Benefits Of Cheap Top Siders

Give that informal look a casual punch with a pair of cheap top siders. Topsiders have long been synonymous with boat shoes and was an outright favorite of sailors and people living in the vicinity of water bodies. So much so, that they also started to be referred as docksiders.

But they no longer are just the sailors feet muse. They have glided high in the fashion circles and today they adorn many a celebrity feet. With eye catching designs and excellent styles, topsiders beautifully underscore casual fashion trends. Cheap top siders are also a hot favorite amongst families as they not only a budget footwear option, provide safety but also enhance style and are a perfect fit for casual fashion. With availability in women and kids categories and its subsequent popularity, topsiders are in the big league of fashion.

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Benefits Of Topsiders

  • Safety

Topsiders have a salient feature where their shoe sole have a splitting, grooving or sipping done in order to provide maximum security on slippery surfaces. No wonder they were preferred by sailors. The non slip or non skid feature was a unique selling point for the topsiders. Cheap top siders can be very good option on an easy trek or hike.

  • Strength

This is also a striking feature of top siders. From the time of its inception where sailors opted for these shoes and weathered treacherous conditions, till today these shoes provide unparallel strength.

  • Durability

If you love your topsiders, they would love you back. If you keep them happy and take care of them they can be long lasting. Durability is indeed a key virtue of docksiders. Cheap top siders do not necessarily wither off quickly if you maintain them well.

  • Waterproof

No one can miss this obvious feature. It’s a great feature to have while doing practical chores like cleaning the swimming pool or roof.

  • Category

Initially just for men, topsiders have diversified in all categories i.e. women and kids. It’s a great favorite amongst women. Fashionable and practical is a great combination for women footwear. A woman would love footwear which is attractive and trendy as well as adept for practical purposes. Popular women topsiders can be found in sandal, loafer, and plaid variants and come in all type of colors. Cheap top siders are a great option for that informal party, a shopping spree at the mall, gardening or those quite walks by the beach. Kids love topsiders too and great school shoes. Be it a swimming picnic or game on the playground, topsiders are a kid’s delight.

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While buying cheap top siders one thing to remember is not to get carried away just by the design, style or color. Topsiders have great all-round value and one must not forget the durability and practical advantages topsiders provide. Also test the soles of such cheap top siders and ensure they are able to withstand your body weight as well as rough activity. Cheap top siders give the benefit of budget footwear and one must try to get value for money while opting for them.

Topsiders are synonymous with brands like Sperry Top-Siders and Sebago docksiders. They have long been the torch bearers of the popularity of this unique footwear.

With collared shirts, khakis or chinos or jeans, topsiders are a deadly combination. So just give in and surrender to this hot footwear fashion and set sail. You will definitely find the journey refreshing.

Useful Tips In Choosing Top Siders For Kids

Top siders for kids are some of the most comfortable and fashionable kid’s shoes today that you should try to provide your kids with as caring parent. With their unique sandal-like slip design and elegance, these special shoes can be worn anywhere and at any time by kids. Due to their impermeable nature, these special shoes can be worn comfortably by your kids even when they need to play on water, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Top siders for kids are uniquely designed with ultra-modern technologies such as vibration and ant-vibration midsoles, performance stability and traction attributes, and superlative upper materials. They also have enhanced arch and cushioning support.

Brief History

The original brand of top siders for kids is Sperry Top Sider. These shoes were first invented by Paul Sperry in the year 1935 after being inspired by Prince, his pet dog.

One day as he was watching Prince running across the ice, Sperry interestingly noticed that the dog was able to uphold traction on the noticeably slippery surface. He later took a keen look at Prince’s feet. The unique patterns of cracks as well as groves on the dog’s feet made Sperry to have an idea of developing flat shoes. He designed the soles of these shoes with herringbone-patterned grooves.

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Brands Of Top Siders

Nowadays, top siders for kids have different brands such as Collective Brands Inc. Performance & Lifestyle Group, Sebago, CAT, Merrel, Wolverine Worldwide, Golden Gate Capital and Blum Capital.

Even though there are various types of top siders for kids, the best and most modern types are the Docksiders. They are relatively strong as compared to other regular boat shoes. They are also wonderfully decorated so that your kid will always want to put them on.

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Shopping Tips For Top Siders For Kids

  • Know The Size Of Your Kid’s Feet
    Before you go out to the stores to purchase any top siders, you should first of all measure the size of your kid’s feet so as to be sure about the right size that fits him or her. It is important for you to note that the size should not be too small or too large for the kid.
  • Affordability
    Go for top siders for kids that are of high quality and you can easily afford without much stress. Do not go for very expensive or very cheap brands as you may either be exploited or given substandard shoes.

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Fashion Tips For Top Siders For Kids

  • Choose The Right Color
    Top siders for kids are available in different colors. Therefore, you should choose the right type of color that matches with your kid’s skin. Do not purchase shoes that have very bright or very dull colors.
  • Decorations
    Kids are always fascinated by decorations. You should therefore choose shoes that have wonderful decorations that will impress your kids.
  • Accessorizing
    These shoes can match well with almost all types of kid’s cloths. Girls can also wear them with earrings while boys can wear them with hats.

With the useful tips above, you’re sure to choose the best and most appropriate top siders for your kids.