Types of Home Heating Systems

Many different types of heating systems are used in homes. Some use hot air while others use water. There are some that even use the dirt beneath your home. Here, you will get brief descriptions about different types of home heating systems. Based on what they use to heat your home, there are five main categories of home heating systems.

1. Forced Air
2. Hydronic
3. Geothermal
4. Radiant Heat and
5. Steam Radiant

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Home Heating Systems
The function systems of the mentioned heating systems and their pros and cons are mentioned below.

1. Forced Air: This is the most common type of heating system used in homes. A forced air heating system uses fuels like natural gas, oil or electricity to heat the air in a furnace and then distribute it with the help of ductworks and registers.


  • Only system that can be used for both cooling and heating
  • Air can be filtered
  •  Air can be humidified or dehumidified
  •  The system is quite inexpensive
  • The system’s furnace can attain the highest rate of Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)


  • Installation process is quite complex since it requires more wall space utilization
  • The system requires regular maintenance and the air needs to be filtered. Otherwise, it can distribute allergens.

2. Hydronic or Hot Water Baseboard: As the name suggest, this system uses hot water for the heating purpose. An electricity, gas, oil or propane powered boiler heats water and then they are piped to the fin-tube baseboard units installed along the walls. The whole system functions through a combination of convection and radiation.


  • Efficient at utilizing energy
  • Does not make any irritating noise
  • Closed control of temperature


  • Parts of walls where the radiation and convection units are mounted must remain unobstructed
  • Temperature rising rate is slow
  • Separate ductwork and cooling systems required

3. Geothermal: Geothermal heating system is the latest method of making your home warm or cool. The technology used in this system is called Geothermal Heat Pump or GHP. These pumps follow the function method of refrigerators and the system can run in reverse. The basic is to take heat from one place and deposit it into another. When ground loop geothermal system is used, heat is deposited to or taken from the earth with the help of these loops.


  • So energy efficient that it can save up to 70% on heating and up to 50% on cooling costs over other systems.


  • Very expensive

4.Radiant Heating: This system uses the radiation heat-transfer method. This heating system provides the most comfortable and natural heat among all the systems. This system includes potbelly stoves, in-floor tubing and such. Water heated by a boiler is distributed through the pipes in the in-floor tubing system. The stoves usually use wood, coal and such energy sources.


  • Every part of the house is heated evenly
  • Boilers can be quite energy efficient


  • Slow heating process
  • Expensive installation system
  • Maintenance can be very difficult.

5. Steam Radiant: This is the classic heating system that uses heat radiated from steams to heat the room. There are two types of steam radiant heating systems available: One-pipe and Two-pipe. This system uses the steam piping along with the radiation units to distribute heat.


  • The heating process is very fast
  • The heat is very comfortable


  • Unfortunately the radiators are quite eyesores
  • Separate ductwork and cooling system required.

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Other than the mentioned heating systems, you can also choose heaters. Eden Heater is one of the most reputed heaters available in the market and they are produced by Affordable Heating LLC. Apart from its effectiveness and ease of use, an Eden Heater is safe for everyone around it. These heaters use infrared technology to heat the room so the process is very quick.

Eden Heater – Cheap Home Heating Solutions

Cheap home heating solutions for your everyday home and office needs are now here to offer you practicality and value for your money. During the winter, it gets so cold that you will need some form of heating equipment to stay warm. There are also certain locations that are much colder than the others and hence the need for a heater to keep the temperatures bearable.

 With eden heater, you get an array of products that will give you satisfaction in terms of your home heating needs. Home heating can be expensive so it is time to watch that bill drop to an all time low. The available heating options are designed with technology that caters to affordable heating. Ranging from built-in to portable heaters every kind of heater comes with its own features and a price to match. You are bound to get maximum functionality with the kind of heater that you purchase. The efficiency of a home heating system will greatly depend on its make. There are other home heating systems that come with extra features such as air purifiers and humidifiers.

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Why You Should Go For the Eden Heater

 The best and most affordable heaters in the market are made from infrared. This is a great way of keeping the family warm. Compared to other forms of home heating, it is user friendly especially if kids are involved. The technology incorporated is environmentally friendly and the available editions have different features to match everyone’s needs.

  • Portability – The portability aspect of a home heating system is an advantage. You can move your heater from one point to another easily.
  • Efficiency – An eden heater will offer you what you need in terms of getting you and your family warm during the winter.
  • Affordability – The heaters come in affordable prices, this way you will not have to dig too deep in your pockets to get your home warm. However, there are other home heating versions that are quite expensive with added features as mentioned earlier.
  • Energy efficient – unlike other home heating systems, this kind of heater does not consume a lot of energy meaning you pay less for your home heating.
    • Rely on a renowned home heating system manufacturer if you want the best. A company that has been in the manufacturing of such products for years is much more reliable.
    • The features of home heating system can guide you in getting excellent product results. Some systems are more sophisticated than others and their efficiency varies.
    • Check out reviews, reviews can give you clear and detailed information on whether a product is worth the money.

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 Tips on How to Choose a Good Home Heating System

With a great customer service and no shipping charges, the eden heater is by far the most preferred option. The remote control, which is an accessory for the heater, has made it easy to operate it from the comfort of one’s chair. This has proven to be very convenient for the home owners.

Portable Electric Heaters and Its Advantages

For houses that don’t have centralized heating system, portable electric heaters are the first pick among its counterparts to provide quick solutions during cold weathers especially during winter time. It might be a little expensive that the rest of the heaters but it gets the job done and you are helping Mother Nature by using clean energy.

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Advantages of Portable Electric Heaters

Before the electricity was discovered, men have already needed a source of heat inside their homes during winter time. The most conventional method of acquiring heat inside the room is the use of wood. Then as time goes on, alternative methods were discovered and have been introduced to the public such as gas, oil and electricity. Then each of these methods has their pros and cons in the long run. Portable electric heaters have gained its rise of demand because of these advantages.

  • Low maintenance. Most of the available electric portable heaters right now are user friendly. Instructions are very easy to follow and they don’t need too much attention to maintain.
  • Eco friendly. Climate change has been directly associated to global warming. The best portable electric heaters right now uses the latest technology to minimize emissions that can contribute to global warming or even nothing at all.
  • Durability. Heating is an essential necessity of every home. Every necessity is expected to last for a long time and every consumer expects their instruments to be a wise investment.
  • Cheap. Though these portable electric heaters cost more than other heating instruments, it is still the top choice for a source of heating inside a room. However, not everybody can afford to have a centralized heating system installed inside their houses, which makes these instruments cost effective.
  • Practical. Some households are still using the fireplace for traditional and aesthetic reasons. Fireplace can only reach a limited area inside the house, which justifies the use of portable electric heaters in a bedroom.

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Eden Heater as a Leading Name in Electric Heating

Eden heater is one of the most popular choices of electric heaters portable in the market. The use of infrared technology has presented many advantages when it comes to energy consumption and overall performance. It produces a high quality of heating source inside the room. As one of the leading names in portable electric heaters, each user is insured of the best quality of service with each unit.

Maximize the Efficiency of Electric Heaters

Electric heaters have grown in popularity because of some major advantages from gas heater. Gas heaters rely on fossil fuels and because of its unstable price in the market; gas bills can skyrocket within short or no notice at all. Another reason is global warming. Media and technology have made the world more aware of the planet’s current situation. People are highly encouraged to go green in any possible way thus, finding alternative means from fossil fuels have put the electric heaters as one of the appliances or instruments at home that needs to be given special attention. Like electric water heaters, its absence will have tremendous impact on the day to day activities of a person.

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Is the Room Energy Efficient?

The first step to achieve the maximum output of electric heaters inside the house is analyzing if the room is energy efficient. A fully insulated room or building will require 10watts of heat per sq ft. Based on that calculation; you may need to increase it depending on the current status of the area and the materials present that will give a significant factor to the overall performance of the instrument. This calculation can be done online if you are not sure what to do.

Use Multiple Heaters When Necessary

Electric wall heaters are best for small rooms. So it is not really a good idea if you are going to use that on larger rooms since the effect would be unbalanced room temperature. If the heating needs more than 2000 watts then it is best to use more than one. The distribution inside the room is more even and in the long run, it can be a money saving decision because these electric heaters are regulated.

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Keep Obstructions from the Unit for Best Performance

Electric baseboard heaters are getting obstructed from drapes. When these obstructions are also needed, at least give a little room or space for the unit to do its job, unlike toe kick heaters where it can be easily fixed when something is right in front of it.

Eden Heater

Eden heater is one of the leading brands of electric heaters in the market under a US based company Affordable Heating LLC. The products use the latest technological breakthroughs to achieve comfort inside the house. It comes in different styles and sizes to fit every customer’s needs and satisfaction. These products are available online and they offer free delivery to your doorstep via FedEx.

Purchasing Your Eden Heater

The Eden heater is produced by US based company Affordable Heating LLC. The company also sells Eden pure heaters and Suntwin products. Both products are exclusive to Affordable Heating.

The Eden heater is an infrared heating unit which is offered in a variety of sizes and styles. These heaters pride themselves on producing high quality heating units and offering their customers first rate knowledge of the products on sale through the website.  The company sells its products on line and ships them to your door for free, using the reputable FedEx method of shipping.

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Eden provides dedicated customer support via their internet website, and also via the telephone. This support includes customer advisors who can answer your pre purchase questions, as well as a focused post purchase department for all those aftercare queries.

Eden sells their heaters with a 5 year warranty. In addition, you can select a range of packages to suit you once this 5 year period had ended. It is also possible to purchase replacement parts should they ever be needed!

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How the Eden heater works

The Eden heater works via infrared technology, it is manufactured using advanced technology with the latest quartz elements. The heating units draw air in from behind the unit which is then circulated out through the front. The air is said to feel soft and gently warms up the area where the unit is placed.

Customers claim to like the benefits the Eden heater has to offers which are:

  • Cool to touch, safe for young children
  • Available in range of sizes according to the room size
  • Available in range of colors and housings
  • Saves on bills, cheap to maintain
  • Good quality construction, does not rust
  • Warms the floor around the unit
  • Easy to use

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Eden heater reviews

There are numerous Eden heater consumer reports available to browse through. Many of the Eden heater reviews online are positive, giving the heating units top marks for efficiency and quality.

If you want pure Eden heater reviews, they are available on the Eden website. The website also offers the unique opportunity to call up and hear genuine customers talking about their purchases!

Testimonials from those who use the Eden heaters say the heater has saved them money on energy bills. Others comment on how they heat up fast, making them ideal for the elderly to use. Customers with young children also comment on how they do not get hot like some heaters, making them safer for children to get near.

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There are a number of similar products available, both online and from dedicated heating suppliers. Some of these may be offered at a lower price to Eden heaters. Dr Heater, Lifesmart, Solarflare and Duraflame, all offer similar models based around the same type of infrared heating technology.

Eden heaters claim to be one of the best quality heaters on the market. Their customers’ state they are satisfied with the products and would recommend it to their friends and relatives.