How To Preserve Leather Bound Books

Leather bound books need a little more preservation compared to other books. This process is done in order to prevent the leather from weakening. How to preserve leather bound books involves a variety of techniques and approaches ranging from the application of leather-care products onto the books; hence, building a good start to the best possible strategy, which involves controlling the books’ ordinary wear and tear.

Leather Bound Books Preservation Approaches

Here are some tips on how you can avert the fast deterioration of your prized possession.

  • Some leather-safe conditioners may be applied in the treatment of the classic novels’ cover. However, precaution must be taken during the application of the creams and treatments as a means of how to preserve leather bound books since such chemicals may cause severe damage to certain leather types.

ways on How to preserve leather bound books

  • Keeping leather bound books in reasonably cool rooms away from the harsh conditions of unpredictable temperature has proven to be the best way of leather bound books preservation. Owing to this fact, basements and attics are definitely the storage places to avoid in case of preservation of leather bound books. To be instrumental on how to preserve leather bound books, it is a practical solution that special archival boxes be used for the storage of valuable books, limiting the pollutants and harmful gases, which increase the process of deterioration.

  • When storing books, preferably, contact between the books and the unsealed wood should be avoided since the wood may release damaging acidic vapors. Similar size books should be kept together, for instance, all small books should be next to one another.

  • Keeping the books in the basement or attic should be avoided since attics tend to get too hot, while basements tend to become too damp. They are prone to unpredictable changes in the humidity and temperature levels.

  • To achieve a museum quality storage, both window boards and back boards should be without any form of acid or alkaline such as pH 7to pH 9, where pH means Potential of Hydrogen, as a technique on how to preserve leather bound books.

Cleaning Leather Bound Books

Cleaning leather bound books as an approach on how to preserve leather bound books requires the following to be done on the cover:

  • Combine one and a half ounces of foot oil together with one ounce of lanolin.

  • Dip cotton cloth into the mixture, then cover the book from the middle to the front, and rub the mixture on the front cover.

  • Wipe excess mixture away then rub the residue in the leather.

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Caring For Leather Bound Books

Caring for leather bound books involves storing them in shaded areas to avoid direct sunlight contact. Wrap flaking leather bound books with polyester jackets or acid-free paper to avoid the transfer of the flakes to the books. Preserving antique books involves handling old books with clean cloth and not gloves made from leather to keep grease away from the pages; hence, caring for leather bound books.

Even though how to preserve leather bound books may sound to be an uncomplicated approach, to successfully achieve it may be tricky. It is therefore important to contact a professional or trained conservator to care for leather bound books to the highest and expected quality standards.