Various Types Of Carolina Herrera Perfumes

The Carolina Herrera perfume fragrances are just some of the products under the Carolina Herrera brand. The fragrances are another venture of the Venezuelan-born designer who made a name for herself in the fashion industry after establishing her fashion house in 1980. Her fashion line became a hit. In 1988 she has ventured into fragrances and that was how the Carolina Herrera perfume line was born. Through the years many more fragrances were added to the perfume line. Now aside from clothes and perfumes, Carolina Herrera also has added accessories and home goods to her line.

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The Different Carolina Herrera Perfume Lines

  • Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume

This Carolina Herrera perfume for women line was launched in 1997 after Carolina wanted a perfume that has a light floral fragrance. The Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume line was promoted to young women. It was marketed as a perfume for those who are urban, unique and modern. The perfume has a citrusy fragrance and a tinge of musk.

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  • 212 Cologne By Carolina Herrera

This Carolina Herrera perfume for men was launched two years after the line for women was launched. If the Cologne for women has a citrusy fragrance, this Carolina Herrera Perfume for men has fresh woods scent. It was made with the modern and sophisticated man in mind. Its fragrance is of green peppercorns and sandalwoods with just the right hint of mandarin, grapefruit and gardenia scent.

  • CH Perfume For Women

This is another perfume in the Carolina Herrera Perfume line. This perfume line is the result of the collaboration of Carolina Herrera and Oliver Cresp. The fragrance of this line is a mixture of orange, melon, grapefruit and bergamot. It also has a combination of the fragrance of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and praline. Its base is of cinnamon, leather and woody notes.

  • Chic Perfume For Women

This Carolina Herrera perfume is for those with sophisticated taste. Its fragrance is a pull between the sensual, the fresh and the delicate side. It has a floral woody musk base with an added blend of red freesia, orange flower, and vanilla bourbon scent. The bottle of this perfume itself speaks for its name – Chic.

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  • Herrera Agua For Men

This Carolina Herrera Perfume is veers from the usual woody theme. Although it is made with a mix of fresh citrus, bamboo leaves, lavender, musk, neroli, cardamom, amber, bergamot and vetiver, this scent is more on the watery aromatic side.

How To Choose The Right Scent For You

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If you are looking for the Carolina Herrera perfume that is best for you, what you should do is find one that suits your personality. There are fragrances that convey the personality of a modern person. There are also fragrances that convey the personality of the classic and reserved. For the playful and bubbly, there are also Carolina Herrera perfumes that are just right for them. For every personality type there is a corresponding Carolina Herrera perfume.

The Carolina Herrera perfume can be found in boutiques, shopping centers and even online shops. If you want to get discounted price you can look for online shops that sell Carolina Herrera perfume.

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Looking for a distinctive luxurious fragrance only a top designer can create? Carolina Herrera perfume for women is sure to address not just your desire for a more luxurious feel but also for a more feminine experience. Women doesn’t only like to look good but to smell good as well. Most love that extra attraction and seduction power Carolina Herrera perfume gives. The perfume is indeed an ideal scent for any young woman which gives that unique scent of New York just like jlo perfume. The fragrance of Carolina Herrera perfume depicts an active woman, curious and energetic fit for women living in the urban jungle. Carolina established her fashion house in 1980 and after eight years, she launched her first Carolina Herrera perfume which was licensed to Puig Beauty. After a few year of successful business with ladies perfume, Carolina Herrera perfume for men was then introduced for active men.

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Amongst the top and most preferred Carolina Herrera perfume for women today, the Carolina Herrera perfume 212 is one you wouldn’t like to be missing. With top note fragrances of bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom, feel wild and sexy with every spray of this distinctly modern perfume that is sure to depict the scent of New York. Most women love the perfume’s power and how it attracts their boyfriend or husband with its irresistible lovely smell. The perfume product has become really successful that it has so many variations now which include the following 212 Carolina Herrera perfume.
212 H2O
212 On Ice
212 Ice Peach
212 Sexy
212 Splash
212 VIP
212 White

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There are other Carolina Herrera perfume out in the market which are sure to make one smelling classy and sexy in a modern way. Other categories of the perfume are CHNY and CH Carolina Herrera perfume and under these categories are the following subcategories.

Carolina Herrera
Herrera For Men
Herrera Aqua
Carolina Herrera Chic perfume
Carolina Herrera Chic perfume for men
CH Carolina Herrera perfume
CH Men

Look for Carolina Herrera perfume online at numerous online shopping websites or at Carolina Herrera themselves. Aside from Carolina Herrera perfume you can also find fashion designed clothing by Carolina Herrera to match that modern fragrance of attraction and seduction.