Five Common Eye Problems

Many people find themselves experiencing some common eye problems like not being able to read the small print in books or the newspaper or needing special reading glasses to see the computer screen. Eye problems usually come with age although some may occur as early as infancy. Here are five of the common eye problems experienced by people worldwide:

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1. Glaucoma – This eye problem leads to the injury of the optic nerve. When too much pressure is applied or experienced by the eye, it damages the optic nerve. These pressures may come from severe infection, blockage of blood vessels, physical injury or inflammation. The eye specialist may prescribe eye drops or surgery to treat the problem.

2. Presbyopia – This is usually an age-related vision problem where a person loses the ability to see close objects or small prints clearly. This is one of the common eye problems corrected using reading glasses. Clic reading glasses have five diopters from +1.5 up to +3.5 from which you can choose to insert your prescribed lenses. They also hang securely around your neck so that you will never misplace them.

3. Cataracts – These are cloudy areas that develop slowly in the eye’s lens often without pain or redness. It is difficult for light to enter the eye if these are present, which then leads to vision impairment. If cataracts get thick, they should be removed through surgery.

4. Dry eyes – When tear glands cannot produce sufficient tears, it results to dry eyes which can cause itching, burning, discomfort, or loss of vision. Treatments include a humidifier that replicates tears, or plugs that decrease tear drainage.

5. Astigmatism – This eye problem is a refractive error where the cornea, a tissue that covers the exposed eye, is curved abnormally. It results to vision that is out of focus, making it difficult for affected people to see fine details whether up close or distant objects. Blurry vision is also caused by other refractive errors like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Astigmatism is often present at birth but the cause is unknown. Glasses, contact lenses, or surgery will correct this eye problem.

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For all rare or common eye problems, a visit to an eye professional is a must. Most of these eye problems are diagnosed using an eye exam, with other tests done if primary results are unclear. The correct reading glasses often help to relieve many common eye problems that cause blurry vision, headaches or eye fatigue due to exercising extreme effort when reading or seeing fine details. When treatment is done properly, vision can often return to normal.

Eyeglass Neck Strap – A Handy Solution

An eyeglass neck strap helps you to keep your glasses in place whenever you are not using them. Most of them hang securely around the neck so that you won’t have to make extreme efforts in looking for your lost glasses especially if you have severe vision problems.

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There are many eyeglass neck straps available for purchase in store and online. Some eyeglass brands also offer built-in straps for ease and comfort. If you do not want to misplace your glasses again, here are some of the solutions:

  • Chums Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer – This eyeglass neck strap is perfect for outdoor physical activities that expose you under the sun. The frame’s end grips firmly on the rubber and on the strap is a firmly attached retainer ring. This allows the glasses to stay in place. It is available in nine brilliant colors, and three color combinations.
  • Bobberz Floating Eyewear Retainer – This eyeglass neck strap is perfect for use in the water especially in watersport activities like kiteboarding and surfing. The end loops fasten almost all sizes or kinds of sunglasses. The strap also has colorful Styrofoam balls that float in the water and are bright enough to spot when it drifts away in water.
  • Clic Reading Glasses – These glasses are made in a special way that includes a built-in eyeglass neck strap and head band so that you won’t misplace them when not in use. This makes them unique and special and is one of the top reasons customers want to buy them, as one of the biggest problems with reading glasses is laying them down and not being able to find them. All you have to do is release the bridge and the reading glasses will fall around your neck and hang securely.

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In addition to being impossible to lose or drop from your face, Clic Reading Glasses are made to be trendy and fashionable and they come in several styles and colors to fit your mood and wardrobe. You can get several pairs so that you can match the color and style to the clothes you wear and have fun wearing your reading glasses instead of being embarrassed. They are high quality reading glasses that are made with the latest technology, too.

Eyeglass neck straps are convenient indeed for those who easily misplace their glasses and get frustrated in the end. They are secure, practical, and affordable enough for every budget and activity out there.

Importance And Top Brands Of Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses refer to a special pair of eyewear recommended by eyewear specialists like optometrists and ophthalmologists, to individuals with eye problems. An eyewear prescription is issued to an individual after series of tests. These tests determine the most appropriate kind of corrective lenses that are to be used depending on a particular person’s eye condition, be it farsightedness or nearsightedness.

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Prescription glasses are important to be worn by individuals with eye sight problems as soon as their eye conditions are diagnosed. Some of the benefits of prescription glasses include:

  • They correct particular eye sight conditions with the help of the corrective lenses they contain.
  • They come with different frame designs which also make prescription glasses as a fashion item amidst their functional purpose.
  • These glasses prevent further eye damage caused by straining an already damaged eye.
  • Today, protective eye wears like the prescription safety glasses have been transformed into fashion eye wears already. These glasses are worn to protect its wearer’s delicate eyes from harm and damage.

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Top Brands

The best brands are tested and proven to provide quality prescription glasses. Here are a few of them.

  • Clic reading glasses is a brand of eyeglasses for reading purposes that have managed to combine state of the art design with ultra modern material to give the ultimate eye wear solution. Clic is quite a versatile brand of eye wear that is very handy in dealing with reading problems as well as style and fashion.
  • Oakley prescription glasses, on the other hand, provide its users with maximum clarity, precise vision as well as maximum eye protection. The precision in vision is brought about by the fact that these lenses do not cause magnification at all. Rather, Oakley makes its wearer see objects just as they are but more clearly. These prescription glasses are manufactured by an American corporation based in California.

Due to tough economic times and the sharp rise in health care costs, it is a very big help to have cheap prescription glasses in the market for corrective eye glasses to be affordable. These prescription glasses can be found quite easily through online shopping. Since eye glasses today are worn for their functionality as well as for their aesthetic value, many people prefer to shop for stylish eye wear frames online then later install them with the most suitable lenses. This way, people are able to obtain both style and functionality at quite an affordable price. Prescription glasses are a major necessity to individuals with eye problems and sufficient knowledge about them is needed to be able to choose the right and the best one.

Reading Glasses: How To Choose The Right One

As age catches up with people, reading small prints becomes more difficult. This doesn’t need to be a major problem since it can be fixed easily by wearing reading glasses. These glasses can be found at various online or local optical stores. In order to meet various preferences, reading glasses have various designs and styles. There are also cheap reading glasses and designer reading glasses, which come at a relatively higher cost.

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Difference from Regular Glasses

In cases of extreme sunlight, one would put on sunglasses to block extreme light rays protecting the eyes. Reading glasses will not be of use in this particular scenario. Reading glasses are mainly different from regular glasses since they are for reading purposes and vision correction. One has to visit an optician so as to identify the eye problem and correct the vision deficits. Nowadays, there are women and mens reading glasses. The difference lies in the design of the frames.

Choosing the Right Reading Glasses

It is always advisable to get the right reading glasses in order to avoid injury to your eyes and exacerbation. You might end up making a simple problem worse by getting the wrong glasses. Here are the basic things to do in getting the right glasses.

  • Make a visit to an optometrist’s office when you suspect you have reading or vision problems. With this visit you are assured of getting the right type of reading glasses as your optometrist will identify the severity of your problem and recommend the right glasses.
  • While purchasing from a local optical store, you need to try out several pairs before coming to a final decision. Use a glasses measuring chart to know what range you need. Plus one to plus three and half diopter is the range used for measuring these glasses.
  • If you work with a computer for a long period, you should consider putting on these glasses, especially those prescribed by an optometrist.
  • When you need magnification, you can go for bifocals.
  • Choose your frame wisely. You can get designer frames even from your local optical store or from online stores. For those who are fashion conscious, the Clic reading glasses are preferable.

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Glasses can be costly but with the availability of cheap reading glasses, cost nowadays is not an issue. This is attributed to the fact that the lenses currently used are not only made from glass but plastic too thus lowering costs. Ensure you follow the above recommendations to get the right type of reading glasses and, consequently, alleviating the pain of having vision problems.

Stylish and Functional Clic Reading Glasses

People have been choosing Clic reading glasses as these glasses have edge in many ways than other types of glasses. With these glasses, you do not need to pin your mind searching for those sunglasses that you misplaced. These glasses are also better options than other magnified or cheater glasses. Being durable and highly adjustable in nature, Clic reading glasses fit to any size easily. If you are looking for stylish, comfortable and convenient eyewear, Clic magnetic reading glasses you have many options to choose from. You can also opt for Clic eyewear reading glasses as per your eye capacity.

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Features of Clic Eyewear Reading Glasses

All Clic reading glasses are fully adjustable to any head size and they are quite durable. They are also available in a wide array of strengths including +1.25, +1.75, +1.50, +2.00, +3.00, +2.50, etc. Various Clic eyewear reading glasses maintain a magnetic grip on the bridge by forming a band around your neck. That is why these glasses do not slip off, even if you bend them, too.

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Standard Styles of Clic Reading Glasses

Magnetic reading glasses by their very nature are most comfortable and convenient. These glasses are easy to wear and remove as well, as they have a super flexible front connection system. The best thing about Clic magnetic reading glasses is that when you choose not to wear these glasses they hang about your neck lightly. These Clic reading glasses specializes in customized lenses which are made up of polycarbonate optical glass. These can be easily replaced with prescription lenses. Being versatile, convenient and durable these glasses would best meet to anybody’s requirements.

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Clic reading glasses come in different format, shapes, sizes and styles. These are designed to meet everyone’s requirements, whatever the size or shape of the head, nose or neck should be. These glasses fit all sizes, thanks to their highly durable nature. Some of the standard and highly popular Clic reading glasses include:

  • Clic Reader: Most common Clic reading glasses and highly durable and adjustable
  • Clic Euro: These glasses are best suited for slightly wider face size
  • Clic Classic: these glasses are available in round sizes and fit to any average size face
  • Clic Sonoma: These Clic glasses are rimless and suitable for average as well as fuller face sizes

With such a huge range of Clic glasses being offered by this company you need not go anywhere else. Apart from being comfortable as well as stylish these are available in affordable price ranges.
These glasses are available in affordable prices at as low as starting from $28 to $38. There are many Clic reading glasses retailers that offer a huge range of options at discounted prices. Online Clic reading glasses retailers offer you attractive price cut-offs on placing instant orders and offer excellent opportunity to save huge money. Besides, if you choose to purchase Clic reading glasses in bulk, you can avail attractive discounts.

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Clic reading glasses have made their way on television and in films because of their unique design and features. With these glasses, you are sure not to lose them or keep them out of sight.