Tips on How to Store a Mattress

A mattress is one of the essential commodities you own. Without it, you cannot rest contentedly. Mattresses are generally expensive to buy or replace. For these reasons, you should consider storing your mattress in a manner that will conserve its durability. Some mattresses are supplied with booklets that explain how to store a mattress. In case you do not have such a pamphlet, read on and follow these simple tips.

guidelines to fold and store an air mattress

Guidelines in How to Store a Mattress

  • Always store your mattress in a place that is free from dust and insects or else it will become dirty. The place should be as dry as a bone otherwise the mattress will soak in moisture and become a good place for moulds and other plants to flourish.
  • Always keep your mattress flat. Some types of mattress consist of electric mattress pad and if you bend them the electric mattress pad is bound to get damaged. In addition, if your mattress is made up of springs, they will bend too and the mattress will get distorted.
  • Other than storing the mattress in a flat position, the mattress needs to remain even. At no time, should you place heavy material on top of the mattress. This behaviour will leave your mattress with dents and ugly patches.
  • Another minor tip on how to store a mattress yet very crucial is to make use of it. Evade from storing the mattress for a very long time. This act reduces the durability of the mattress other than maintaining it.

Learning how to store a mattress is one way of maintaining the mattress. Another way is though cleaning it. Cleanliness is a virtue that should start right from your bed and extend outside. Cleaning a mattress can be rather challenging because mattresses are not the same as floors that you can scrub and wipe out the water.

mattress uses mattress bag to properly store

Ideas on How to Clean your Mattress

  • Keep the mattress in an upright position and remove any stains that you may see on it. The stains are removed using water mixed with a detergent and a soft piece of cloth for brushing off the stain. Avoid using a lot of water on the mattress because the water will soak and take time to dry up.
  • You can use mattress cleaners to clean your mattress. They are available nowadays in the market. Because not all mattress cleaners are best for cleaning all types of mattress, it is important to test a small portion prior to cleaning the entire mattress.
  • Always make use of mattress covers. It is easy to clean them than cleaning a mattress.
  • Protect your electric mattress pad while cleaning the mattress.

Mattresses are slightly expensive. This is enough justification for you to clean and store your mattress correctly whenever needs rises. Learn how to store a mattress from these online mattress storing tips.

Selection of All Types of Mattresses

The manufactured produce that you sleep on is what is termed as a mattress. There are different types of mattress in the market these days. Selecting the right mattress for your sleeping needs is essential.  It is postulated that several disorders constantly reported in hospitals such as back pains are brought about by the type of mattresses used.  Here are different kinds of mattresses available to select from. In case of problem, you could involve an expert for guidance. It is worth than buying a wrong mattress.

pillowtop innerspring mattress

Kinds of Mattress

  • Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress is made up of two distinct layers. It has a layer of springs together with a layer of soft material or cushion. The springs provide a place for you to position the spine while the cushion gives you comfort. Of all the types of mattress, the innerspring mattress will serve you for quite a long time. It also has an area where you can place an electric mattress pad that keeps your entire bed warm throughout the night.

  • Latex mattress

There are two categories of mattress under the latex type: the natural and the man-made type. The natural latex ones are made from non-synthetic substances unlike the artificial mattress, which is associated with synthetic materials. The former are comfortable and durable compared to the later. One thing in common about these mattresses is that they have elastic material that enhances comfort while you sleep. Regarding price, latex types of mattress are way cost effective than the innerspring mattress.

  • Air mattress

Another group of mattress is the air mattress. It is constructed the same way as the innerspring mattress. The only difference is that instead of the springs, it contains space filled with air. The air in between the mattress enables the mattress to move all by itself and you do not require adjusting it every now and them. Air types of mattress are thin in comparison with latex mattresses.

cushy air bed mattress

  • Memory form mattress

This mattress resembles the latex mattress as it has latex material. All the same, the latex is kind of viscous. These types of mattress are thinner than the latex mattress.  For durability purpose, you are required to change the position of the mattress after every fortnight. If you are planning to buy the memory form mattress, budget for an electric mattress pad too, it will warm your bed before you sleep.

You spend at least a quarter of your day on your bed. Consequently, you should sleep on a friendly mattress that will not leave you with pains all over the body. Because of the many types of mattress, you have to select wisely the type that fits your sleeping needs and live a healthy life.

What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain

A lot of people today suffer from back pains.  Most of their predicaments are brought about by the kind of work they do. A large percentage of these people think that their pain is due to some kind of illness or even old age. Little do they know that their problem is being caused by what they sleep on, i.e. their mattresses. The best and perhaps only solution to this would be to get best mattress for back pain. Take for instance, traditional mattress; they are made of hard metal coils that have been placed on a wooden frame. This kind of a mattress does not provide an even distribution of pressure to your back. Lack of adequate support on your backbone can lead to other major health conditions such as:

  • Herniated disks
  • Degenerative disk desease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis

the best mattress finding mattress backpain

The Best mattress for back pain should ensure that you avoid the aforementioned health conditions.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for lower back pain and best mattress topper for back pain, here are some points that you should consider:

  • Understand physical components that make up your mattress; for instance, which coil has been used and how many are in there, the height of the coils, its design and gauge thickness.
  • Test your mattress to see if it is comfortable or not. The Best mattress for back pain should have spiral curves so as to give a good spinal support.
  • Ensure you choose a mattress that is firm and compact.

known to be the best mattress for backpain

 You might be asking yourself; what is the best mattress for back pain? Below are features to guide you in finding one;

  • Memory foam mattress – this type of mattress is made in such a way that there is an even distribution of weight and gets rid of all pressure points. They vary in density, color and design. This gives one freedom to choose the most suitable mattress depending on one’s preferences. It also offers you great comfort thus you can be assured of ultimate relaxation at the end of a long day.
  • Innerspring mattress – it is available in many features and styles. According to various mattress reviews, this is the best mattress for back pain.
  • Latex foam mattress – it is made from natural and synthetic fibers. It is springier than memory foam mattresses.
  • Air mattress – it uses air cushions that can easily be adjusted. They give air support to your mattress.
  • Best mattress topper for back pain – this is best for those suffering from back pains as it offers them relief.

An electric mattress pad gives you many health benefits. It is a cheaper option to central heating system, makes your bed warm and comfortable, available in all sizes, and is made from a variety of materials.

Heated Mattress Pad

The Heated mattress pad is a very useful item during cold season as they assist in reduction of cost. Where you would have the need for central heating, you use this heated mattress. A Heated mattress pad comes in a variety of materials and sizes; you cannot miss one to fit your bed. There is heated mattress pad queen and, king for queen and king sized beds which are covered with dual controls. These controls can be used to warm one side of a bed as the other remains cold.

 king sized heated mattress pad

Features and Specifications of a Mattress Pad

An electric mattress pad has a variety of features that make them ideal options for warming your bed. Below, we look at features to help you in your search for the best heated mattress pad.

  • Larger beds need provision for dual control. You may not always need to warm the entire bed but just one side that you will be using.
  • Shut off valves are installed in case you forget to put off your electric mattress pad. This offers protection from overheating.
  • It is easy to change the temperatures of your pad. It is installed with numbered dials to help you select temperatures you are comfortable with.
  • They contain on and off switches to control your pad. When you are not using it you can as well put it off.
  • Its controls are silent to ensure good rest and no noise when in use.

 concierge collection quilted heated queen mattress pad

Heated mattress pad reviews indicate many benefits that would make you go for a heated mattress pad. One of them is comfort of reducing your heating costs. This is because you will not need your central heating especially when you go to bed. During cold seasons, a warm bed is the best thing that you can find as it promises comfort. What makes these mattresses great is safety reassurance as they have shut off valves. When you go to purchase one, you have a variety of fabrics to choose from as well as all sizes to fit a ton of bed fittings.

Amongst many, there are well known and reviewed brands like Sunbeam therapeutic mattress. This kind of brand is known for features that help sooths aching muscles. Slumber rest heated mattress performs so well with capabilities of warming your bed in 10 minutes. Restwarmer heated mattress pad offers protection to your mattress as it has been made with a top cushion and polyester fabric making it durable. In addition to that, it gives heating directly to your feet, which is not only extremely comfortable, but helps you avoid getting colds as well.

Buying and Operating an Electric Mattress Pad

An electric mattress pad is becoming extremely popular for many people. There are a number of benefits to opting for one of these instead of putting on the heating, and there are also many health benefits associated with them. However, it is important to do your research into anything that you buy and look at all electric mattress pad reviews before you purchase from anywhere.

sunbeam imperial queen heated mattress pad

The Benefits of an Electric Mattress Pad

  • Costs of heating the home are reduced since less need for the central heating to be used
  • Warmer bed are so comfortable especially during cold seasons
  • Overheating protection and shut off valves to avoid forgetting to turn the pads off
  • Used different fabrics so there is a lot of options for all your needs
  • There are offered warranties with most electric mattress pads
  • Different sizes available for all bed sizes
  • Some come with dual controls for double, queen and king size beds.

 premium class electric mattress pad

An electric mattress pad comes in a variety of sizes, which means that there is something for all sizes of beds, including an electric mattress pad queen size and electric mattress pad king size. Most of these offer the dual controls so one side of the bed can be warmer than the other.

Features of a Mattress Pad

  • Dual control for some larger pads
  • Shut off valves for some models
  • Numbered dial to be able to change the temperature of the pad
  • On-Off switch to make controls easier
  • Silent Controls to allow undisturbed sleep and rest

 majestic electric heated king size mattress pad

Different manufacturers will offer something different, including the materials that the pads are made out of, the colors available and the features. This will also affect the amount of heat that an electric pad can produce. Before you make a purchase, it is very important that you do your research into any type of pad that you are buying to make sure that you understand everything. Manufacturers will offer a warranty but this can also differ between two and five years, this is something else to think about before buying.

Safety Tips For Using Electric Pads

When it comes to using electric mattress pads in your bed, there are some tips that you should follow. These tips will help you gain all of the benefits possible out of the most out of the padding.

  • The first is that you should avoid using them on bed for infants and young children.
  • You should also avoid using them on beds of people who cannot operate the controls themselves. This will help to avoid overheating and those who have heat insensitive problems.
  • You should also avoid running any cord through a mattress or any box springs. The cords can become damaged and create electrical problems. This could also lead to fires and burns on the skin while using the pads. The same applies for adjustable beds, as it is possible to catch the electric mattress pad cords within the bends in the bed.

 handy designed electric mattress pad

Now that you have ample information about the electric mattress pad, decide if this is what you need for your room. Always put into consideration your comfort. If you frequently experience sleepless night and discomfort when sleeping, consult your doctor and ask him if this type of bed is suitable for you.