Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

For those who like to be creative, there are a plethora of homemade Easter basket ideas around these days. A basket can be made from almost anything, and there are many variations from which you can choose. Of course, on Easter, much of what you put in a basket will be fragile so for any ideas you have, you should keep this in mind. A lot of creative ideas involve some sort of soft bed for the eggs and candy you will put in the basket.

Making Your Own Easter Basket

  • Easter Grass

To make the bed soft in a basket, you use Easter grass or something similar, which can be made up of paper or other materials. Many home Easter basket ideas involve what kind of Easter grass you decide to use, and the choice is yours as there is no rule book to follow.

unique Homemade easter basket ideas

One idea is to get different colors of construction paper and cut them into thin strips, then you loosely intertwine the pieces and crumple them up a bit to make a bed. For girls, you could use colors such as fuchsia, pink, and purple or whatever your girl prefers. For Easter baskets for boys, you could fill with blue and orange, which go well together.

In addition to paper, you can use cotton balls to give a nice, decorative bed for an Easter basket and dye them different colors beforehand with your kids.

  • Basket Materials

Some of the best homemade Easter basket ideas involve constructing the actual basket in ways nobody ever imagined, previously. For example, take something light and sturdy such as plastic or cardboard, and bend them into a basket shape. After that, take colored canvas and cover whatever material you use to make a softer, more bendable Easter basket.

Another possibility involves fabric. If you take many different pieces of colored fabric and interweave them together like many traditional baskets are made, you can create a unique basket that’s soft and colorful.

  • Cheap Ideas

unique easter baskets for boys

Alternatively, if you do not have a lot of money to spend or too much time to make such elaborate baskets, try looking in your cupboard and use what you have there. You can make miniature baskets from recycled plastic or styrofoam cups. Merely wrap some colored paper around the outside and add decorations with markers and cut-out shapes glued on to the paper.

Also, paper lunch bags can be converted in a similar manner. If you can buy a few pieces of construction paper, you can make a bag from scratch by bending, gluing, and stapling while decorating the outside as you wish.

Whatever you do, have fun and make something unique and of which you can be proud. This coming Easter, you should now have plenty of homemade Easter basket ideas. There are many ways to do this and many ways to design a basket in general. So, the sky is the limit and there are literally thousands of designs and options from which to choose. You can even make your own hybrid creation sourced from other homemade Easter basket ideas you find.

Personalized Easter Baskets For Kids

Easter is a Christian celebration that has extended beyond the church’s domain, as many people now see Easter celebrations being done in hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Fun Easter activities are likewise held in homes where children carry with them personalized Easter baskets for kids in their egg hunting adventures.

Easter in the West

In the Western culture, the Easter Bunny and egg hunting are the center of the Easter celebration. So, it has been a common practice for some families in the West to decorate eggs and to have an egg hunting party especially for the kid’s enjoyment. Hard boiled eggs are elaborately painted and decorated in different colors and designs and hidden in some places for kids to find or hunt. The White House even hosts an annual Easter Eggroll event on its lawn and is officiated by no other than the President; while New York City celebrates its annual Easter Parade.

unique personalized easter baskets for kids

It has become part of the egg hunting activity also for the kids to carry a basket for use in collecting the eggs. So, aside from decorating the eggs, it has also somehow become part of the tradition to make personalized Easter baskets for kids or to give personalized Easter gifts for kids. These baskets are brightly colored and have designs that children will love to have to put their eggs on. Since these baskets are for kids, they are made of kids’ friendly materials and do not have any toxic ingredients that will endanger kid’s health.

Egg Basket Designs

There are different variations of designs for these personalized Easter baskets for kids. There are huggable plush baskets for kids who love hugging their baskets; while there are the sporty baskets for the sporty boys and girls.

These personalized baskets for kids also come in different sizes. A cute small basket with lace and ribbons is a cute little thing on a cute little kid’s hand; while a bucket size basket is right for the big boys and girls. There are now even personalized Easter baskets for babies that are made of pure cotton materials. For active boys and girls, there are Easter baskets for boys and girls that come with zippers to protect their egg loot. Some baskets have characters of the children’s favorite shows to give them more inspirations and energy to do their egg hunting. Some more adventurous kids will love their basket to have different materials such as wood, plastic and tin for a more personalized Easter.

cute personalized easter baskets for babies

Owning A Personalized Basket

You can make your own personalized Easter baskets for kids and come out with designs that simply describe the personality of your child, or you can order them from your favorite online shops that have specialty for custom Easter baskets for kids. These specialty online shops know too well how children are and what makes them happy. They have quite the experience in making kids’ stuff that kids really love.

Nothing can be compared to your kid’s happy smiles for having an Easter basket filled with Easter treats the morning they wake up. Of course, seeing them eagerly carrying around their personalized baskets for kids will also have you brimming with pride as they go out for their loot, and filling their baskets, in their egg hunting adventure.

Easter Art Projects For Kids

Easter is a time when all the families around the world indulge in fun activities and enjoy themselves to the core. One fun way to enjoy Easter is doing Easter art projects for kids both for girls and Easter baskets for boys. Given below are some of the fun craft projects for kids to try.

Children’s Easter Craft Projects

  • Bunny Envelope:

It is one of the most amazing as well as interesting Easter art projects for kids. It makes a perfect gift for the occasion of Easter. All that is needed is a bit of drawing skills and some materials. Some of the materials that would be required are listed below:

unique Easter art projects for kids

  1. Construction paper

  2. Envelope

  3. Crayons

  4. Glue

  5. A pair of scissors

Draw the head of a bunny using construction paper. Ensure that the bunny head occupies enough space and covers the entire envelope. Color the eyes, ears, mouth as well as the nose with the help of crayons. Now, the bunny head should be cut out making the use of scissors. Stick the head of the bunny on your envelope.

  • Easter Egg Bunny:

Egg bunny art and craft project during the time of Easter holidays is extremely easy, simple and exciting to make for the kids. It is up to you whether you want to use plastic or real eggs. This will show you how to make use of plastic eggs. The following materials would be required:

  1. An Easter egg made of plastic

  2. Foam sheets with sticky back

  3. Knife or cutter

  4. Glue

  5. Wiggle eyes

First of all, some shapes need to be drawn on available foam sheets with the help of a pencil or a pen. A template may be used for reference. Then, draw shapes for mouth, feet, ears and arms. Ear pieces should now be glued together. The end that is longer is attached to your plastic egg. All pieces need to be glued to the plastic egg after they have been cut by you. Finally stick all the cut pieces one by one on the egg starting from the mouth, then the nose and lastly the eyes.

best unique easter baskets for boys

  • Easter Egg Peep:

This craft is edible. A wonderful marshmallow treat consumed on Easter, peeps are the main stuff used in this Easter art project for kids. The materials required are exactly the same as in the Egg Bunny project including an Easter egg, foam sheets, knife or cutter, glue and wiggle eyes.

The shapes are drawn for beak, wings, crest and feet on foam sheets using template for reference. Crest pieces are glued together and the tabs that are longer are attached to your plastic egg.

For all the above Easter art projects for kids, extra caution needs to be maintained when using the knife or cutter. It should only be used under adult supervision.

Easter Gift Baskets

Easter gift baskets have always been popular during Easter festivals, and you can almost see this gift pack in every household. Easter is considered as one of the most auspicious occasions of Christians as they commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Every year, Easter is celebrated all across the world by Christians where they show and share their love by getting together with family and friends, joining in fun and games, as well as in giving presents like Easter gift baskets.

Gift Ideas Easter Baskets

Easter Gift Baskets For Kids

There are many sorts of Easter gift baskets that are made especially for little children and these baskets are usually full of candies and toys. There are so many things that can be filled into Easter baskets for kids. Kids Easter gift baskets are usually home-made and are being made keeping in mind the age of the children and their interests.

cute easter gift baskets

For one, children are fond of chocolates and candies, thus, a perfect Easter gift basket for children should always have the special Easter candies and chocolates in it and should be homemade as they are much better than those commercially made available in the markets. The Chocolate Easter Bunny is one of most preferred choices for Easter gift baskets for kids.

Easter Gift Baskets Adults

There are many personalized gifts that can be made a part of an Easter gift basket meant for adults.

  • Unisex Gifts

In general, decals for gadgets like phones and laptops usually go well with adults and the design and color scheme should be chosen according to the interests of the one to whom the gift is meant to be given to. Practical accessories like sports aluminum bottles may also be given.

cute easter gift baskets for kids

  • Gifts For Girls

In case of women, customized jewelry have always fared well whenever they have been dropped Easter gift baskets. Other accessories like key holders, bag tags, purses, and belts may also be given.

  • Gifts For Boys

As for the Easter baskets for boys, you can fill them up with sports gear and accessories. You can also give them customized caps or t-shirts with prints and slogans that suit the recipient.

So, you see, there are many things that can be included in the Easter gift baskets and you’ve only seen a few of them above.

Easter Baskets for Boys and Girls: Best Treats for Easter Sunday!

Before you begin picking out or designing your own easter baskets for boys, let’s find out what Easter is all about!

Origins of Easter

Non-Christian Roots

Eostre was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. The Eostre festival lasted the month of April, during the vernal equinox.

  • Baskets of early seedlings were brought to be blessed and to hopefully improve the chance of a good harvest.

  • Tradition portrays the fertility goddess Eostre carrying a basket of eggs.

best Easter Baskets for Boys

Christian Roots

More than just today’s giving of easter baskets for boys and girls, Christians started celebrating Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated after the 46 days of Lent.

  • Lent is a time where Christians are expected to observe a form of fasting where they give up dairy, eggs and meat.

  • People would also give up vices like eating candy or treats.

best personalized easter baskets for boys

  • Traditionally when Lent was over, families would pack huge baskets with all the treats they have given up during Lent and a huge feast would take place at the village church.

  • Priests would bless the baskets and thus the food would be blessed by God.

Easter Activities

During Easter, many activities are done and events celebrated to commemmorate this feast. Aside from giving easter baskets for boys and girls; people celebrate it in different ways and eagerly participate in it, especially the kids. To get acquainted with the different activities, here is an overview of different events and things done during Easter.

Easter egg decorating: This is one of the most fun activities and one of the oldest to celebrate Easter. Easter egg decorating kits can be simple die packets or more elaborate kits to decorate hollow eggs. Decorated eggs are used in Easter Baskets for Boys.

best easter baskets for babies

Easter egg hunt: This activity involves taking dyed eggs and hiding them outside for children to find. The plastic egg is used to hide candy, coins and small toys in.

  • The Easter Bunny hides Easter baskets for Boys and Girls the night before Easter Sunday and in the morning children hunt for their Easter baskets which are filled with candy, eggs, toys and games.

Easter Egg Roll Game: Children love games to celebrate. The Easter egg roll game symbolizes the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Jesus Christ during his resurrection.

Easter Sunday Worship: Many families attend Easter Sunday worship services, even if they don’t attend church the rest of the year.

  • Easter services are more important to Christians than Christmas.

  • Easter services celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of all those souls who follow him.

Easter Feast: It is tradition to celebrate Easter with a family or community feast. Treats that were given up for Lent are often on the menu. Also, easter baskets for boys are being given during these event.

What to Put in Easter Baskets for Boys and Girls

In case you are wondering what you should put in in Easter baskets, then here are some awesome ideas to make the basket more rewarding!

best easter baskets men

  • Easter baskets for Boys can be filled with the usual candies, but you can use plastic eggs that are camouflaged or in boy-appropriate colors or themes. Add small cars, trucks, boats, dinosaurs or army men for personalized easter baskets for boys.

  • Easter baskets for babies can include pacifiers, plush toys, teething rings, bath toys, socks, bonnets and baby appropriate treats.

  • Easter Baskets for Men should include his favorite candy or treats, cologne, body spray, silk tie or handkerchief and hand-written coupons for special favors like a massage.

Although it can be a challenge to create manly Easter Baskets for Boys, the look on their face Easter morning will be well worth it. So, get your baskets and have a happy Easter!