What To Expect From Statement Shirts

Statement shirts are more than just fashion, they help to convey messages to all those who view them hence making them very unique and outstanding. There are very many clothing manufacturers that have ventured in making quality statement shirts such as the dc Shirts. However shoppers need to consider a few factors when selecting a particular product.

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Selection Tips

One of the main consideration is the size of the shirt; knowing the body size can help to select a product that is not too big or too large.  Ensure that material used to design and make the shirt is of high quality so as to avoid wasting resources on low quality products. For example, some materials have a negative effective on the skin resulting in skin rashes and other complications. The purchased statement shirt should be friendly to the skin and matching with other outfits worn. Here are some of the popular statement shirts designs and styles available in almost all leading stores all over the world.

 Camouflage Statement Shirts

This is specifically designed for women since it can match with most beauty accessories and fashion styles. It’s made from high quality cotton material that is first checked to ensure that it has no flaws. It can be washed comfortably using various washing machines without fear of it fading or stretching. They vary in size so as to accommodate the needs of all customers. For example the large size has is usually 60cm long while the medium is much smaller.

White and Black Statement Shirts

As the name depicts this product is available in black or white colors. Some of the designers blend these two colors together to produce a very unique and classy shirt. The material used to make the product may vary depending on the producers but most of them are made from cotton. They are styles for male and female while other are unisex meaning both sexes can wear them. The size varies depending on the client.

Personalized Shirt

One of the benefits of purchasing a statement shirt is that one can customize it in a particular design and style by just making a special request to the manufacturer. It’s possible to get a dc shirt made as per the specifications but this may be more expensive than ordinary shirts already in the market. Quality of the material used is high hence these shirts are very durable and can be washed by hand or using a machine. Select products in this line helps in passing the exact message to the audience unlike other products whose message is predetermined by the designer. Costumers derive more utility and satisfactions from this product than all other designs.

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Fashion and Wearing Tips

Fashion is all about matching the clothes to a perfect combination that is cool and unique. Male statement shirts can be worn with a pair of blue or black jeans depending on the color of the shirt. White shirts usually match well with pair blue jeans and some white sneakers. For ladies it’s advisable to ensure that the color of the dc shirts compliments the other clothes such as dress and accessories such as necklace or handbag. Wearing too many bright colors together may look messy and not cool at all.

One can seek advice from professional designers on some of the best ways to wear them. The popular brands include DC SHIRTS, Mazda Navy, MyStatusShirt and many more. Comparing the price tag on various brands can help in selecting the most affordable and quality statement shirt available.

Adding Graphic Shirts To Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is here, and what better time to invest in new graphic shirts than during the warm summer months? Graphic shirts are very light and comfortable, which make them perfect for hot summer days. In addition to being a comfortable clothing to wear during the hot summer days, graphic shirts are also a great way to express your individuality. There are so many different designs and styles, which allow anybody the option of picking the perfect shirt for their outfit.

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Features Of Graphic Shirts

  • Graphic shirts are an age old design.

They’re simple tee shirts, with various designs or graphics printed onto them. These graphics can range from animals, to band logos, to sayings, to anything the mind can imagine. They are light and comfortable, while still stylish. Graphic tees are great options to add to anybody’s summer wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile and comfortable.

  • Graphic tees are a fantastic investment.

As previously stated, these shirts amazingly comfortable and can work with so many different outfits. Part of the way graphic shirts can achieve these accolades is due to the amazing brand variety. When going to buy graphic shirts, there are so many different brands to choose from.

One such brand is DC. DC Shirts are some of the most popular, and comfortable shirts around. They’re designed for skaters, so they fit in a very distinct way. They allow for a full range of movement, so you never feel constricted when wearing a shirt made by DC. Additionally, they have some great graphics. Skaters have always had a distinct link to street artists, and DC Shirts reflect this link. The art found on a dc shirt has a distinct look to it, and are very stylish. These shirts are great for any summer activity. You can have a full range of motion, while still looking stylish and displaying your individuality.

  • Graphic shirts go great with any outfit.

With so many different colors, graphics and styles; they can fit with any other combination of clothing. These shirts can be worn by themselves, with just shorts or a pair of jeans. However, graphic tees can also be part of an incredibly intricate ensemble. They can accentuate jewelry, bottoms with graphics on them, or other accessories. The possibilities are limitless. Graphic shirts truly go great with any outfit.

cool tree root graphic shirts for men

While it may be important to stay cool during the summer, style should never be compromised. Graphic shirts are perfect for these occasions. 

Different Types and Designs of Cool Shirts

Today, most people like wearing cool shirts because they give one that great and special look. Many people like wearing something that will give them a cool and trendy look. If you are looking for these cool shirts, you can get them from different places or you can even design your own if you have got the creativity to do so. The shirts normally come in different designs from which you can choose.

Today, these shirts have got designs which are popular among the people who like wearing them. Good and interesting designs can be found in various store outlets. Some of the designs can be very simple yet they are able to deliver a very strong message all round.

 coolest skull design shirt

Popular Designs

Some of the most popular designs are:

  • Cool Shirts With Skull Designs: this type of design is more popular these days and something about death always gets designers and the shirts united.
  • Cool Shirts With Pictures Of Trees: these ones are popular because the tree normally symbolizes life, growth, reunion and much more.
  • Cool Shirts Designed With Birds: birds normally are able to range from cute to scary and from small to large. They can make the entire design look perfect or they can play a very small part in the big picture.
  • The Splatter Design: this can be a very simple design that can be useful for the majority of design concepts. If you want to get these designs, you can conduct a little research on the internet which is the most reliable source of information.
  • The Floral Design: this is another popular part of the designs. It is popular because of its all purpose usability. This design can act as a polish for the featured piece of artwork.

These types of designs can be tremendous to come up with for the sake of creativity and design.

There are also the cool shirts for guys. Shirts that depict music, cartoon and retro shirts are the shirts that guys wear these days. The cool shirts for girls also come in different designs. There are also the cool shirts for men which come in different designs. Almost all the types of men’s and women’s shirts can be fitted into a category. They either fall under formal or casual wear.

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Different Brands Of Cool Shirts

  • The Facelift Shirts: these come in a very soft way and you are sure to enjoy when you are wearing them. They have got their own unique design on the outside.
  • The Go Ape Shirts: these ones are normally worn by known artists.
  • The Affair: the Affair decides to design cloths of inspired art. Their designs are normally limited so you should check them out as soon as you can.
  • Random Objects: this brand uses primarily text based designs, but it has got perfect use of the designs shirts.
  • DC Shirts: this cool shirt brand specializes in screen printing shirts for small or bulk orders.

With all these types of cool shirts and their designs, one can select the type of shirt they want and look their best in them.

Learning More About DC Hoodies

The DC hoodies have captured consumers’ attention for several years now. Quality and innovation have been their pillar stones. Excellent quality of the fleece used and innovative designs has helped DC hoodies to be widely recognized. The history of the hoodie itself goes back to many centuries, when monks wore hooded robes. Today, hoodies have become essential clothes in the daily life of individuals as well as in fashion shows.

Over the years, sweatshirts have emerged as the glaring sign of youth culture and casual dressing. It is almost a rebellion against the formal or casual clothes like shirts and T shirts. Hoodies are a variation of the sweatshirt in the way that it has a hood, a drawstring and maybe a vertical zipper to give it a jacket like look. DC brought a smart fusion between art and apparel. It also brought out clothing icons in their line of apparel wear like the DC pullover hoodie and DC zip hoodie. DC hoodies for men can be broken up into three broad categories, namely, the zip hoodie, the DC pullover hoodie and the strong NVRBRKN range of hoodies.

best dc star hoodie navy

DC Zip Hoodies

The DC Zip hoodies are one of the most popular hoodies. Be it the higher zip hoodie, the thresher zip hoodie or the chamber zip hoodie, these are very innovative in design and eye-catching.

  • The Rob Dyrdek range is a very interesting selection when it comes to prints and colors. The Rob Dyrdek Chest Star zip hoodie is already looking like it would be a classic.
  • The Star 1 range has multiple color options. The star 1 zip hoodie is one of the most popular DC hoodies currently with an amazing azure shade that will catch your attention. The Travis Pastrana star zip hoodie is also a classic hoodie that is a bit on the heavier and costly side.
  • The DC cooler fleece range of hoodies is also worth trying.

DC Pullover Hoodies

The DC pullover hoodie scores in style and color. The Rob Dyrdek DC pullover hoodie in red is a very striking hoodie. It will attract you instantly. Color options make this is attractive option for the youth.

dc star guys blue pullover hoodie


The NVRBRKN range is about the virtues of will, determination, mental and physical strength. These virtues ooze out of the NVRBRKN range of DC hoodies. The Men’s trooper NVRBRKN is a hoodie worth to purchase.

DC hoodies are slowly and gradually moving towards an iconic stature in the youth culture scene. Hence, you must know where to find them. The best place to buy these DC hoodies is from the DC shoes online store. Most extreme sports shops will have the legendary DC shoes outlet which will have not only men’s DC hoodies but also DC hoodies for kids. These hoodies for kids bring in the same innovation and styles of the men’s range with a little twist. One must check out the Boys block hoodie with the neon DC logo staring out in front. DC shirts are also a new array for various DC stores. Beautiful DC stars and DC logo are signature styles. The Chomper Polo and Dylan are the most popular in this range. With these wide range of hoodies offered, you will surely find the right type and style of hoodie for yourself.

Ramp in Style with DC Shirts

DC shirts are an offshoot of the skateboard shoes that were made famous by DC Shoe Company founders Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993. The company first started offering shoes for skateboarders before venturing into offering a clothing line and accessories line. DC was first known as a brand that offered durable shoes that are great for handling the stress and the wear-and-tear of skateboarding. The shoes became so famous that they ventured into other products such as DC shirts, tees, DC board shorts, DC bags, and other apparel and accessories.

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The Different Style of DC Shirts

There are different styles of DC shirts. There are long sleeved DC shirts for men, short sleeved shirts, plaid hoodies and plain DC T shirts. Here are the examples of the different DC shirts:

Plain men’s DC long sleeved shirts

  • Men’s Derby long sleeved shirts. This shirt is made from cotton poly yarn dye stripe and available in blue, indigo and black. Shirts under this DC shirts model have two breast pockets.
  • Men’s Reuppd long sleeved shirts. This shirt is available in two colors: black and white. It is made from cotton and has a single breast pocket with a DC logo embroidered on it.

fashioned affordable dc long sleeve shirt


Men’s DC T Shirts

  • Men’s Star Standard T Shirt. A classic shirt made for casual wear. This is a standard fit cotton shirt available in a multitude of colors with a big DC logo on the chest.
  • Men’s Stash Pocket T Shirt. This plain colored shirt is available in five colors: dark denim, black, white, DC navy, and Port Royal. A small pocket adorns the left side of the chest.
  • Men’s UV T Shirt. These are DC shirts for boys who like a little science on their tees. This standard fit shirt has a UV-sensitive front print that changes color under the sun. It comes in three variants: Glacier, Get Up, and Lion’s Pride. They all have a tagless neck to avoid that unnecessary itch at the nape.

Men’s Sweatshirts

  • Men’s Steelson NVRBRKN. Crew Sweatshirt. A plain black or heather grey shirt made of 100% cotton with an army fatigue NVRBRKN logo on the front.
  • Men’s Rob Dyrdek DCSC Pullover Hoodie. A hoodie that is part of the Rob Dyrdek and Teamworks Collections. This is a hooded sweatshirt made of cotton and polyester and is available in a bright red color. A DC logo is printed on the front.

fashioned affordable dc shirt

Ken Block and Danny Way Collections

  • Ken Block apparel. Part of the Gym 4 Collection, these shirts are made of cotton and organic cotton blend and available in three designs: Tire, Splatter Logo, and Bricks.
  • Danny Way apparel. This apparel has three shirts for the limited edition Waiting for Lightning tee series. Icon and Legacy commemorates Danny Way’s jump over the Great Wall of China while Saga features his most memorable skateboarding photos.

Other DC Apparel and Accessories

It is not only the DC shirts that are included in DC Apparel line. There is also DC board shorts, fleece and knits, pants, and jackets. These are available in cuts fit to men, women, youth and kids.

Aside from the apparels there are also backpacks and travel bags, beanies, caps, belts, key chains, socks, boxers, wallets, and stickers.

attractive men blue dc shirt

Styling Tips for DC Shirts

DC shirts are mostly for casual wear and are easy to pair with some casual shoes and jeans. These shirts create style on their own but if you are boggled, here are some ways to pair up your DC shirts with your existing wardrobe.

  • The long sleeved shirts can be worn over a plain white shirt along with khaki pants and a pair of DC Stock shoes for the hip skater.
  • You can wear DC T shirts with chinos and a pair of DC Pure shoes and you will go skating in style.

DC Shirts have come a long way since their debut in 1993 with the Standard Star shirt. They are now available in a variety of designs that consumers can choose from. The good thing about these shirts is that they are not restricted to skaters—anyone can wear DC shirts as long as they love it.