Filtrete Water Station Products And Parts

In a bid to convince persons who use bottled water to store the water from their tap instead, 3M requested that IDEO aid them in designing a water filtration system that is consumer- and environmentally-friendly. Unlike the other filters from the company that are generally placed under the sink, the ones 3M was interested in creating are more insightful and counter-top worthy to take advantage of the new technology for water filtering and to get the attention of persons who have a very busy lifestyle. They came up with Filtrete water station products and parts.

innovative filtrete water starter kit

Rationale Behind Filtrete Water Station Products And Parts

3M realized that to persuade avid users of bottled water to implement environmentally-friendly drinking habits, they have to unfailingly and strongly deliver on their promise of convenience, portability and better tasting water. Equipped with these great ideas, engineers and designers from both 3M and IDEO joined forces on a list of things the product must have: interaction ergonomics that are user-friendly; no-leak sealing mechanisms and valve closures; eco-based design options; and a contemporary feel and look that is iconic. So, then, a new creation from 3M is the Filtrete water station that provides ‘green’ bottled water while drastically cutting down the cost as well as wastes that are generally produced by water bottles.

Features And Uses For Filtrete Water Station

Filtrete water station products and parts features allow the same to filter water straight from the tap into four bottles that are reusable and BPA-free. They are safe for use in dishwashers. They have a cap that is leak-proof and can hold a 500 ml quantity of water. All four of the bottles may be filled at once and in just seconds. Extra bottles can be bought separately.

Further, the Filtrete water station kit is designed to decrease or eliminate sediments, odour and chlorine while enhancing the overall clarity and taste of tap water. Filters can last for approximately three months or as much as 100 gallons. It has a built-in filter change indicator to inform you when you need to replace the filter. Plus, the housing of the filter is #2 recyclable plastic.

The list of Filtrete water filtration products and parts includes the Water Pitcher filter designed for home refrigerators. Its filtration structure is built for under the counters or sink. The Water Pitcher likewise boasts of quick-flow filtration equipment, which filters water in only seconds.

4-bottle filtrete water starter kit

Highly portable, convenient and fast, in addition to delivering on the guarantee of ‘bottled water right from the tap in only seconds’, comes with a ‘green’ promise too. This aids in the elimination of cost and wastage of about 3,000 bottles used yearly in households, which are not reusable.

To date, more and more people happily using Filtrete water station products and parts, and are contributing to the good health of their family and the protection and conservation of the environment at the same time.