Lace Front Wigs

Forget waking up in the morning looking for a replacement for your short hair and feeling envious of other women who have healthier and longer hair. Have you given lace front wigs a thought and linked it to the hottest looks worn by celebrities and superstars? Now you have the power to change hairstyles just like you would your wardrobe. Enjoy the latest dos and switch from spiky to sassy in multiple glueless lace wigs.

freetress equal lace front wig


Choose between many options, like glueless lace wigs and curly lace front wigs. Here are the important features that you should take note if you are planning to get one in the near future;

  • What’s good about this instant look makeover is that it is authentic hair which has adjustable lace front cap with adjustable straps, and is a comfortable fit.
  • It’s great for all types of hair styles which include the casual ponytail or the elegant and dramatic updo.
  • Glueless lace wigs allow you to wear it without adhesives that may irritate the scalp. It is less costly compared to full lace wigs.
  • Lace front wigs give you tangle-free style that is adjustable and can easily be styled with flat iron or curlers.

How to Wear Lace Front Wigs

Proper care should be observed when wearing lace front wigs, the same goes for glueless lace wigs and curly lace front wigs. Upon application, make sure the lace front wig is properly in place. Be sure that the glue is not too close to your hair line. Be warned that hair thinning can occur if securing is not done properly. Do not go on using the wigs longer than two weeks.

Be very careful with removing the lace wigs, rushing can cause a tight pull on your strands, it will also hurt. If you applied using an adhesive, an oil based solvent can be sprayed to loosen its hold. After ten minutes, gently remove.


One advantage of lace wigs is that it is easy to style, and you get tangle-free hair. It is easy to look fabulous with cheap lace front wigs which are available at top beauty shops and salons. If you have greatly enjoyed the trend, you can go glueless and get the best lace front wigs from various online shops. What’s good about the wigs is that they are low maintenance and go well with any face shape. From many styles such as curly lace front wigs to straight cuts of any length, wearing many looks is now in your power.

Jet Black Massive Spiral Curls Hand Tied Lace Front Wig


Application may take time and you might need help if you are doing it for the first time. You will need assistance and or someone who knows how it is applied properly. Instructional DVDs are also available from online shops. Some users have reported incidents of shedding and it might slip over time. Bring it to a certified wig technician. Also remember that since it is a wig, it might cause to itch in the scalp. It also responds to the weather, so your head will feel hot on days when the weather is hot and humid.

Clean and maintain it like you would any wig and to retain its shape, use a mannequin head when drying or brushing.  Always take note of the necessary precautions for a safe and easy use of these popular fashion accessories.

Getting Beautiful Locks with Glueless Lace Wigs

It is possible to look different for every occasion with the use of glueless lace wigs. If you are still wondering how Beyoncé, Tyra Banks and the other celebrities can get away with the perfect locks with different colors and lengths in a matter of days then you will be surprised to realize that they, too, have discovered glueless full lace wigs.

You need not be a millionaire to be able to afford the glueless lace wigs for sale you see online. On the contrary, these wigs are very affordable and even those who rely on monthly salaries can get their own glueless lace front wigs without losing all their savings. While your favorite celebrities have these expensive wigs, you can have the same glueless full lace wigs without spending a fortune.

low price glueless silk top lace front wig

Advantages of having glueless lace wigs

  • Hair loss – If you are experiencing alopecia or other hair loss problems, then cheer up because there is a solution. The glueless lace wigs for sale online make these wigs very accessible for you. If you do not want to personally shop for them for any reason at all, then just go these online shops and choose the wig that best fits your budget and your preferences.
  • New look – If you are tired of having the same old hair color or length but you do not want to make drastic changes to your own hair, then the glueless lace front wigs or glueless full lace wigs can solve your dilemma.

effortless glue less lace wig application

How to use glueless lace wigs

Whether you opt for the full or the front lace wigs, you will get wigs that are made either from synthetic hair or real human hair. While a full lace material is used as the base of the full lace wig, you will find a sheer lace on the front part or the hairline of the front wig.

Glueless lace wigs are a great option for those who want great hair without a fuss. Unlike other wigs that can take a lot of time and effort to wear, these wigs are very easy to wear and are very flexible. You can wear the full lace wig long or you can even pull it up into a high ponytail for variety. If you opt for the lace front wig, you can part your hair on any side and still look great but you cannot pull it into a ponytail.

easy glueless full lace wig

If you have used wigs before then you are aware that you have to use tape or glue on your front hairline to keep it from falling. But with the glueless lace wigs, you need not use glue or tape to keep the wig in place. You can wear your glueless lace wigs any way you want it, with only a comb and two hair clips to keep it in place. Get that perfect fit anytime using the adjustable strap, without suffering from tape or glue marks on your head or hairline.

awesome black womens woman hair wig

You too can look fabulous just like your favorite celebrities without breaking the bank. Go shopping with your real hair in the morning and surprise everyone at a party using a long and differently-colored glueless lace wigs on the same night.