Choosing Leather Sleeper Sofas Perfectly

So, you do not have much sleeping room for guest and getting a sleeper sofa is your next step. This hard working piece of furniture is great to have in the home if you have space restrictions. Question is, what design should you choose? A leather sleeper sofa outweighs many fabric ones, but does it fit your style and looks good in your living space?

choosing perfectly  designed leather sleeper sofas

Considerations in Choosing Sleeper Sofas

  • When not in use for sleeping does it look good in the space?
  • Is the look of the sofa itself inviting?
  • Is the material or fabric comfortable, soft and durable?
  • Is the bed frame made of strong hardwood?
  • Does the mechanism for opening and closing works well?
  • Is the size large enough for two people to fit comfortably?
  • Are the coils strong enough?
  • Are cushions and arm rest comfortable?
  • Are you overall happy with the sleeper sofa?

Other Aspects to Consider in Choosing Sleeper Sofas

Design, Colors, and Patterns

The design is another aspect you can look at before you fill your living space with the sofa bed. Yes, sleeper sofas are also called sofa beds among many other names. First thing most people look at is the color or pattern.

  • Patchwork or Paisley Prints: Your home may be designed in a country fashion so patchwork print or flowered prints may be more your style.
  • Solid Colors: If you go for a sleek contemporary modern look then perhaps a one color sofa piece or even a leather sleeper sofa will be more appropriate with its clean lines.
  • Pastel Colors or Stripes: Other designs to consider are those with pastel colors if you like a softer room or striped patterns to mismatch a little, but does not throw it into an odd mix with other furniture in the room. Just make sure that the stripes flow seamlessly at the edges as it could make the piece look quirky.

choosing leather sleeper sofas perfect for your space


Lastly, you have to remember that you are going to be using and sitting on it and it’s not just for guest.

  • Measurement: Before buying you need to first measure the space well. Sometimes your estimation could go horribly wrong when you forget to take into consideration factors, like bulky arm rest that take up a few extra inches. If you were placing it snugly next to a door, you may end up having to stick it out and block the opening.
  • Durability: Then there’s physical testing. This constitutes to you lying on it as a couch, sitting on it. You also need to feel the fabric and even pretend sleeping on it by opening it up. You won’t be happy having your feet stick out if the length falls short of your own height.