Tips When Preparing Recipes for One

When you get to be alone, you must learn to make some recipes for one. This is like when you cook for one set of menu for yourself for the whole week and then by next week, you again cook another set of recipe for yourself. In this way, you will be able to solve your problem of not being able to eat your breakfast and need only to grab some burger for lunch, which could not be too healthy for you. In making some healthy recipes for one, you will be able to save a lot of energy in cooking since you will just cook once a week and do some reheating over the oven on some days.

recipes for one

The Preparations Checklist

Having to cook some recipes for one person is very economical, first on the ingredients, second on the electricity used in cooking, and third is that one set of recipe will last longer like one week for a single person to consume than cooking it for a bunch of people. Meals for one person are really easy to prepare since you will only be making it for yourself, so, you can cook whatever as you please and like it without worrying about anybody doing some critic on what you have cooked. You will also be consuming just a little of your cooking gas or electricity since you will just be reheating it for a couple of minutes only.

  • In preparing for the recipes for one person, the first thing for you to do is to look for some simple recipes that can give you some healthy food for a week.
  • Once you have decided on what you will prepare for the week, you are then ready to buy all the necessary ingredients. You must need to buy extra vegetables for salad so that you will have many alternatives on what you are going to prepare every meal.

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  • You need to cook thoroughly your recipe for the week then let it cool down before placing it inside the fridge. You must be careful to store food properly in tightly sealed containers. So, every time before meal, you only need to get a portion of it from the freezer and reheat it or cook it with some fresh vegetables.
  • Since you will need the recipes for one set of food for the whole week, it is best that you choose the fresh kinds of ingredients for a best result of your one menu. If you are on diet, you make sure that you choose the low calorie recipes for one so that you will be able to maintain your calorie intake and be able to be healthier than ever. With the fresh ingredients, like the fresh meat and vegetables, the recipe that you will be making for the week can even last for more than a week if you will not be able to consume it all.

Take note that in making the recipes for one, you will be able to save more if what you will be buying are cheap yet fresh ingredients to make some cheap recipes for one.