Advantages of Having a Personal Fitness Instructor

People like being fit and healthy. They wanted to maintain that state for them to live longer and with the young’s abilities. They wanted to enjoy life, to travel around the world and to achieve their every dream. The key is to have regular exercise and proper diet.

There are a lot of exercise modes that you can do. Jogging, walking, or even trying on different sports like basketball, badminton, swimming and many more. Or if you want, you can also go to the gym. Sometimes, people do it in groups with their friends, so they are kept motivated to get fit. Whether they decided to do it in the gym or in another place, they prefer to hire their personal fitness instructor.

having personal fitness instructor advantages

Before you hire a personal fitness instructor, make sure that he has a fitness instructor certification to ensure your safety.  There are also other certifications that these instructors may have such as CPR and First Aid. This is also necessary for emergencies especially if trainees are at risk for some conditions.

Pros of Having a Personal Fitness Instructor

So, what are the advantages of having your personal fitness instructor?

  • Determination of abilities: When you have a personal trainer, your capabilities as an individual will be determined. He will tell you what your limits are and up to what extent does your body can work without straining your body. Therefore, you will not get overworked and you will have proper training.
  • Preparation of Routine: When you decide to be trained with your friends, he will be responsible for the group’s routine. For instance, you chose dance as the form of your exercise. Your dance instructor will prepare the music and the choreography as you hire him. It is included in his job. What you have to prepare is yourself with full energy and strength to follow the dance steps.
  • Constant Guidance and Supervision: Another advantage is that you will have guidance on how you will use your exercise equipments properly and as patterned in a program that will benefit you as well. This program will be based on your age and as assessed on your first meeting.
  • Added Inputs and Knowledge: A knowledgeable personal trainer can give you advice about other forms of exercise he knows that would fit your capacity and abilities.

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Aside from the advantages mentioned above, the trainers as a person can be good listeners whom you can share your life problems with if you permit it. In addition, you could also learn from them other things aside from health and fitness topics like lessons in life.

Job Opportunities for a Fitness Instructor

Fitness covers many areas and not only the usual form of exercise. Fitness activities usually require an instructor and they are commonly known as fitness instructors. Some people say that there are only few opportunities for these people. That is not quite true. In fact, if you will search online for the jobs open for fitness instructors, there are plenty of them.

fitness instructors job opportunities

Possible Jobs for Fitness Instructors

Here are some of the opportunities they can grab at present.

Gym Instructors

People whose salaries are on the average level have plenty of money to spend in the gym. Gym instructors are needed in these places, as they are responsible in helping their clients to reach their realistic goals. If you have the abilities to help motivate people, this job suits you.

Fitness Trainers

  • Fitness Instructor Professor/Trainer: There will be no fitness instructors without their trainers. A fitness instructor certification is given to those who have completed trainings under another certified instructor. If teaching is your passion, grab this opportunity.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer: Some people cannot go to the gyms due to some reasons, and so they hire personal fitness trainers. This can be done part-time.

Group Exercise Instructors

Some people prefer to exercise in groups. They also look for their group instructor and hire him at their preferred time and place. This is another part-time opportunity but can also be done full-time if it can fill your schedule.

Dance Instructors

Old and young people like dancing. This is another form of exercise in which people can achieve their fitness goals. If you love dancing, go for it!

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Author of Fitness Book

A great fitness instructor with advanced knowledge can write his own book someday. It is possible as long as he has motivation and willingness to write. If you love dancing, this is another path for you.

Writer for Fitness Section

Each magazine or newspapers have their lifestyle section, and health and fitness is one of its topics. People who are conscious about their health buy these publications. In fact, fitness articles can also be found now on the web. A fitness instructor has greater knowledge and ease in writing such topics. If you are fond of writing, this is one job you can apply for.

If fitness is your love, and this is what you really enjoy, there is nothing for you to worry about! There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

Group Fitness Certification

Excel in a career in being a fitness instructor. It not only helps people live healthier lifestyles, but it also gives people a better opinion and view of themselves, especially when they come to the point of already achieving their health goals. What a wonderful profession it is to help people build confidence in themselves! This is exactly what fitness instructors to right after they get their group fitness certification and get their first clients.

group fitness certification for better career

So, granted that you’re interested in being better at this field, aside from procuring a fitness instructor certification, let’s talk about what steps you can take towards becoming an effective group fitness instructor. Here are quick and easy tips, so read on.

Tips To Become a Great Group Fitness Instructor

Get certified

As mentioned earlier, the group fitness certification, and because of your interest in the field of fitness, this may not be something entirely new to you. It’s just one of the most basic ways by which you can become credible and by which people will trust you and be willing to be put under your care. The presence of the group fitness certification clearly communicates that you have had the necessary training that has equipped you to be a good instructor. Also, this will attract more people to be your clients because this certification makes you credible.

Be fun and friendly

  • Aside from getting finding a wonderful group fitness certification workshops and getting a group fitness certification; it is also best to strive to get the good opinion of people who are very active in circles that are fitness-related. For example, make friends in the gym that you work out in or actually work in.
  • Be known as the fitness instructor who is easy to approach and is friendly. Apart from a group fitness certification that will give you credibility, friendliness will draw people (who can be your future clients) like moth to a flame. Nobody wants a trainer who is difficult to get along with, especially because he or she will have a lot to say about your diet, your exercise routine, etc. People want someone whom they can be comfortable with.

You’ll be surprised at how a good report catches on quite quickly, and soon enough you’ll be known as the cute instructor with the rocking body plus an awesome attitude.

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Be creative in your routines

After establishing credibility through getting a group fitness certification, it is important to not forget about the other side of this field: the creative side.

  • Be unique in your routines so that your clients won’t be bored. Remember that you see the group on a regular basis, so soon enough they’ll get used to the tricks you’ve hidden up your sleeve.
  • Surprise them once a while by doing wild or funny moves that they’ll enjoy, depending on what age bracket they belong to.
  • It’s important to not think about only the strict discipline of getting in the right shape but being fun while in the process too.
  • If people found too little motivation in the group itself, there won’t be much reason for them to leave your supervision and just do it on their own after a while. So keep it fun.

Become A Personal Trainer

People have become more conscious of their weight these days, not just because there have sprouted illnesses too many to mention that people who are overweight or obese are very prone to, but because of the “ideal body” that’s everywhere in magazines, billboards, malls—everywhere! Women are more concerned in this area, since there are more and more photos of women who look like they don’t eat a thing. And ordinary working women, as well as men, are being spurred into the gyms and into personal workout routines to achieve the “look”. And if you figured that you want to help these people out reach their goal, you can become a personal trainer.

become a good personal trainer

How long does it take to become a personal trainer, is not the question that needs to be asked, but rather what traits do you need to have to become one? Whether you want to become a personal trainer online or in actual, you need to have some key features to make your career choice successful and effective, not just to you, but to your clients as well.

Necessary Characteristics to Become A Personal Trainer

But what does it take to become one? What do you need to have to be able to become a personal trainer?

Be a good example

First and foremost, walk your talk. People should be able to look at you and immediately think or say that you are indeed taking care of yourself.

  • Don’t tolerate any extra fat.
  • Be stricter with yourself than you plan to be or would want to be to your future clients, or to the ones that you already have now.
  • Keep in shape through regular exercise, a good everyday diet, and by refraining from any vice.
  • Remember to have a good night’s rest every night so that you wake up energized and not looking stressed.

This is so that you can gain your clients’ trust and respect, and so that they would have the idea that you are reliable and you can indeed help them get in good shape.

Be an encourager

To become a personal trainer who is effective in what he/she does, you have to:

  • Learn to appreciate and acknowledge the progress that your clients are making, no matter how small those developments are.
  • Learn to be loose when it comes to compliments, not to flatter them (do not say anything that’s not true or you’ll turn out to just frustrate them) but to boost their confidence in themselves and so that they’ll be more motivated to keep doing what they’re doing.

Be realistic in the goals that you set for yourself and more so for your clients

  • Do not set goals or expectations that are beyond what is possible for your clients at the time.
  • Assess their situation according to the expert training that you have received beforehand—it is best to get a fitness instructor certification—and take into consideration the clients’ limitations.
  • Do not frustrate them by being too idealistic or by telling them to duplicate your achievements. Remember that your clients are different from you, and what they are able to accomplish is sometimes very far from what you would originally want for them.

get certificate online and become a personal trainer

Be certified

To become a personal trainer, do not neglect getting a fitness instructor certification. It is easier to succeed in your career if you are certified. People usually look for this stuff for fear that they would entrust their health routine to someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Fitness Instructor Certification Essentials

Many people consider a career in fitness training every day. Whether you are looking to strike out on your own and make the world buff and toned one person at a time or lead group spinning classes at your local gym, you will need a fitness instructor certification. These certifications cover a variety of subjects and are available through a variety of providers. With recent advances in technology and the proliferation of Internet access, fitness instructor certification online classes are beginning to emerge as well. General subjects covered in most fitness instructor certification classes include all the minor and major elements needed to fitness training which are mentioned below.

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Components Of Fitness Instruction Certification Classes

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology
  • Specialty training
  • Fitness assessment
  • Wellness programming
  • Exercise programming

group fitness instructor certification online

Additional specialty courses can prepare you for advanced certifications, such as group fitness instructor certification. When looking for an organization from which to obtain your fitness instructor certification, always check to be sure they are accredited by a nationally recognized board. Also, check with fitness locations in your community to see which certifications they prefer. Many companies require group fitness instructor certification for employment as well. Popular accredited certification providers include the following organizations and associations.

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • International Fitness Professionals Association
  • International Sports & Sciences Association
  • American Council on Exercise
  • American Fitness Professionals and Associates
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • National Federation of Professional Trainers

group workout fitness instructor certification

As you can see, the list of possibilities is quite long. By checking with potential employers or finding recommended industry-wide fitness instructor certification lists for your intended field, you can be best prepared for entry into this exciting and potentially lucrative field.

The costs of many fitness instructor certification courses can vary. On average certification will cost you between $250 and $500 depending on the subjects involved. Fitness instructor certification online courses often have a greater variance due to differing course structures, material requirements and technology.

After you have obtained your fitness instructor certification, expect to attend new courses every few months. This will keep your certification current and provides plenty of opportunities to specialize. The job market for fitness instructors is vast but highly competitive. Specializing can get you the edge to take your business or career to the next level.

Whether you are looking to be your own boss or work for a popular company, a physical fitness instructor certification opens the doors to a lot of potential career paths. Popular industries that employ fitness instructors include numerous business establishments today since people now are more inclined to making an effort to be fit and healthy. Some of the popular job opportunities includes such establishments mentioned below.

fitness instructor certification classes

Fitness Instruction Job Opportunities

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Schools
  • Cruise Lines
  • Vacation resorts

With so many choices and paths to take, it is easy to see why so many people have chose to embark on this exciting and rewarding career.