How To Style Your Pants

Fashion not only helps you to get a stylish look, it also helps you to make your movements comfortable. You have to sort out your dressing ideas in such way so that you are comfortable irrespective of the weather and the current fashion trend. There are different styles of pants and trousers with a common objective, which is to make you feel at ease and comfortable. If you want to discover the secrets about how to style your pants, go through this article. You’ll find what fits you the best.

Various Pants Styles

Fashion designers have been continuously researching on different clothing styles. They have been considering different clothing options for different body shapes and structures. Let’s find out what these numerous researches have come up with.

different ways on how to style your pants

  • Try Boot-Cut Designs

    These pants come with slim leg fit that flare just below the knee. Boot-cut pants suit almost all the body shapes. Specially curvy, tall or slim body shapes are better flattered with these pants. You should pick a mid-rise waistband so that you can avoid the muffin top. These pants work great with fitting tops and tucked in shirts. You can use these with heels as casual evening wear.
  • Cropped Pants: The Latest Trend

    These pants feature an ankle gazing cut either narrowed or pleated downwards. These pants fit great when a tall and masculine person in a slimmer cut wears them. These crop pants are specially designed as slimmer. So, you should avoid loosely shaped crops. If you are at least 66 inches tall, you can pull them up matching with a pair of ballet flats. If you are shorter than this, consider using heels to elongate your legs.
  • The High-Waisted PantsThese leggings simply hang down from your waistline, especially when these pants are belted. When you wear these, you must make sure that you set your pants on your waist. Pick the darker shades, pair these pants with heels or wedges to create an optimal height for these pants. These also look great as slimmer. These pants are definitely the best picks for the girls with tall legs.

crop pants for work

  • Wide-Leg PantsThe name defines it all. These pants offer different variety of waistlines; they can either be flat front or soft and slouchy. If you are trying to minimize your hips and butt, certainly these wide leg pants are the best picks. You should use the variety that suits you best. You should polish the style with a floor-grazing hem. A pair of high heels complements these pants great; and slim fitted tops will create a great pleasant appearance.
  • Skinny Leggings Or JeansThe best pant-style for tapered legs is certainly something skinny. The style is known as skinny leggings, or more properly known as skinny jeans. People who work out, sporty women, or those who simply want to stay comfortable prefer using these clothing. Go for long tank tops or even loose shirts to match with these leggings. Any of these combinations looks great on the lean and thin people. Any kind of boot or shoes works well with these pants, too.

Celebrities Wearing Cropped Pants

Crop pants have been popular for many years known mainly as Capri pants. However, they have again become very popular, as worn by girls, adolescents, and adult women. These types of pants are comfortable, cute, and cool for warm spring or summer days. They are a great substitute for shorts for those who don’t want to bare their legs. They can be dressed up or down as shown by so many celebrities and women of today.

Popular Stars In Cropped Pants

Many famous and popular women wear cropped pants styled up or down.

  • Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the women who has been seen on many occasions wearing cropped pants of every shade and color. She wore a tuxedo made with cropped pants, baggy cropped pants, as well as tight cropped pants. They made her look slim and accentuated her legs making them look long and sexy.

celebrities wearing cropped pants

  • Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is another female hottie who wears cropped pants. She has worn them casually with flip-flops but also wore them dressed up. She doesn’t over do it or go over the top as Rihinna has, but something more classy. A nice top of a nude lace, white Capri’s and simple heels. It’s classy yet sexy and a great look for summer shopping.

  • Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is another cropped pants fan. Generally wearing the pants in a comfortable and casual way, she still makes them look great while looking comfortable in the sun. Wearing brightly colored cropped pants as well as black help show off her great and thin legs. She also has worn the black Capri’s up with a nice white shirt and black jacket. Never mind the little black dress, as you can’t go wrong with black cropped pants and a nice pair of high heels.

Where To Find Similar Styles

Finding plain cropped pants is easy. You can find them at nearly every clothing store and supermarkets such as Wal Mart or Target. Many clothing stores in the mall will not only hold cropped pants, but will hold brand names as well such as Macy’s, Jc Penny’s, Gap, Dillard’s.

crop pants outfits

Don’t forget the internet! The internet has thousands of stores and even more brands. You can buy black, brown, tan, white, cream for cheap to expensive depending on what brand you prefer. Such stores are Ebay, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Overstock, or you can type in the color and/or brand into Google search engine and hit the shopping button and you should have hundreds of choices. For something a little funkier, you can type in Google the color of cropped pants you want or the pattern you want. Or type in both and see what you find. Perhaps a pair of pin striped cropped pants or hot pink? They have plaid, flower patterned, splotched, and the choices go on and on.

Celebrities wearing cropped pants have brought back the style of these pants. They are great for woman who doesn’t want to show off a lot of skin. The best part is you can wear them for nicer occasions and to simple occasions like hanging out with friends or family.

Comfort and Style with Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are shorter than trousers but longer than shorts. The hem can fall anywhere between the knees and the ankle. Most casual wears are using denim pants but because of factors like the weather, practicality and even fashion, several variations of cropped jeans have been developed depending mostly on their length. It follows the denim styles as well, like worn-out look or dark colors. The only difference from cropped jeans and the regular trouser length jeans are obviously their length. They have the same zipper or button front styling and others have elastic waist or drawstrings. So white cropped jeans will not be an exemption regardless in what is the traditional purpose of white jeans.

sexy cropped jeans

 Cropped Jeans for Kids

Jeans are very durable and who else to have somebody wear it than the super hyper active kids. They are everywhere when they start the day and the last thing that they need is worrying what they are wearing. They would just basically wear anything given to them since they don’t really care at all, well if not all then most of them. The hem is the first part of pants to be torn or soiled and frequent adjustments on the hem are done as well. Which is why, the practical outfit of any kid on the move is wearing cropped jeans. Parents always have the idea to crop pants just to save them a few.

There is Always a Cropped Version

comfortable cropped skinny jeans

There is a time in a year where it is still too cold to wear shorts and wearing pants will not give the exact comfort that a person is looking for. There are many types of jeans with trouser lengths and rest assured that there is always a cropped version of it waiting to be explored. Cropped jeans for women and sometimes men, lets them have the mobility that they need while achieving the same level of comfort.

Cropped jeans are needed in any given time or occasion. It is best to use it on a casual or semi formal activity like watching baseball, attending children’s party or even doing some chores at home. Cropped jeans bring a new chapter in the denim world. Daring cropped skinny jeans adds more excitement to the whole idea of fashion innovation. Cropped jeans are already an essential part of the fashion world. It is time to show off a little bit of skin while still keeping the comfort that jeans are offering. Cropped jeans have always given people more options to be active and stylish at the same time.

Capri Pants For Some or For All

Capri pants can be a tough act to pull off if you don’t know how to identify and wear it correctly. These trendy fashion tools will stay for a very long time because of its stylish look and it can be worn in any place or occasion. Some people would call it ‘mommy pants’ and they would somehow discourage others to buy one because wearing these can have completely different effects with each person wearing it. Women get a lot of variation in styles and capri pants are just one of them unlike men who tend to stay in the safe side.

Identifying Capri Pants

The most important detail when identifying capri pants for women is length. Capri pants should fall midway between the ankle and the knee. That is the safest estimate when it comes to length because in fashion sizing there is no standardization. In one company their capri pants can be pedal pushers and the list goes on forever.

stylish capri pants

Fashion and Wearing Tips

Some people say that capri pants can be only worn effectively by select group of people. But most people would argue saying that it is “how” you wear it. Actually, how you wear it is the least that needs to be considered. This type of pants is all about choosing the right length and hem shape. Many people have different thoughts on how womens capri pants look on people but most will agree to some key points.

  • Muscular legs looks thicker
  • It makes a person look heavier when they are pear shaped
  • A person will look shorter when they are petite
  • Shorts legs become even shorter

Capri pants are just one of the many variations under crop pants.  It is very important to try it first when shopping. They would fit differently even if they are the same size. It is also important to know how they flatter the body, just like short people will look even shorter.

color white capri pants for women

Styles of Capri Pants

Capri pants can come in different styles as well. They can be casual or business styles where most business styles are black capri pants or other neutral color. They also come in different fabrics to suit the purpose like an activity or an occasion.

In the end, choosing the right length, fit and style when wearing capri pants are some tricks to pull it off with style. Because of it’s sometimes infamy effect on some fashion statement, once done correctly, they can be found everywhere, from the park to an executive meeting.

Crop Pants: Stylish Summer Pants

Any jeans that are not full length are classified as crop pants. The length of these pants usually end just below the knee or mid or upper calf. Men started wearing crop pants in the 1930’s as part of their summer get-up but in the US, it first became popular in the 1950’s when the clam diggers or pedal pushers first came out. Since then, several types of crop pants came out like the bike shorts that first appeared in the 1990’s. Crop pants for women have become a popular fashion style. It has become a summer wear essential.

trendy crop pants for women

Difference between Crop Pants and Capris

  • Crop pants are tapered around the ankle
  • Capri pants are flared out

Crop Pants Fashion Tip

  • For petite women, it is advisable that they wear form fitting crop pants that has a length that ends just below the ankles. The pants are best paired with high heeled shoes.

crop pants with heels

  • For a more relaxed look or for a day at the beach, linen crop pants or khaki crop pants should be the pants of choice. These pants should be baggy and just ends below the knee. Accessories can be added like colorful necklaces for a more balanced look. A good wedge can be added to the overall ensemble.
  • Another relaxed crop pants is the cargo. Get one that is a little flared at the bottom. Pair it with a light colored sleeveless top and accessorize with a nicely colored necklace and you are in for a hip and relaxed look. A pair of nice sandals would tie the look together.

linen crop pants elastic waist

  • Crop pants are not only confined for casual look, but can also be worn to the office. A gray crop pants that ends at the upper-calf, paired with a white 3/4’s blouse and accessorized with nude colored necklace is a perfect office wear. Pair it with pale pink pumps and you are sure to be a looker.
  • For plus sized women, there are also plus size crop pants. The best ones would be the dark printed ones with drawstring function so the fit can be adjusted and formed just above the calf. It can be worn with a white shirt and accessorized with bangles. For a slimmer look, wear high heeled pumps.

fashionable plus size crop pants

Where to Buy Crop Pants

Where you buy your crop pants would depend on how much your budget is. There are designer crop pants that are more expensive. However, you don’t have to buy expensive crop pants because there are pants that you can buy at a reasonable price. To find a good deal, you can go online and search for online stores that sell these pants. These online shops abound and many of these shops offer good deals on what they sell. You just need to know how to mix and match the tops and accessories to complement the crop pants.

Now that you have ample knowledge about this type of pants, head on to your nearest store and try one now. This pair of pants looks good with a baby tee and flip-flops for an ordinary day but you can always follow the tips aforementioned and mix and match your outfit to look more fashionable. Remember though that these pants are best worn during hot season as it shows off your ankle and you don’t want to show off your ankles during winter, now do you?