Customized Cheerleading Bags

As a cheerleader, your cheerleading bag is a very important asset to you. It is where you put all your sports clothes and personal effects to make your sports events easier. A plain duffel bag might do the job of containing the personal effects well, but it would not bring out the awesomeness that every cheerleader possesses. Fortunately, customized cheerleading bags could do just that. Here are some tips to help you customize your cheerleading bags.

Tips for an Awesome Personalized Cheerleading Bag

Highly Customized Cheerleading Bags

Tip one: embroider your cheerleading bag 

One of the simplest ways to customize your bag with only some thread and needle. You just need to take a needle and appropriate colors of thread. You can choose to embroider any part of the bag you feel like. You can make patterns of anything including your initials, flowers and any other creative designs. You could also try sewing on appliques of your favorite designs and other stuff.

Tip two: drawing on the bag
You can also choose to use a permanent marker to draw on your cheerleading bag. Among the things you can draw on your bag are signs like a megaphone or a pyramid. You may also choose to draw the name and logo of the team that you cheer for or the name of your cheer team. Another thing you can choose to write on your bag is a good quote or your favorite lyrics.

Tip three: using fabric paint
Another great way of customizing your cheerleading bag is using fabric paint on it. The great thing about using paint is the fact that you can get really creative with it. Among the things you can paint on to your bag include your initials, favorite lyrics, a funny quote and anything else that catches your fancy. You just need to dip the brush in paint and apply the pattern you want on your bag.

Other ways you can make customized cheerleading bags include using glue to stick pieces of fabric or jewels on to your bag. You can also use iron on patches of anything you like on the bag. Adding chain links to the zippers of your bag also make it look really fabulous.

If you are however interested in a perfect job at a customized cheerleading bag, the best option is to order for a customized bag. You can get a manufacturer to make cheer bags with all the specifications you have in mind so that it can really stand out from the rest. And you can also get them in bulk so you and the rest of your squad could better represent your teams!

What are the benefits of customized cheerleading bags?

Navy Blue cheer bags

To start with, once you customize a cheer bag, you make it bear your personality; it’s an ID on its own. This means that there will be no cases of mix ups in the field or in the gym.  Also, customized cheerleading bags also tell a lot about your personality. You can tell a lot about yourself using a customized cheerleading bag. Lastly, a customized cheerleading bag looks better and more fabulous than a plain bag.

You can take your customized cheerleading bags everywhere you wish. They are ideal for the gym, the usual sporting events, cheerleading practice and even a day at the beach. There is nothing more fabulous or a cheerleader than customized cheerleading bags.

Various Types Of Cheerleading Duffle Bags

Cheerleading duffle bags are specially made bags for cheerleaders to carry their cheerleading equipment every time they go on tour or even when they are transporting the equipment to school or home. Cheer bags come in different types and shapes. The difference between cheer and other bags is the fact that these bags come with a lot of pockets on the outside for easier organization and access to items. It is important to have some knowledge about them so that you can have an easy time in the selection. Below are several types of the cheerleading duffle bags.

dependable cheerleading duffle bags

Types Of Cheerleading Duffle Bags

  • The Rolling Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are cheer bags with small wheels at the bottom. This is especially ideal if you are carrying a lot of equipment as it makes transportation much more convenient. These bags have two wheels and a telescopic handle; all you have to do is let out the handle and pull the bag. These bags are also referred to as upright duffels. These bags are created with support bars on the side to enhance the shape of the bag and to add to the durability of the bag.

  • The Light Weight Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are the bags that are made using lightweight material; this makes them very suitable for travelling. They are ideal when going to the gym or when carrying just a few of your cheerleading equipment to a destination. It is not recommended to carry heavy cheerleading equipment with this bag.

  • Expandable Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are the bags that have been created with the ability to expand. This is especially ideal if you plan on carrying a lot of items maybe when going on tour or to a championship game. It can also be minimized for the gym. These bags are great as you can carry souvenirs from places you visit during championship games or sports events.

  • The Sling Cheer Bags

This is a stylish looking duffle bag for cheerleaders. They have a single strap which is placed across the chest while carrying. They have multiple pockets, but can only be used to carry a few items as it does not have too much space.

  • Deluxe Cheerleading Bags

They are named deluxe because of the material used to make them and the number of extra compartments they have. These compartments are specially made to carry shoes, water bottles, and other things. While these bags are expensive, they last longer than most cheer bags, you can get a discount when they are bought in bulk and they are of high quality.

simply stylish cheer bags

There are many cheerleading duffle bags you can choose from. They vary from the most basic to designer ones. All you have to do is evaluate what you need the cheer bag for. Always ensure that your cheer bag is convenient for you every time you have it. You should at least own a few of them for different occasions. You can have one for the gym, one for cheer practice and one for travelling.

Dependable and Stylish Cheer Shoes

The most vital component for a cheerleader to wear is the shoes. Popularly known as cheer shoes, these are designed specifically to cater to a cheerleader’s needs. Cheerleaders need to remain active throughout the event, cheering and dancing enthusiastically throughout. Because of this, many may suffer injuries and a number of blisters. If you don’t wear the right shoes thus, you won’t able to do your best and that could lead to failed stunts, disappointments and much more. In order to ensure that you have the right cheer shoes, you should be careful when you shop.

ultimate youth cheer shoes

Choosing the Right Cheer Shoes

  • The Price: This can be a huge problem for many because cheerleaders because they are usually on strict budget. Buying the best is thus not always possible and the squad usually ends up with uncomfortable varsity cheer shoes. These shoes are also low on quality and don’t last long. Within a season they may tear. Hence, especially if you don’t have enough funds, you should be careful as you shop. Instead of compromising on the quality to get inexpensive shoes, you should look for cheap cheer shoes that are still reliable. Such shoes can be found at outlets, during sales and discounts and over the Internet. The Internet is especially a good choice because you will find discounts at almost all times. You should be careful and you must select shoes that are from a good brand but are cheaper.

versatile varsity cheer shoes

  • Fit: If you want the shoes to be comfortable, you should make sure they fit you right. The support you get from your cheer shoes determines whether you will be able to perform throughout the event without suffering with pain and blisters or not. The shoes you choose must also be lightweight so that you can jump and perform stunts with ease. If you can find shoes with finger grooves, you should buy them because they will make your stunts easier still. If you neglect the fit, comfort and weight, you might end up with injuries more often than not.

amazing cheap cheer shoes

  • Others: The color and the style should also be kept in mind. These are very important aspects of cheer shoes because the color has to match the shoes and the style must be the same for the entire squad. If your squad is planning on performing difficult stunts and flips, you should consider custom made shoes. This might be expensive and is possible only for those who have a flexible budget. You have the option of researching longer and buying shoes that fit your needs the best too. Brands such as Adidas, Nike, Ascis offer very durable and comfortable cheer shoes.

trendy cheer bags

You can also buy cheer bags to carry your youth cheer shoes to the event and back home after the event. The cheer bags can be customized to carry the logo of your team too. Depending on how far you can go, you should keep your options open.

Make Your Own Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are extremely common today because they are comfortable as well as very functional to store your gear. They are very popular among kids and adults alike of both genders. They are more commonly being used as promotional bags today by businesses. This is mainly because they provide an easier medium of advertisement. Drawstring bags are extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes besides promotions. Many people use them as gym bags, for the beach, to travel by air, for school, as cheer bags by cheerleaders etc. The main reason behind such versatility is that these drawstring bags are inexpensive.

efficient small drawstring bags

Companies usually use small drawstring bags not only because they are cheap but because they are so functional. They are given out at various events including school events, sports events and other outdoor events, trade shows, sales meetings, conventions and many other functions. The fact that these can be customized is very beneficial. The company’s logo and the message can be easily printed onto these bags and companies can be sure that they will be used. Custom drawstring bags are actually very easy to make and with basic knowledge, anyone can make their own drawstring bags.

simple custom drawstring bags


Steps in Making your own Bag

  • Cotton drawstring bags are the most common but you can also use canvas bags. First and foremost, ensuring that the bag’s front is facing up, you should lay the bag down on the surface that you want to work on. The surface must be even, hard and flat. Take a cardboard and insert it into the bag.

comfy cotton drawstring bags

  • Now, create an even frame along the border with the masking tape. This step ensures that you keep it neat.
  • With a small paintbrush, apply fabric glue on an iron-on decal and paste it in the middle of your bag.
  • Now pick fabric colors of your choice to paint the bag as you wish. If you want to write something, you could use a bottle of fabric paint with an applicator.
  • Depending on how you want your bag to look, you can even glue in some sequins and beads on to the bag.
  • Let the bag dry overnight.
  • For any special instructions, check the labels on the glue and paint.


  • The bag you choose to customize should ideally be solid colored. Patterned bags don’t give much room for modification or customization.
  • If you are customizing your kids’ drawstring bags, it’d be ideal to use a fabric pen and to add details on the backside of the bag for safety.
  • Protect your furniture and other equipment by using newspaper on the surface that you are working on.

stunning cheer bags

Easy steps are enough to convert drawstring bags into great looking bags just like you love them. You can put your creativity to use whilst customizing your drawstring bags. 

Popular Styles Of Cheer Bags

Once the sporting season is in, it is time for cheerleaders to hit the road with their teams to perform at their games. As a cheerleader, you will have to carry your uniforms, equipment and personal items for both away and home games. Carrying all those things require a bag that is strong enough to bear the constant strain of continuous movements. You can carry all your belongings wherever you go, while at the same time showing your spirit, with cheer bags. With so many styles and designs to choose from such as zebra cheer bags, every cheerleader would have the perfect option. However, choosing the perfect bag for your particular circumstances could be a problem.

elegant zebra cheer bags

When choosing a cheer bag, consider how you are going to use it and the things that you will be carrying frequently. Are you going to carry your skirt and shell only? Or maybe it will just be your poms and shoes. If so, you only need to bring a backpack, garment bag or pom bag. If you will be carrying a change of clothes, your entire uniform and other accessories, you should use cheer duffle bags.

ultimate cheer duffle bags

If you will be carrying your things to a cheerleading practice, perhaps a simple stock bag will do. However, if you will be going to games or competitions, the more complex duffel cheer bag would be better.

Popular Styles

Cheer bags come in many styles so you may need to consider a lot of factors, most of them depending on your personal taste and preference. Here are some of your options:

quality cheer bags

  • Duffle Cheer bags – duffle bags come with carrying handles and shoulder straps so they are more convenient for heavy loads. The bags have zipper closure for easy access to your things.
  • Backpacks – with flap, drawstring or zipper closure, the backpack is worn over the shoulders so it easy on the back. You could use it for carrying heavy items although it cannot accommodate as much as a duffel bag.
  • Sling Cheer Bags – this design is similar to the backpack except that it is carried over one shoulder only.
  • Tote Bags – a simple bag incorporated with carrying straps. It has zipper closure or no closure at all.
  • Pom Bags – these bags are made for carrying a set of poms. They are usually made with shoulder straps and drawstring closure.
  • Garment Bags – these are hanging bags that are mainly used for cheerleading uniforms, to prevent them from being creased and soiled.

try having personalized cheer bags

If you want to highlight your individualism, you can choose personalized cheer bags instead. However, no matter what style you choose, always take the features of the cheer bag into consideration. If you will be carrying keys, cellphone or water bottle, inner and outer pockets could be necessary. The strength of the straps should be considered as well. Other considerations for cheer bags include a removable inner bag, detachable shoulder strap and an ID tag. No matter what design you prefer, make sure that it is in your team colors.