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easter traditions for children | Content Injection

Popular Easter Traditions Across The Globe

Easter is a holiday celebrated in many different countries which all have their own Easter traditions. The history of this religious holiday for Christian Easter traditions is associated with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Celebrating Christian Easter Tradition

However, some of the oldest Easter traditions actually go back even further and can be attributed to the goddess of Spring, whose name is Eastre.

Symbols and Easter Traditions

When it comes to Easter traditions, several groups kept some of the old symbols like the rabbit and the egg, which originally were symbols of fertility and new life, that later became the Easter Bunny, and the Easter Egg. These are how popular Easter traditions for children.

Other celebrations at Easter for children along these lines include chocolate eggs and bunnies, egg hunts, egg coloring and so on. One particular difference are the Greek Easter traditions. In Greece, the children paint their eggs red and tap them onto each other’s eggs in a game to see who can crack the other’s egg first.

Fun Easter Tradition for Children

Celebrations Around the World

Greek Easter traditions are very festive and it is considered the biggest holiday of the year there. The Easter traditions start at midnight the night before with a big church celebration where the people hold candles to symbolize Christ’s holy light and the last person’s candle to go out is said to have good luck all year. The children even get two weeks off from school in Greece.

Other countries also have children’s Easter traditions such as kids in Hungary throwing coins at eggs to see who gets it to stay inside the egg first or in Greece where the children help bake delicious pastries like a special Easter cake.

Learning Greek Easter Traditions

Eggs Play a Big Role in Easter Traditions

In fact, eggs play a role in multiple Easter traditions all over the world and in medieval Europe they were a prized Easter gift given to kids and servants. Many countries have traditions of painting or dyeing eggs for Easter and using them in various types of games.

For instance, some countries blow out the insides of raw eggs to get the hollow shell, which they decorate in various ways. The Germans even hang these on Easter trees as part of their Easter traditions, as well as giving green colored eggs as gifts at Holy Thursday. People in Poland or the Ukraine paint their eggs gold or silver and put patterns of wax on them to get various patterns.

Other Easter Traditions

Artistic Easter Cake

Other Easter traditions seen worldwide are Easter cards, Easter parades, Easter walks as part of a church celebration mass, wearing fancy Easter bonnets, and eating different types of foods like ham, Easter cake, eggs, and more.