Buying And Caring For Duvet Sets

Duvet is a form of bed covering, which is used in place of blankets and quilts. The duvet is filled with feathers, silk, cotton, wool or synthetic fiber. The duvet covers functions the same as a pillow cover. It can be removed and washed as and when necessary. Duvet sets are available in different patterns and designs, from white duvet cover to coffee bean color.

Duvet sets usually contain duvet cover and pillowcases. The thread count on the duvet cover is also important as a higher thread count ensures long-term use. For a king-size bed, choose a king-size duvet set and the same is true for queen size. Choose the duvet set according to the décor of your room. There are many duvet sets for sale, which come with additional items such as fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow shams.

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Understanding The Duvet Filling

While buying duvet sets, it is necessary to know and carefully choose the duvet filling as well.

a) Down – This soft and fluffy plumage protects the birds from cold weather in winter. It is found and taken from underneath a duck or a goose’s outer feathers.

b) Down and Feather – This combination is good for summer and moderately cool winters. It is not as expensive as pure down.

c) Wool – This type of filling helps keep one warm in winter and cold in summer.

d) Polyester – This fabric is cheap but it doesn’t offer the comfort of other duvet fillings.

e) Cotton – It is difficult to find but is suitable for countries where winter is not harsh.

How To Insert A Duvet Into Duvet Cover

a) Place the duvet on the floor.

b) Generally, the duvet cover comes with an opening on one side. It is closed on remaining three sides. Insert the duvet into the duvet cover.

c) Smooth out the duvet.

d) Close the opening. Buttons, zippers or fasteners are provided to close the opening of the duvet cover.

e) Some duvet cover comes with ties at the corner to prevent the duvet from bunching together. If there are present, tie the corners of the duvet.

How To Wash Duvet Cover

The duvet cover and pillowcases that come in duvet sets are easy to wash, but special care is required when washing the duvet cover. Here is how you should wash it.

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a) If dry-clean only is mentioned by the cover’s label, take the duvet to dry-cleaners.

b) If not, use a stain remover to remove any stains on the duvet. Let it stay on the duvet for a while.

c) Wash the duvet in the washing machine. Be sure to use warm water.

d) Choose low-heat setting in the dryer and dry the duvet.

e) If you have a silk duvet, use detergent that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Spray it and clean any stains on the silk duvet with lukewarm water and wipe with a damp cloth.

There are duvet sets on sale available in online stores, which come with different prints such as leaves and flowers. These online stores also provide discount duvet sets that are worth your money. Cheap duvet sets are a practical choice but you need to check the quality first before getting one. It should be durable; hence, choose a duvet set that is a blend of fibers.