Steps On How To Customize Trophies

Trophies seem to be one of the great mementos in commemorating special events or contests may it be in sports or in talents. They are reminders of the effort poured out and success attained in the mentioned events. A personalized or customized trophy is even more precious; hence, the need to know how to customize trophies. You can consider lots of options when it’s all about customization of trophies. The appearance and dimensions of the trophies you want will depend on the type of event you are going to organize. Time, effort and creative ideas are needed in customizing trophies.

three tier cut out trophy base

Steps on How to Customize Trophies

Customizing trophies takes some time. Here are some ways on how customized trophies are made.

  • Give the date that you will need the trophies. Make sure that you order in advance so that the one that will make the trophy will have enough time to follow the timeline and prepare a well-made masterpiece. The amount of time is dependent upon several factors including the type of trophy and number that you have picked. Yes, trophies do have sizes and numbers.
  • Pick a design that you desire and will suit the event organized. Are you going to present or award it on a sporting event? If so, pick a design that represents that particular type of sports. Are you going to pick it for a business event? If so, stick with a star design which is unique and universal. You can upload your company logo too and include it in the design.
  • You also need to pick a base for your trophy. There are different kinds of bases like metal, wood, plastic or acrylic that are commonly used for the preparation and customization of trophies for different events.
  • Select a color that meets your design. Remember also to define the color of the plaque, which will be used for writing texts or wordings on your trophies.
  • Customizing trophies also include deciding on what will be the first line on the plaque of your trophy. If it is prepared for a sporting event, make sure that you are going to use the title of championship such as “Star Championship.” Sometimes, trophies are presented to different academic winners, so make sure that you are going to represent names and grades.
  • If the event was already prejudged, don’t forget to enlist the name of the particular person whom the trophy is going to be awarded. You can place the name of the person under the event title, which is the best place for enlisting the person’s name. If it’s a sporting event, instead of names, you can just place the words “1st Runner Up” and so on.

unique awards trophy with doughnut

There are a lot of local stores or online stores that offers customization of trophies. Aside from customized trophies, online stores also offer discount trophy which enables you to save more money. If you order at online stores, just don’t don’t forget to check the reviews of the quality of the products. Since you already have some insights on how to customize trophies, make sure to have clear preference and instructions so that you can create a wonderful souvenir worth remembering the event you organized and the effort of those who participated.

Stand Tall And Proud With Different Types Of Trophies

Discount trophy usually refers the cheap trophies that are available in the price range below $4 per trophy. These trophies are also known as the inexpensive or entry-level trophies. These trophies are awarded to the winners in different games and sports to encourage them. You can find some high standard and fine quality trophies online. Some engraved discount trophies are ideal for the school functions, organizational events and for the competition winners. You can place online order to get different types of trophies that you desire in various shapes and designs.

an awesome participation trophy

Types of Trophies

There are various types of the trophies. These are mentioned below.

  • Simple Trophies – These trophies can be purchased in only $3 to $4. These trophies consist of a small base made of marble. A figurine is placed on the top of the marble base. These are very simple in design that is why these trophies are called simple trophies. There is no felt pad under the marble base. The tags are not engraved on the trophies, but printed.
  • Participation Trophies – These trophies are at nicer grade. A plastic figurine is placed on the top of the marble base in these trophies. This figurine usually represents a team player of sports and games. That is why these trophies are used to award the winners of the sports and games. The marble base is larger in size as compared to the marble base of the simple trophies. These discount trophies are available in only $4 up to $6 per trophy. There is a felt pad under the marble base. It is for the protection of your trophy from getting damaged.
  • Resin Trophies – It is the finest quality of the trophies. If you search online for the types of trophies while using a search engine, you will get the Resin Trophies at the top. These trophies are made of the products derived from petroleum. The price of the oil fluctuates and with the fluctuations in the oil prices, you can see the price of resin trophies increasing and decreasing. The price of these trophies starts from $5 and goes up to $15. These trophies are used for the organizational events and functions. The figurine placed on the top of its unique base is very interesting and of the finest quality. You will find very interesting designs in them.
  • Perpetual Trophy – These trophies are larger in size. These trophies refer to the travelling trophies. You can use them to commemorate the annual functions or events. These are also awarded to the winners in various competitions. You can purchase them in $20 up to $200 according to the quality and the size of the trophy. These are the best types of trophies that can be displayed at home or at the entrance of any establishment to show off and inspire other people.
  • Winning Cup Trophy – It is also known as champion trophy. It is used to award the team members in any competition to encourage them. You can also use it to commemorate various annual events. You can purchase it in $20 up to $200.

round up perpetual trophy

To conclude other types of trophies include multi-column trophies and Plagues. You can find a large variety of designs in these trophies. You can get the personalized quotations on them engraved or in printed form according to your needs.

Custom Trophies – Exact Essence Of Awards

Custom trophies are a personalised form of award that is valued greatly by its owner because of personalized nature. Custom made trophies are an award specially designed and made for particular individuals for achievements attained solely, and through hard work. These trophies are of great importance, especially to the person they are customised for as they are made from utmost thoughtfulness and consideration that suits just one particular individual or team.

 Cheap custom trophies are very popular today, especially with the increase in the number of competitive sports played in this current time. A custom trophy can be easily obtained as discount trophy through online shopping as well as on wholesale and in trophy sales that are held every once in a while in leading trophy stores.

elegant marathon trophy awards

Benefits of Custom Trophies

Custom trophies have various advantages, hence their wild and wide use today. Some of its advantages include:

  • They come in unlimited design options. This means that custom trophies come in one’s own selected shape and design. A football player for example receives a trophy in the shape of a football, unlike the way it was previous when all trophies were in the shape of a cup.
  • Custom trophies are a genuine expression of thoughtfulness. This is because they come with specifications that fit an individual or team, and not just anyone except that team or individual sees its value.
  • As a result of the fast growing levels of technology and innovation, the prices of custom trophies are relatively low today. This means that uniqueness in awards could be met at the least possible cost.
  • Custom trophies can be designed to match a particular theme during an award giving ceremony. Awards for ballerinas for instance could be moulded into ballerinas, instead of cups that are almost meaningless as awards.

Custom design trophies are supplied far and wide today to countries all over the world for award giving ceremonies and they come in all designs based on one’s particular specifications and prior order. These trophies provide for motivation and inspiration among players and competitors.

panther pride triathlon custom trophy

Famous Custom Trophies

Custom trophies today are being used in all sectors of sports. They are given from indoor to outdoor sporting events. Some examples of popular custom trophies used in sports today include the following:

  • Stanley Cup awarded to the champion team from NHL
  • Vince Lombardi Trophy – awarded to the winner of Super Bowl from NFL
  • Sprint Cup Trophy – awarded to the winning driver of NASCAR
  • Larry O’Brien Trophy – given to the champion team of the NBA
  • World Series Commissioner’s Trophy – given to the champion team of MLB

These championship trophies are made of sterling silver with a wooden base and they all come from the famous silversmith Tiffany & Co. These masterpieces have remained the most coveted prize today.

Cheap Trophies – It’s the Thought That Counts

Cheap trophies and medals are very easy to find online and at pocket friendly prices. Cheap trophies are sure to meet your needs and expectations in reward giving ceremonies and events. Trophies were originally made in the battle fields after a victory and were hung on trees to symbolize warriors. It was later on awarded to winners of the Olympic Games.

Cheap football trophies are among those with the highest value in the market and offer up to half the price in discount. You can have one with silver or aluminum base depending on your preference. You can get cheap basketball trophies at affordable prices too. You can also select your favorite color and size. The trophies have personalization letters engraved that gives it a personal touch. The graphics and columns on the trophy give it a unique and beautiful decoration.

cheapest basketball trophy

Common Needs of Trophies

Here are some situations where trophies may be needed:

  • Cheap trophies come in very handy when you need to award trophies but your budget does not allow. There are different kinds of trophies for different events, such as football, golf, bowling, pageant, soccer, cheerleading, tennis and other sports trophies.
  • You may need cheap trophies in academic award ceremonies where usually a significant number is given to graduating students.
  • Another incidence where cheap trophies may be needed is in large organizations that carry out annual award ceremonies.
  • They can be used for decoration purposes in homes especially in studies. One great advantage about cheap trophies is that you can custom make them the way you like it. You can have it made with whichever sports figure you want or a variety of colors for the column size and also style. The engravings can be made with great quotes or writings that you want even your own name.

economical multisport trophy

There are trophies and medals designed for adults and children. You can even find companies that not only specialize in dealing with cheap trophies and free engraving on the trophies, but also give a great attractive discounts on these trophies. One of the reasons why football trophies are sold cheap is because they are bought in bulk at the end of a football season and the savings are given to the buyer.

These trophies come in handy and thus you should get them as they are not only quality items but durable and affordable. When you think about it, it is not the price but it is the thought that counts, as they say.

The Advantages Of Buying From Discount Trophy

How much do you know about the Discount Trophy Company? Did you know that Discount Trophy has been around since 1977? Also, in 2004 the parent company Marco Awards Group was formed which solidified them as the leading trophy manufacturer in the entire world. During the time since Marco Awards Group was formed there have been many strides in the company. One of the biggest was the online catalogs that they offer. Below are some of the most popular catalogs as well as the most used Discount Trophy catalog.

typical awards trophy

Popular Discount Trophy Catalogs

  • The Big Book

As you probably already guess, this is a really big book. This is hundreds of pages of quality trophies that you can get. If you are not sure what kind of trophy you want then just choose The Big Book and it will show you everything Discount Trophy has to offer.

  • The Magic Of Crystal

Are you looking at getting crystal looking trophies? If so, then The Magic Of Crystal is the book that you need. This book will give you all the different trophies that Discount Trophy has in crystal, so you will be sure not to miss one.

on sale acrylic corporate trophy

  • Acrylic Masters Catalog

Similar to the crystal catalog, this one will show you all the acrylic trophies that they have. Acrylic is the see-through looking material which many people think is glass. If you are looking for something similar to this, then the Acrylic Masters Catalog is the one you want.

These are just three of the most popular catalogs from Discount Trophy but there are more and they come out with new ones all the time. If you are looking to buy cheap trophies, then you must turn to Discount Trophy for all your needs. They will make sure you get the trophies that you want as well as the price that you need.

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How To Get Discounts On Trophies

  • Shop Online

One way to save money and get the best trophy is to shop online. The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to get a lower price as well as still buy the trophies that you need. When you buy from a catalog you might not get the best deal, however, you usually are shown all the different options that you have.

  • Order In Bulk

Another great way to save money is to buy trophies in bulk. By doing this you will save a lot of money since each additional trophy that you buy will be marked down. This is why many sporting leagues will buy trophies for the league as opposed to individual teams buying the trophies for themselves.

discounted sports trophy

If you want to get the best deals, then you need to follow the advice that was given above. The problem that many people have is they don’t know the right way to get discounts on trophies. No, you should not buy trophies overseas as you don’t know how they will turn out and when they will get to you. Just do yourself a huge favor and make sure you buy from Discount Trophy in order to get the best deal possible.