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Hanging Scale

Hanging scale or spring scales were used both for domestic and industrial weighing purposes for a very long time. Be it a simple kitchen where you have to measure rice and meat or an industry where you have to measure huge items, a weighing scale is quite important.

Various Uses of Hanging Scale

Hanging scales have various uses. There are several types of weighing scales in the industry like:

Using Industrial Hanging Scales

  1. Industrial hanging scale: They are used to measure heavy items.
  2. Nutritional scale: Used to measure food items or ingredients used to prepare food.
  3. Laboratory weighing scale: Used for measuring items like chemicals used to prepare tablets.
  4. Baby scale: Specially designed to weight babies. Babies are weighed every two months to ensure their growth rate is appropriate on these scales.
  5. Counting digital scale: Small items like screws, bolts and nuts are weighed using them.
  6. Postal scale: Used by several shops and post offices to measure the parceled items.

Portable Detecto Scales

Different Types of Hanging Scale

Traditional hanging scale

  • Pros: This is very useful to measure countless objects regardless of their shape and size. Huge objects can be suspended from them using the hooks to measure their exact weight. This weighing process is the base for several industrial works.
  • Cons: Their main disadvantage is their scale. Several people misinterpret their readings. They are also quite heavy and not portable.

Digital Hanging Scale

Choose Digital Hanging Scale

Digital hanging scales were developed to overcome the mistakes occurring while using the traditional clock type scales. These scales show the weight in bright big numerals. Any person can simply make note of the bold letters instead of observing the scale pointer closely. Detecto scales are famous for producing quality digital scales used both in industries as well as houses.

Electronic hanging scale sets

Efficient Electronic Hanging Scales

These are used extensively in modern day kitchens. They are used in restaurants and hotels to measure the food items precisely. They are used in the domestic kitchen also for the same purpose when there are huge feasts and parties. They come out usually during holidays when huge quantity of food is cooked for massive gatherings.

Domestic hanging scale

  • This is made up of several materials. But, most of the households prefer to use a stainless steel scale as it is easy to clean and will not rust. Other lightweight materials are also used to prepare them in the modern days.
  • Most of these scales are heat resistant.
  • They can be disassembled after usage and packed into the shelf.
  • Some of them operate out of battery while the others operate using electricity.

There are literally hundreds of models available in the market. Multipurpose electronic scales used to measure various objects are also purchased by several households.