Easter Art Projects For Kids

Easter is a time when all the families around the world indulge in fun activities and enjoy themselves to the core. One fun way to enjoy Easter is doing Easter art projects for kids both for girls and Easter baskets for boys. Given below are some of the fun craft projects for kids to try.

Children’s Easter Craft Projects

  • Bunny Envelope:

It is one of the most amazing as well as interesting Easter art projects for kids. It makes a perfect gift for the occasion of Easter. All that is needed is a bit of drawing skills and some materials. Some of the materials that would be required are listed below:

unique Easter art projects for kids

  1. Construction paper

  2. Envelope

  3. Crayons

  4. Glue

  5. A pair of scissors

Draw the head of a bunny using construction paper. Ensure that the bunny head occupies enough space and covers the entire envelope. Color the eyes, ears, mouth as well as the nose with the help of crayons. Now, the bunny head should be cut out making the use of scissors. Stick the head of the bunny on your envelope.

  • Easter Egg Bunny:

Egg bunny art and craft project during the time of Easter holidays is extremely easy, simple and exciting to make for the kids. It is up to you whether you want to use plastic or real eggs. This will show you how to make use of plastic eggs. The following materials would be required:

  1. An Easter egg made of plastic

  2. Foam sheets with sticky back

  3. Knife or cutter

  4. Glue

  5. Wiggle eyes

First of all, some shapes need to be drawn on available foam sheets with the help of a pencil or a pen. A template may be used for reference. Then, draw shapes for mouth, feet, ears and arms. Ear pieces should now be glued together. The end that is longer is attached to your plastic egg. All pieces need to be glued to the plastic egg after they have been cut by you. Finally stick all the cut pieces one by one on the egg starting from the mouth, then the nose and lastly the eyes.

best unique easter baskets for boys

  • Easter Egg Peep:

This craft is edible. A wonderful marshmallow treat consumed on Easter, peeps are the main stuff used in this Easter art project for kids. The materials required are exactly the same as in the Egg Bunny project including an Easter egg, foam sheets, knife or cutter, glue and wiggle eyes.

The shapes are drawn for beak, wings, crest and feet on foam sheets using template for reference. Crest pieces are glued together and the tabs that are longer are attached to your plastic egg.

For all the above Easter art projects for kids, extra caution needs to be maintained when using the knife or cutter. It should only be used under adult supervision.