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Simple Ways to Recycle Shredded Paper

When you shred papers, it does not mean that they have to be thrown in the garbage. There are many ways to recycle shredded paper. This is for you to take the responsibility of reducing garbage by recycling. You can find many machines that shred papers such as Fellowes shredders.

Shredded papers are very common in offices. Offices shred papers because the documents contain important information that competitors might use against them. That is why it is sometimes mandatory for them to shred documents that are sensitive and confidential. But, it does not mean that you can just throw the shredded papers.

most creative way to recycle shredded paper

What To Do With Shredded Paper

There are many craft activities in which you can use to be more creative. Here are ways to recycle shredded paper to lessen garbage.

1.)    When you have a Christmas ornaments that are fragile, you can use shredded papers as a good protector. Put chunky layers of papers at the bottom of the box where you position your ornaments. Make sure that there is 1 inch space between and add more bulky layers of the shredded papers. You can add more papers until you reach the top of the box.

2.)    Shredded papers can also be put on the cages of small animals such as gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters. They would love this kind of environment. It is a great nesting area for the small animals. This is one of the common ways to recycle shredded paper.

3.)    A scarecrow is a very common thing you can found during Halloween festival. You can create one by using shredded papers by stuffing the papers inside your scarecrow. It can be a good design to make the Halloween party more realistic.

4.)    You can also stuff shredded papers when you can make a homemade stopper to put on your doors or window sills. Together with your old towels, sew the sides together to form a tube. Put shredded papers inside and sew the remaining end one shut. This is a good way in which you can save energy at your house.

brilliant idea in recycling shredder paper

Here are best ways to recycle shredded paper you can do by yourself. The activities are fun ways to spend your free time and at the same vein, you are doing a good deed to Mother Nature. Though these are just small ways, yet they are beneficial to the environment. You can limit the garbage we throw everyday by learning the responsibility of recycling.

Basic Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids

Kids can learn easily to be creative and agile by using some paper cutting crafts for kids. You can start with simple projects when they are still young and as they grow older, you can give them something more complex. You can give them not just paper cutting projects, but also together with folding, decorating and measuring, which makes the project more creative.

Fun Paper Craft Projects for Kids

safest multi cut scissor shredder

Here are samples of paper cutting crafts for kids that you can teach to your young ones.

1.)    Creating shapes:

In this activity, children will not just learn about cutting methods, but as well as learning the different colors and shapes. You can use the appropriate scissors while doing the activity for young kids when they cut papers into some basic shapes like squares, circles, or triangles. This will help them a lot in getting used to using the scissors. You can find shapes in the coloring books that are created by adults. You can ask the kids to color first the shapes before they cut them.

2.)    Designing masks:

This is one of the paper cutting crafts for kids that involve designing a mask or looking for templates in the internet where you can print them. Kids can cut the mask and color it with paint and decorate some glitters, sequins or feathers. You can design a mask according to the holidays and events for that season. You can fasten a wood on the side of the mask for holding or an elastic string in each side of the mask.

3.)    Weaving place mats:

Using the colored construction paper, ask the kids to cut them into strips. Each will have 1 inch wide from different colors. They can use the ruler in measuring the strips. Get also another construction paper where they can cut leaving only a 1 inch frame around the perimeter.  Instruct and teach them to open the paper and weave the strips into a place mat; or, to trim the paper and have the craft laminated to be used as place mat.

4.)    Mobius strip:

paper cutting crafts using the best paper shredder

This is a good activity for older kids so young ones won’t get all the fun of paper cutting crafts for kids. This can be a fun and challenging craft where they could do together with you. The activity is named after a German mathematician from the 19th century.

If you are looking for some paper shredders to use after the paper cutting activities with your children, Fellowes shredders are recommended. They cut papers where you can recycle them after for you to teach also to the kids.

Shredding Paper and Paper Shredders

Whether you have a home office or simply want to dispose of important documents the right way, you’ll need to check out the paper shredders that are on the market. There are many pieces of paperwork that shouldn’t just be balled up and tossed in the garbage. Anything that contains important, personal information should be shredded.

very easy to use paper shredder

Important Documents to Shred

It’s not always easy to know which documents should be shredded and which you don’t need to go through that trouble for. The main purpose of shredding documents is to protect yourself from identity theft. Follow a few basic rules to protect vital information.

Always shred documents that contain the following:

fellow shredders at its best

  • PIN numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Signatures
  • Passwords
  • Social Security numbers
  • Birth dates

Some people also shred documents that contain their full name or last name; home address or mailing address; e-mail address; and phone number. This would include junk mail, which is why many people don’t go through the trouble of shredding less-sensitive documents. However, if you’ve ever been the victim of identity theft, you know that you can’t play it too safe.

On the other hand, not every document should be shredded right away. For example:

  • Credit card receipts should be kept for 45 days
  • Tax documents should be kept for seven years
  • Mortgage documents should be kept for six years after the property is sold
  • Pay stubs should be kept for one year

Types of Paper Shredders

When it comes to paper shredders, there are a few different types to choose from, such as any of the following:

  • Strip cut shredders are the most common type because they’re the least expensive. Paper is cut into long strips of a preset width.
  • Cross cut shredders use cylinders to turn the paper into tiny pieces.
  • Micro cut shredders offer the most security because they turn the paper into a sort of dust.
  • Commercial paper shredders are best for office use. Businesses often have a lot of documents that need to be shredded, and commercial paper shredders are designed to handle big jobs.

Shopping Tips

To find the best paper shredders, you’ll need to do a bit of homework, and it will help to do any, some, or all of the following:

  • Read paper shredders ratings to hear what other people have to say about different shredder brands. For example, if you’re interested in Fellowes shredders, read user reviews before purchasing any one shredder.
  • Read Consumer Reports to find out the best shredders on the market and to narrow down your choices.
  • Compare prices at a website like PCWorld.

The Security and Features Of Fellowes Shredders

Fellowes shredders are a top brand in the industry and really carry a hallmark of quality with their name. Consumers buy their branded shredders because they know that the name is synonymous with quality. When it comes to paper shredders there are several things that come to mind, the first is usually security. Fellowes paper shredders and other shredder manufacturers need to ensure that their customer’s security is safe. After all shredders are mainly used for concealing sensitive information that is being discarded. Second to the security of a paper shredder the product specifications will probably be the most important thing for consumers. These include factors such as speed (in pages per minute or another comparable factor), the type of shredding cut and the sheet capacity of the unit. Some shredder units carry unique features that allow them to add value to what they are offering the customer too.

firts class fellowes paper shredders

When reading Fellowes shredders reviews, potential customers will be extremely pleased. The consensus amongst purchasers is mainly of high quality and low fuss. The Fellowes shredders are designed with longevity and user simplicity in mind. They are plug and use units, where there are no complex set up methods needed. With cheap unbranded shredders sometimes the cut, speed and consistency of the unit is variable. In addition to this there is no guarantee how good a cheap unit is or how long they will last. Over a period of years it will often be more expensive having to replace multiple cheap paper shredders than buying a quality branded one like Fellowes shredders.

an authentic Fellowes shredders today

Let us look at Fellowes shredders in a direct comparison to other types and brands in a pro/con scenario:

Fellowes Shredders Pros

  • Jam proof technology
  • Silent shredding mode
  • Cross cut capability
  • Patented technology to stop shredding when hand touch entry point
  • Patented safety locks
  • Trusted and established brand
  • Can take more sheets per feed than other brands
  • More costly than shredders with lesser features
  • Do not usually include pull out waste bin design
  • Some units have a trade off between safety / technology and waste capacity

most adorable fellowes shredders now

Fellowes Shredders Cons

Overall it can be seen that Fellowes shredders have a very good comparison against other manufacturers. They integrate a lot of exclusive and patented technology into their shredders and develop this consistently. This goes to show that the brand actively tries to provide real unique value to customers. By integrating patented technology Fellowes give customers something they cannot get elsewhere. After all these technologies are designed to make the units more safe and secure; which should be a paper shredder customers number one priority.

world class quality fellowes shredders parts

As a well established brand there is also more knowledge about the units out there. So this is advantageous if someone accidently breaks it by trying to shred a large staple or something that should not have went into the unit. There is more chance of getting a branded machine repaired than a cheap machine. There are established supply chains for Fellowes shredders parts and therefore repairs can be carried out easily if needed. All of this make the choice of shredder an easy one, go for the best. It will work it a sensible choice in the long run.