Electric Wall Heaters

It is really great to step into your heated room after taking a bath and the credit goes to the electric wall heaters in your room. These electric heaters for homes provide warmth to keep you safe from catching a cold or some other illnesses. But it is quite often that we hear news of fire or similar accidents leading to some great damage to our property.

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The best way to avoid this kind of incidents is to go through the safety guidelines and make sure that nobody in your office or home should get hurt from such accidents. In this article you are going to be acquainted about some basic safety guidelines for better protection from electric wall heaters.

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  • First step is to read the instruction manual well and demonstrate the instructions for electric wall heaters for home to all your family members.
  • Make sure to unplug the heater when you are not in your room or every time the heater is not required.
  • Mostly, fire accidents are results of heated extension cords, so plug-in the heater directly into the wall socket.
  • Take your time to decide the location of the location of your heater and it is better to avoid any place with clothes, paper of any kind of flammable materials near your electric wall heaters. For better safety there should be a 3 feet space surrounding the heater on all sides. The most important part, avoid drying any kind of clothing or other materials in front of your heater.
  • You should take extra care of electric heaters bathroom because there is a greater risk from water or any such damp areas of the house. The best thing is to avoid any putting these heaters in your bathroom.
  • If the cord of the heater gets damaged then consider replacing it immediately. Moreover, avoid plugging any other device in the socket you are using for your electric wall heaters. Generally the plug of these heaters burn off due to the heat, so keep checking the plug at regular intervals.
  • Children are most susceptible to any kind of accidents from these heaters, so never leave a child unattended in a room with electric wall heaters installed in it. Additionally never leave the heater on in your child’s bedroom.
  • It is advised to keep your heater on a flat surface rather until it is specially designed to be kept on table.

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Electric wall heaters with thermostat or none are truly great sources of comfort and will keep you warm during the chilling winter days but these heaters are associated with certain potential risks. These guidelines will help you in keeping yourself and your family from any danger. It is better to take proper precautions with these electric wall heaters so that you can enjoy its service to the fullest.

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Maximize the Efficiency of Electric Heaters

Electric heaters have grown in popularity because of some major advantages from gas heater. Gas heaters rely on fossil fuels and because of its unstable price in the market; gas bills can skyrocket within short or no notice at all. Another reason is global warming. Media and technology have made the world more aware of the planet’s current situation. People are highly encouraged to go green in any possible way thus, finding alternative means from fossil fuels have put the electric heaters as one of the appliances or instruments at home that needs to be given special attention. Like electric water heaters, its absence will have tremendous impact on the day to day activities of a person.

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Is the Room Energy Efficient?

The first step to achieve the maximum output of electric heaters inside the house is analyzing if the room is energy efficient. A fully insulated room or building will require 10watts of heat per sq ft. Based on that calculation; you may need to increase it depending on the current status of the area and the materials present that will give a significant factor to the overall performance of the instrument. This calculation can be done online if you are not sure what to do.

Use Multiple Heaters When Necessary

Electric wall heaters are best for small rooms. So it is not really a good idea if you are going to use that on larger rooms since the effect would be unbalanced room temperature. If the heating needs more than 2000 watts then it is best to use more than one. The distribution inside the room is more even and in the long run, it can be a money saving decision because these electric heaters are regulated.

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Keep Obstructions from the Unit for Best Performance

Electric baseboard heaters are getting obstructed from drapes. When these obstructions are also needed, at least give a little room or space for the unit to do its job, unlike toe kick heaters where it can be easily fixed when something is right in front of it.

Eden Heater

Eden heater is one of the leading brands of electric heaters in the market under a US based company Affordable Heating LLC. The products use the latest technological breakthroughs to achieve comfort inside the house. It comes in different styles and sizes to fit every customer’s needs and satisfaction. These products are available online and they offer free delivery to your doorstep via FedEx.