Glass Tiles: Pros, Cons and Uses

Glass has been in use for quite a long time. It has been used to make items used in homes and industrial and commercial spaces. They have also been used as fine and delicate decors.

Glass tiles are amongst the many beautiful applications of this material. When used well as part of your home interiors, the result is always a combination of classy and elegant. Examples of these are glass mosaic tiles. There are other types of the same tiles depending on designs.

versatile glass mosaic tiles by evit

Where Glass Tiles can be Used

Glass tiles can be used in a number of places around the house; the most common is the kitchen. They are used to add design to an otherwise bare kitchen countertop. Among the reasons why they are such a hit among homeowners and interior decorators and even architects is the fact that they come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. Clear glass tiles are and popular example.

Bathrooms can also be installed with shower tiles as they add beauty and keep them clean. Best colors to use are blue, green or aqua for bathroom tiles. You can get shower tile ideas by reading magazines on interior design. One can as well use tiles for a mosaic art on walls as they are vibrant and shiny; not to mention, the designs are as unique as you are creative. An advantage of using glass mosaic tiles is they reflect light, giving your bathroom a brighter, livelier vibe.

Glass tiles are beneficial when used in homes; but as with anything else, there are pros and cons that go with it. It is just up to you if they are to your liking.

modern multi purpose glass tile


  • People suffering allergies, asthma and other sensitivities are safer with these tiles; they do not allow mold, mildew or bacteria to grow. Therefore installing this around damp areas like baths, kitchen counters and back splashes is a wise idea.
  • These tiles are easy to clean as they do not require the use of harsh cleaning agents.
  • Their ability to reflect light makes a room brighter and looking more spacious.
  • They have low maintenance as you only need to clean them with window cleaner and their shine is restored instantly.
  • Water resistance is another great advantage as it helps glass tiles not to stain over time unlike other types of tiles. They are also good for places with high temperatures as they can withstand heat.


  • One disadvantage of glass subway tiles, as with other tile, is that they are not easy to install and you would need a professional to handle and fix them for you which, in turn, will cost you some extra cash for services rendered.

 To broaden ideas on glass tile designs for your home, you can always consult the advice of a professional interior decorator. You can also search for ideas online and on magazines, but make sure that your bathroom design ideas match your overall home interiors.

Putting Glass Tiles for Homes and Offices

 Glass tiles are increasingly becoming more popular today. This may be because of that great look and touch of class that they give your home or business. Wherever you plan to put them, these tiles are just the right thing to have in your floor and wall.

There are different ways to create a glass tile floor in your home and this depends how you use them and what designs you use. Creating a glass floor for your home would all depend on your budget and your style preferences. And as for styles, that should not be too hard because glass tiles come in so many designs so the possibilities are endless.

best glass tiles

Among the most popular designs for glass tiles are those that have lamps that give your floors dramatic lighting. There are clear glass tiles too that can be laid on your floor to give it a nice, delicate classy look. You can choose to mix different designs of it and this can be tricky but if done well, can give your home that perfect finish and look.

Some advantages of glass floors include:

  • They are waterproof

  • They do not harbor bacteria or harmful pests

  • A glass floor is easy to clean and maintain.

best elegant glass tiles for backsplash

  • It is luminous and enhances lighting in your home or office.

  • If well taken care of, it is very durable

  • There are glass tiles that can fit every room of your house; for instance there are glass subway tiles.

There are different types of glass tiles to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • Smalti tile – these are constructed by mixing glass paste and silica melted with a metal carbonate and metals are added as stabilizing agents. It can be up to 6-inches thick and is one of the most popular types of tiles.

  • Slintered tiles are essentially made when you press glass powder and heat them until particles fuse.

  • Cast tile are made by inserting glass into a mold which is heated to become a coherent mass that results in a layered look. This is a popular method for recycling glass products and these types of tiles are those popular glass tiles for backsplash.

Unlike other flooring options, glass flooring is delicate and requires a professional to install it.

There is virtually no maintenance practice for it since breakage of a glass tile only prompts for its replacement. It is expensive to install and is a high maintenance material.