Essential Types Of After Race Triathlon Gear

Many triathlon athletes spend most of the days before the race planning on what triathlon gear to have during the event itself. The choice often includes shoes, bike, helmet, goggles, triathlon swim gear, tri suit and other essential items that are needed to complete the triathlon. However, most athletes fail to consider the triathlon gear that they would need after the race.

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Essential Triathlon Gear

Here are the essential types of triathlon gear women and men need:

  • Electrolytes

To avoid cramping, some athletes use sport drinks loaded with electrolytes or salt capsules during the event. However, after the race, you will still continue sweating and further deplete your body of essential minerals and salt. In addition, a main cause of muscle fatigue is calcium leak inside muscle tissues. Thus, after the race, you can spray yourself with topical magnesium. This will replace the minerals you have lost and displace calcium.

  • Protein

If you are going to take carbohydrates and protein within 20 to 30 minutes after you cross the finish line, you will have the necessary amino acids to repair muscle fibers that were damaged during the race. Unluckily, most finish lines in triathlon events offer oranges, pizza, bananas, energy bars and other foodstuff that have very low protein content. Thus you should pack your own protein in your triathlon gear pack. This will hasten your recovery after the race. This is particularly important if you are going to participate in another race or go back to training. Usually, sporting outlets offer discount triathlon gear every now and then. Look around for protein rich food supplements that may be offered at a cheaper price.

  • Wipes

After the race you may have to stick around for some time to attend a ceremony or chat with friends. You need something that will take care of that stink. Usually, the areas for triathlon finish lines are not equipped with shower rooms. It could be very unpleasant to stand around with all those dirt, grime and sweat on your body. However, by carrying several baby wipes, or environmentally friendly action wipes that are designed for athletes in your triathlon gear bag, you can smell like you just came from a spa. You will feel clean and look great, especially if you are going to go up the podium.

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Of course you should always include appropriate and comfortable clothes in your bag. Make sure that they are loose enough so that they will not affect sore areas in your body.

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A triathlon consists of three contests i.e. cycling, swimming and running. This triathlon is an event that tests your endurance and thus, all these three contests are held one after the other. The fastest to find all the contests wins. In between each contest is the transition time during which the gear has to be changed catering to the next contest. In order to win the contest, strength, training and a proper diet are very important. But the triathlon gear also plays a very important role in your performance throughout the event. Training involves handling each event in quick succession of the other and handling the transition time well.

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While training thus, the triathlon gear should be worn such that it resembles the gear you wear during the main event. This is to make you get accustomed to the type of gear and the changing time. Getting the right feel of the gear beforehand is very important because it determines your performance during the contest. If you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing, you will not be able to perform well no matter how healthy and prepared you are.

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Here is a detailed account of what the triathlon gear women consists of:

  • Triathlon gear for swimming: As long as you are comfortable with your suit, you can wear it. You don’t need to think too much about the swim suit. Even a simple, basic suit will do it for you. Orca wetsuits are very popular because of the comfort level they offer. Along with the wet suit, you also need good quality goggles and a waterproof watch. The watch is especially important during your training session. Seeing the time and how fast you are going will give you an idea of your performance and you can try beating your own time to perform better.
  • Triathlon gear for cycling: While training you need to make sure you have a good bike. If you are a beginner, the bike should be very comfortable. You can choose road bikes, mountain bikes or ten speeds based on your preference. Cage pedals are the least requirement in your bike. Cages can actually very essential for safety and better performance. Helmet is a must. You will not be allowed to even participate if you don’t have a bike helmet. Padded shorts are ideal because you will be able to wear them while swimming and during the transition time you will be able to change faster.

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  • Triathlon gear for running: Shoes are a must. You have to be very careful about the quality of the shoes because they will directly affect your performance. Buy shoes that fit you well. The foot arch, your weight, your height, etc are all important in determining the right running shoes for you. Taking help of a professional is ideal. Shorts that you were already wearing can be worn even for running if you find them comfortable. Or else, you could wear running shorts.

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The entire triathlon gear can be expensive and thus choosing the best based on triathlon gear reviews is a must. You can also find discount triathlon gear over the internet if your budget is an issue. However, make sure that you only buy the best brands for complete comfort and thus, better performance.