What Are Multi-Purpose Scrapers?

Multi-purpose scrapers are floor scrapers with a razor edge. This scraper is designed for scraping adhesive residue, vinyl and tile, excess paint and wallpaper from different surfaces. They come in a wide variety of models.

Surface Scraper Types

Multi-purpose surface scrapers can only either be handheld or power operated.

1.) Handheld Scrapers

They are ideal for scraping small surfaces. This is the ideal option for you if you would like to scrape a small surface. It is important, however, to buy the best tool that is sure to give you the best results. Ensure you buy:

  • One with a non-slip grip
  • One with a razor-edge for precise scraping
  • One that allows for replacing of any worn out blade
  • It should be durable to avoid easy breaking

widely used multi purpose scraper

2.) Electric Multi-Purpose Scrapers

These become handy when redoing large floor surfaces. An electric scraper makes any big scraping job easier. A hand scraper can be tiring and demanding in relation to labor. You will need to hire an extensive workforce to scrape a large portion of floor with hand scrapers. This is why the electric option is ideal for you if you have a large area to cover.

  • Electric multi-purpose scrapers use adjustable blades while at work. This means whatever surface you would like to use it on you have the freedom to adjust it.
  • It has a drive shaft that is electricity powered, and it pushes the blades effectively into the surface you are using it on.
  • They come in a number of varieties according to the purpose you want them for. Large jobs like redoing extensive floors require larger electric multi-purpose scrapers. Large ones come with seats on top so that the user can maneuver it to the location they desire. If the floor is smaller, there are smaller ones that are not sit-ons. These are called walk-behind scrapers.

When choosing an electric scraper, it is important you consider the type of work at hand. Voltage matters too, since you should choose an economical machine when it comes to consumption of power. Electric machines are advantageous in that they are quieter and have several blade options for adjusting according to work in hand.

all in one multi purpose scraper

3.) Other Types

Propane Multi-Purpose Scrapers
They are scrapers that are powered by fuel. They are also effective depending on the work you do. Unlike electric scrapers, you do not have to worry about being inconvenienced by electric cords. With these, you simply need to get fuel from the nearest fuel station. However, they are a bit noisy compared to electric ones.

Cordless Models

They run on battery. All you need is charge them and get to work. They are the best because they are efficient in terms of noise curbing. They do not have long inconveniencing cords, too. In addition, they come with extra batteries to ensure you do not have to stop your work to charge them.

There are several benefits that come with multi-purpose scrapers. Since they use a blade, they scrape any debris or whatever you want to scrape effectively. They are easier to use, especially electric, fuel, and battery models. In addition, you accomplish the task at a go without the need to revisit any scraped surface. You do not use too much energy, too.

Effective Paint Removers

When you decide to repaint premises, it can prove to be a mind boggling task especially if you are not aware of the effective paint remover products out there. There are a lot of effective paint remover products in the market and you need to be knowledgeable about them come the day that you need to go out to purchase one. Knowing them beforehand can also help you in determining which one would best suit your needs.

Some Known Paint Remover Products

  • Methylene Chloride

This is commonly referred to as ‘DCM’. It is one of the most effective paint remover products, as it is solvent based. It is known to work on both latex and alkyd paints. It passes through the outer layer and dissolves the bonds that are between the substrate and the primer. This causes the cracking and bubbling of the paint from underneath.

high performance paint remover

  • N- Methyl Pyrrolidone

This is normally abbreviated as ‘NMP‘. It makes up the natural type of removers, also referred to as biochemically safe paint removers. It is the safer alternative to the above types. It is found that this is more effective as compared to ATM, but it is weaker when compared to DCM.

  • Acetone, Toluene and Methanol Mixtures

This is also referred to as ATM mixtures. These are highly flammable and hydrophobic solvents that are made up of perfect lacquer and varnish softeners. They make it easy for the removal of paint with the use of scrapers or rags that have been soaked in mineral spirit. As compared to DCM, this requires several applications in order to completely dissolve the top layer of the paint completely. However, they are the best because they do not react with surfaces and are the least bit expensive.

heavy duty paint remover

  • Alkalis

It is the cheapest and the most effective paint remover. Lye is the active ingredient in these paint removers and is known to darken wood. It can burn the skin and it also softens the fiber of the wood. You can get it as a solution or a powder that you can mix from your home. It converts the oil component in paint to soap through a process known as saponification. This process allows easy wiping off of the layers of paint on a surface.

  • Dibasic Esters

They are commonly known by the collective abbreviation ‘DBEs’. It is known to be safer than NMP and is also the weakest of them all and also the slowest acting one.

When you decide to remove paint from the floor, you should consider using a floor scraper. To be on the safe side, you can get a scraper that has different heads. This way, you will not have a paint removal problem that you cannot fix. There are many models of scrapers, so, make sure that you get the best but at a reasonable price range.

Remember to always get the effective paint remover products coupled with a good scraper for your floors. This will most definitely give a worthwhile painting experience. This will be very convenient for you where you do not have to struggle doing it.

Power Scraper Product Information

A power scraper is a tool designed to make scraping easier and more precise. Lightweight and economical, this powerful tool is used for different purposes such as removing floor tiles as well as scraping old paints and wallpapers.

Powered by electricity, this scraping tool adapts to a wide variety of skill levels and applications. Its electronic speed is adjustable, enabling the operator to choose his preferred combination of scraping blade, scraping speed, and stroke length. So, the power scraper is most likely to come up with the best results.

original makita power scraper

Functions Of A Power Scraper

Unless you are a scraping specialist, renting a power scraper is a practical option for you. Visit your local hardware store and ask if they are offering power scraper rental so that you won’t have to buy something that you will not use that much.

Here are the things a floor scraper does:

1.)  Roughing 

This is the first step in power scraping. By using side movements and positioning the scraping tool’s edge all over the surface of the work piece, a power scraper can complete this function in no time.

2.)  Finishing

This function aims for flatness, squareness, and parallelism in relation to other surfaces. Typically, the process needs a shorter stroke and a narrower blade. It uses the same movement used in roughing, even though it may be altered with back and forth movements toward the same direction.

3.)  Point Spotting

This improves the quality of the scraping job by increasing the number high spots shown up by the bluing-in. These spots will be large and few at the beginning. The large spots are scraped away by controlling the power scraper across the surface of the work piece without putting pressure. In this manner, the operator will be able to develop the rhythm easily. As a result, the carrying spots will be smaller and evenly distributed across the whole surface.

hurricane power floor scraper

Types Of Power Scrapers

1.)  Power Paint Scraper

This type of scraper is typically manufactured to be used manually to remove paints and even old wallpapers. When you visit the stores that sell power scrapers, you will see various models including a telescoping handle. This handle is extendable to allow the user to stay on the ground while removing the softened wallpaper or paint from the higher parts of the wall. Some power paint scraper models do not include a telescope, but may have a fitting where the threaded dowel is inserted so the device can still be used even for high walls without using a ladder.

2.)  Power Floor Scraper

A power floor scraper is equipped with adjustable blades to strip off the whole floor surface or remove adhesives and debris on the floor. Powered by electricity, its driveshaft pushes the blades on the floor to remove the surface or sticky adhesives.

There are two different types of power scrapers, and these are:

a.)  Ride-on Models

For large jobs, larger machines like ride-on models are used. These machines are built with a top seat so that the user can easily move it to a different location.

b.)  Walk-Behind Power Scrapers

Resembling the structure of a large lawn mower, this device requires the user to walk behind it while pushing it across the surface. It may not have the same voltage as the ride-on, but it works well for smaller jobs.

Getting the Right Kind of Paint Scraper for You

A lot of people do not realize that using a paint scraper is essential in peeling away strips of old paint. When you need to repaint a wall, for instance, there is a need to remove all paint scraps first before you put on the primer. Hence this will require the use of a handy and efficient paint scraper. A putty knife will not be able to pull off this task easily and completely. On the other hand, if you are about to clean the floor of a newly constructed building, you will also have to use this important tool to remove the streaks of paint that splashed on the surface.

Preparing the Proper Paint Scraper

These days, you can get hold of many good variations of these paint scrapers. Some people opt for an electric paint scraper which is deemed faster and more effective. What’s more, you will not get tired easily if you make use of it instead of a manual one.

There are also manufacturers that have released the power paint scraper in the market, designed to be tougher without having to exert force on it. This way, the paint scraps can be eliminated easily without causing damage to the surface because you need not push or put on much pressure on the tool.

silent paint remover

Indeed you will also come across scrapers that are made specifically for something, such as the floor scraper. The shape, handle, and function of this one is especially formulated for easy scraping on the ground. Nevertheless, this is usually also included in other paint scrapers which may come with various attachments to be able to answer diverse needs.

Using a Pressure Washer

If you are not careful in using the paint scraper, you may scratch the surface or cause damages. To be on the safe side, you better use a pressure washer first for cleaning. This will also wash away some of the old paint that are not too stuck on the surface. However, be sure to set the pressure washer at a low level and to put some distance between you and the surface. Afterward, let it dry first before you go to the next steps in scraping off the paints.

Using a Metal Putty Knife

Yes, you can also use this tool first before you utilize a paint scraper. This is only recommended for loose and large pieces of paint. If you try it on the thin and small bits, you may end up chipping away even at the surface underneath.

Using a Paint Scraper

Now it is finally time to bring out your paint scraper. Remember to position it vertically and pull it down with a little pressure. If in case you feel that you are causing splinters in the wood or scratches on a different kind of surface, you should ease the pressure that you are applying. A floor scraper should do the trick well even for the little bits on your structure’s flooring. Just continue chipping away until nothing is left.

most used universal paint scraper

Using a Sandpaper

Lastly, after applying the paint scraper, it is important to have a sandpaper with 80 to 120 grit for smoothing out any bits of paint that are left.

Indeed when you follow these steps, you will be successful at using your paint scraper tool to achieve your goal.

All About The Floor Scraper

A floor scraper is an essential household tool used to clean out or eliminate foreign materials including dirt that are stuck or glued to the floor. It works similar to a glass or window wiper but more of a heavy-duty type since it can scrape tiles, vinyl, fixed carpet, and concrete bumps from the floor or the walls. The same functionalities may also be used by the walls and not only limited to the floor. This tool is a must for parents who regularly encounter floor and wall polishing problems especially when they have messy kids or pets at home. The mechanical or electric floor scraper types on the other hand are common equipment for construction and large renovation projects.


Proper Use of the Scraper Tool Including Safety Considerations

Learning to use a floor scraper is relatively easy. It’s just really how anyone would scrape a floor, wall, or any surface. Amidst the ease of use, there are a few considerations to take note of when scraping tiled surfaces or when using the electric or machine type scrapers.

  • Use safety gloves before scraping. When using manual scrapers, it is recommended to use safety or protective gloves. Although it is the blades that will do the scraping or polishing, bare hands may be exposed to risks of accidental hits, bruises, cuts from the blade, or may be subjected to greater stress and strain. All these risks are averted or alleviated when the hands are properly protected.
  • Break the grout first or loosen up the tiles, concrete, or any material before scraping. Before using a floor scraper, the tile, wood, concrete, dirt, or any other material needing removal should be broken down to smaller pieces or their adhesion to the floor or wall surface should be loosen up. The blades of the scraper are designed for any tough job but they can be ineffective when used for permanently fixed unto the floor or the wall. For the larger construction or renovation projects, this will not be a concern since contractors are using the floor scraper machine types that are more powerful and can do almost any scraping job.

ride on floor scraper rental

  • Scrape. After completing the processes above, the user may already start scraping. Dependent on the nature of the task, a person may opt to use the manual scrapers, the electric type, or the machine or engine type. A simple manual scraper is enough for a household, but there are also floor scraper rental shops available for larger home renovation projects.
  • Clean Up. Of course, after the scraping job, the floor or wall surface needs to be cleaned and cleared of debris or dirt.
  • Additional safety precaution. Although the blade of a regular floor scraper is not as sharp and pointed as a knife or a blade, they can still pose the same risks and inflict the same or greater damage or injury. Due diligence and care is even required for the electrical or machine types. This is because, the user generally don’t have control over the scraping blades when they are already powered on or rotating.

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General Classifications of Floor Scraper

As mentioned above, there are generally three options available to an individual requiring the use of a scraper: the manual or hand types, the electrical scrapers, and the machine or engine type scrapers. Their names may already suggest their nature and function.

  • The manual or the conventional scrapers are the simplest type comprising only of the scraper blade and handle.
  • Electric scrapers draw their scraping power from an AC current. Aside from the front blades that are pushed while scraping, it is also equipped with a rotating blade underneath the motor.
  • The machine or engine types of floor scrapers generally have the same structure to that of an electric type. The only difference is that they can be ridden and can accomplish the toughest scraping tasks.

stow electric floor covering scraper

Now that you have ample ideas about floor scraper, keep this in mind and never again have to worry about pesky dirt sticking on your floor.