EVAS service

The EVAS requires a service of its components and parts from time to time to ensure the properly functioning of the unit. Just like any product, the EVAS also have a working period after which its parts wear out and needs to be replaced with fresh ones.

The EVAS service is an excellent option which gives you the advantage of replenishing your worn out unit with fresh parts for the specified period of time in accordance with the EVAS service policy. There is also some EVAS service that is to be performed by the users themselves while there are some services that cannot be performed by the customer.

evas service

As per their instruction manual, the customers are required to perform EVAS service like daily inspection which generally focuses on the general condition, security and so on. There are also periodic inspections that are to be done on the batteries and motors used in the unit. The EVAS service that cannot be performed by the customer pertains to the more complicated ones. Additionally, the warranty will be void if the product is not serviced within the required time period.

The EVAS has maintained a well scheduled servicing scheme and the customers are required to follow them to gain optimal performance. If you take a look at their service policy, you will come across the EVAS 24 month service form and EVAS 120 month service form, which are of utmost importance.

evas service policy

The EVAS product is required to be serviced every 24 months and the date will be clearly mentioned on the product. Next is the 120 months service, which is the most crucial one. According to this specific policy, the product is to be serviced by 120 months from the date of manufacture. But, this is a more complicated and sophisticated servicing scheme where the EVAS system is rebuilt to its current configuration.

Moreover, this service happens to be highly beneficial because it renews the warranty for another 10 years which is a great advantage and a great promise from the service team to keep your product up and running for a long time. This also includes the replacement of the key component, which may get worn out after extensive usage of the product or even due to aging. So make sure that you take advantage of this quality customer service and keep your product up to date and free from any kid of troubles and issues so as to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the customers.