Cost Effective And Easy To Use Homemade Toilet Cleaners

Homemade toilet cleaners are certainly a safe alternative to the commercial products that are available on the market. They are also inexpensive, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Here are some homemade toilet cleaners that have been tested and proven to be quite effective.

Recipe 1

This is one of the home made toilet cleaners that could be stored and used when required.

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup washing soda
  • 1/2 cup liquid soap(castile)
  • 25 drops essential oil(tea tree)
  • 10 drops essential oil(lemon)
  • 10 drops essential oil(peppermint)
  • 2 Tbsp. vinegar, white (optional)

effective and less cost homemade toilet cleaner

Mix together in a container the baking soda, liquid soap and washing soda to form a pasty mushy substance. To this mixture add all the essential oils and thoroughly mix. If you wish to add the vinegar, you could be sure that the baking soda will fizz a bit, but will stop after a while. When you want to clean your toilet all you have to do is scoop out a little and scrub the toilet with a toilet brush.

Recipe 2

When you are ready to clean your toilet, combine 3/4 cup of baking soda with about 10 drops each of tea tree oil and lavender essential oil (or any other essential oil of your liking) in a mixing bowl. Add 3/4 cup of vinegar to this mixture and pour it into the toilet. With the help of a toilet brush you could now scrub your toilet clean. Keep in mind the fact that due to the fizzing action, this is a single use recipe and this homemade toilet cleaner cannot be stored.

all natural homemade toilet cleaner

The above two homemade toilet cleaners will certainly keep your toilets clean and save you some cash as well.

Having knowledge of household products to use for these types of cleaning is relatively handy. However, getting the best toilet also provides easy cleaning and saves you time as well. A toilet is a basic amenity around one’s home and is used on a regular basis. It is therefore essential to install one that is comfortable, stylish as well as easy to clean. An elongated toilet is basically a toilet with a large bowl which offers maximum amount of comfort. With the combination of homemade toilet cleaners and elongated toilet in your home, maintaining cleanliness around the house will be a little less work that you can spend for some quality time with your family.

What to Do In Case of Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets in the house can be embarrassing, and a health hazard, to say the least. It is advisable to always be on the lookout and to be up to date with the latest do it yourself guides on what to do in case of clogged toilets.

The way you unclog your toilet will depend on the level or the extent of clogging. The first thing you should know is that you are not supposed to flush the toilet if you suspect it is clogged as this might cause flooding and you do not want that to happen.

useful tip in case of clogged toilet

What To Do In Case Of Clogged Toilet

  • You need to look for the correct type of plunger. You can select from the two types, the cup or the flange plunger. However, they are both for different uses; the cup is best when you want to create suction against a surface that’s flat this can be the bottom of the sink or the bath. The flange plunger is the suitable one in the case of a clogged toilet. Its end has a different shape thereby creating a seal around the clogged outlet.
  • After you pick your plunge, gently push it onto the outlet of the drainage system of the clogged toilet. You should do this with care to allow the escape of the air from the plunger. The plunger will make a seal, once this happens you need to plunge up and down quickly, this will unclog the pipe.
  • After the outlet is unclogged you need to test the drainage of the toilet. You can do this by pouring some water into the clogged toilet by use of a bucket. If the water drains off, then the toilet is unclogged. The purpose of using a bucket is to ensure that you pour little amounts of water at a time to see whether it drains off or not. Otherwise, flushing is not a good idea.
  • If you pour water and you notice that the toilet is still clogged, you need to consider using an auger. A toilet auger has ends that are firm enough to break through the blockage in the toilet. The auger can go really deep into the system; this is what makes it really efficient. You are guaranteed to unblock the system. Before you use, it is advisable to know where the drain from the toilet goes to. This way you will bend the auger towards the direction. Try as much as possible to be gentle as force applied while using an auger could result in a broken toilet. Once the auger gets to the clogged area you will feel it breaking through. When this happens, you can now pull it out gently and use the plunge again.
  • After the clogged toilet is cleared, it is now safe to flush the toilet.

ways to unclog a loilet

Elongated Toilet

These are coming increasingly popular around homes these days. They are also said to be better and safer than other toilets. They are also easy to unclog, and they take time before they clog as they have a larger surface that the ordinary round toilets. Always make the smarter choice of choosing an elongated toilet over other toilets.

Always Go for the Best Toilet

The toilet is arguably one of the most important parts of the house. It is important to take some time off and choose the best toilet whether you are having a new one or replacing it. Everything must be considered from its aesthetics to its overall performance and sustainability. Other factors should also be taken into consideration like the best toilet bowl cleaner, style and things that will maintain or improve the whole experience when using the toilet.  After all, once these toilets are installed they will and should be used for a long period of time because the last thing that you want to have inside the house is a toilet problem that will considerably affect everyone inside the house or establishment.

eco friendly toilet design

Don’t Be Tightfisted

It is a common law when buying things that you deserve what you pay for. Android phones cost more than regular mobile phones because they have the better software and technology and a $30 cable subscription will not get premium channels. This simple idea must be considered when looking for the best toilet. As mentioned earlier, toilets will be used constantly and should last, if not a lifetime, at least until a child can finish grade school. Prepare $100-500 for gravity toilets and $220-600 for pressure-assist models.

Take Time to Shop Around

While the internet can provide everything that a person is looking for, it is still better if you can find time to visit bathroom showrooms and plumbing supply houses to hunt for the best toilet. Like if you are looking for the best toilet seat then getting an actual test of it should be done, it might look awkward when you do it but it is the best way to get one. And if you don’t know how to compare round from elongated toilet, then an actual sight of it should get the job done.

world best toilet ever

Always Compare

The name will not help at all. The best toilet should be chosen because it has the highest performance rate after reviews and not because they claim that they have been selling the best flushing toilet for 100 years. Everyone has specific needs and it is very important to take special attention of the consumer reviews where most of it is available online.

Choosing the best toilet should not be stressful. They offer the same service but it is important to be aware of what is needed inside each house.

Toilet Reviews – A Buyer’s Guide

The most important aspect of a house or any dwelling is sustaining its overall hygiene and sanitation. The most frequent source of bacteria are toilets due to its frequent use and if not maintained properly might cause some unwanted health issues to the residents. This is why toilet reviews are very important so that consumers will be given the best options in the market.

most consumers toilet review

The Importance of Toilet Reviews

Product reviews will always be needed as long as people are using the products and services. In time, developments are made or being discovered. Actual results from actual people are way better than lab test results, which can be sometimes hypothetical. The development of dual flush toilet encourages people to conserve fresh water. The fact that the idea is ground breaking makes manufacturers make their own version of it. And with all these available in the market and promising almost the same results, then dual flush toilet reviews can become a buyer’s ideal guide.

 Any person who plans to install different kinds of toilets will always go for the most cost-effective. Some toilets are more expensive than the other so comprehensible toilet reviews are needed. Take for example upflush toilet reviews. These toilet installations are needed if there is one present in the basement. Mechanisms are being used and they don’t come cheap. Since it is a significant investment, all precautions will be noted to make it all worthwhile.

world first toilet review

Many toilet reviews need special attention and one of them is for the composting toilet. These eco friendly toilets have special mechanisms to separate the solid waste from the water and making it reusable in the form of mostly fertilizers and the liquid materials are then evaporated. Everybody now is grabbing every opportunity to go green and having composting toilet reviews will give anybody a sense of assurance that they are on the right track to help mother nature in every possible way.

It is understandable to take the necessary precaution when planning to install toilets or changing it for improvements. Toilet reviews have, time and time again, served its purpose. To promote awareness and educate the public of what they can get out of it. Bowl shapes must also be considered. Round and elongated toilet shapes are the primary options unless you want the bowl to be personalized. Reasons may range from aesthetics to maximizing the space of the room for better movement.

Best Brands Of Elongated Toilets

An elongated toilet is nothing more than a toilet with a large bowl which offers much more comfort for those who use it than a regular toilet. Despite popular belief, toilet comfort and design is an important aspect to any bathroom. Using an elongated toilet will give you such comfort and luxury.

standard elongated tiolet

Features Of An Elongated Toilet

  • An elongated toilet’s bowl is much larger in diameter than a regular toilet by as much as 2 inches diameter.
  • This type of toilet has an oval shape that makes it elegant and at the same time comfortable
  • The feeling from a toilet that is elongated is similar to a comfortable chair and if you use a great elongated toilet seat you will be in toilet paradise for sure.

elevated toliet seat with handles

If you are looking to decorate your bathroom with an elegant style you must take into consideration good elongated toilet seats and even elongated toilet lid covers.

Top Brands Of Elongated Toilet

An elongated toilet must have high quality and where can you get high quality at the best price if not from top brands? Here we have compiled a short list of the top brands:

  • Gerber Ultra Dual Flush

This brand comes with two types of flushes, regarding the capacity of the gallon: 1.6 which is appropriate for flushing solid waste and 1.1 for liquids. It also comes with the most beneficial 10 years warrantee.

  • Kohler Purist

For people that have decorated their house in a luxurious manner, this elongated toilet will perfectly fit in that environment and its price suggests that also.

decorative elongated toilet seat

  • American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise

This one has an outstanding performance when it comes to saving water consumption so the money you will pay for this elongated toilet will be saved by the reduced utilities bill

  • Toto Drake

Toto Drake is affordable, simple, and easy to use and to install. The downside is that it will take more time to clean because it has two pieces in the design.

Buying Tips

The first thing to think of when you set your mind on purchasing an elongated toilet is to consider the height in which you would like it be installed. You have two options: 15 inches for the regular one or from 16.5 to 19 inches for the non-standard ones. No matter what the height, the elongated toilet seats and elongated toilet lid covers will suit your preferences.

all comfort elongated toilet

The next thing on the list regarding the best choice for an elongated toilet is if you want it to be a one piece design or a design with two pieces. Remember that the toilet composed of two pieces takes more time to clean but it compensates with a more affordable price.

Whatever type of toilet you choose, always remember not to sacrifice quality with affordability. A toilet is considered a permanent fixture in the house and it’s wiser to make an investment for the best quality to serve the purpose.