Physical and Emotional Risks in Plastic Surgery

These days, more and more people are availing of plastic surgery in order to improve their physical appearance. As vanity continues to proliferate because of the great influence of media, a lot of individuals are becoming very discontented with how they look. Many people also desire to remain young looking. Hence, these people turn to various surgical procedures to achieve the look that they want. Although this is more acceptable nowadays, it is essential for you to find out first the risks in plastic surgery before you actually plunge into it.

Precautionary Risks in Plastic Surgery

Financial Burden

For people who are not quite wealthy and may have a difficult time raising the money to get a nose job or a botox, for example, plastic surgery can indeed be a financial burden. Such procedures, after all, are very expensive especially if you avail them from well-known clinics and doctors. Naturally, a lot of people prefer to go to those who are more popular and experienced and those that have a good track record in this field. The downside, however, is the high cost of each procedure.


Of course you cannot avoid incision lines if you have plastic surgery done on your face or on your body. Although doctors are able to hide these telltale lines at times, they are still permanent scars that you will carry with you all throughout your entire life. Because this is one of the unavoidable risks in plastic surgery, you should therefore make sure to get a good doctor to do your surgery so that the results are wonderful just like with the Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. This famous Hollywood actress still looks fresh and beautiful despite her age because of the plastic surgery that she has had done.

Successful Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery


In any surgery, there is always a risk of bleeding. Of all the risks in plastic surgery, this is probably one of the most dangerous as it can actually lead to further complications that can be a threat to your wellbeing and even to your life.

Hematoma can be caused through bleeding. It can cause you numbness along with the inflammation of the skin. So instead of looking better, you might end up wanting to hide your face and body forever.


This is also another harmful risk, as it refers to the death of tissues. When the supply of oxygen to the area being operated is not enough, it is possible to suffer from Necrosis. Often, this is more likely to happen for those who undergo breast reductions, face lifts, and tummy tucks.


One of the scariest risks in plastic surgery is getting infections. Since there are open wounds, infections may arise. The signs for such include fever, discharge, foul odor, and inflammation in the area.

Nerve Damage

It is also important to note that nerve damage may also occur in the process of plastic surgery. If this occurs, you may even become paralyzed.

Negative Social Image

Aside from the health and medical risks in plastic surgery, one of the things that sometimes hold back people is the negative social image that may result from having these procedures done. Perhaps this is because even in modern times, people still regard natural beauty higher and generally frown on plastic surgery. This is commonly a cause for gossip especially among celebrities who are expected to look good even without such things. Thus, there is a negative effect on the social image.

Indeed there are a lot of risks in plastic surgery to consider before you make a final decision. Nevertheless, it is still up to you as to whether you want to go through with it or not despite finding out about these risks.

Plastic Surgeries Gone Bad

Plastic surgeries gone bad can always be a traumatic experience in many ways than one. Plastic surgery is surely an important and sometimes a desirable method to improve one’s looks or correct some flaw in one’s appearance. But the fact remains that it is an art rather than medical surgery. There are various ways of plastic surgery like liposuction, appearance lifts, rhinoplasty, breast implants and lip enhancements to name a few. Men and women particularly those who are associated with show business are increasingly going for plastic surgery incurring a hefty expenditure but yet even the best surgeon cannot promise you that your surgery will be completely successful. Instances are not lacking when it has been seen that the persons undergoing this treatment have not been satisfied at all.

Traumatic Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Causes of Failed Plastic Surgeries

  • Negligence
  • Use of Outdated Technology and Tools
  • Misinterpreting Customer’s Needs
  • Less Competent Surgeons


The implications of plastic surgeries gone bad could be nightmarish and traumatic. Apart from a visual deficiency as in the case of a surgery on face, the person may look weird and ugly in extreme cases.

Not withstanding the probable chances of the negative results of plastic surgeries gone bad people are more often than not obsessed with such cosmetic surgery. For people engaged in show businesses like films, TV, event management looks are what matter most at the outset. Thus such persons are more conscious of them and are keener to go for such surgery to set right any defect that might spoil or reduce the beauty of their outward appearance.

We often hear about celebrity personnel opting for such cosmetic surgery either to change their looks or enhance their beauty, little expecting the underlying dangers such treatments might bring. It is not true that such Plastic surgeries are not successful; they are. But the threat of plastic surgeries gone bad always lurks behind. Lots of Hollywood personalities have undergone plastic surgeries successfully and have achieved the desired appearances. But the darker side of such treatments continues to haunt.

Failed Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

One glowing example of plastic surgeries gone bad is Hollywood star Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. It appears that Cameron Diaz had gone for face lifts and breast implants to enhance her looks and to have a more voluptuous body but the experiment had gone haywire. Reputed plastic surgeons have commented “there is something about Cameron Diaz’s face that is very unusual“. The surgeon goes on to add that “her forehead is excessively smooth, possibly the effect of an overdose of Botox injections“. Other examples of celebrities who had an unsuccessful Plastic surgery are Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Jordan, Mickey Rourke and many more.


Hence, it is always better to prepare oneself first before undertaking such a surgery. One should have a very clear idea about the look he or she desires after the surgery. One should be very cautious and selective about the surgeon who will perform the surgery. One should have a very free and fair discussion with the surgeon regarding the operation, its aftereffects and other related matters.

What A Good Plastic Surgery Is

Good plastic surgery is plastic surgery carried out successfully. And by successfully, it means the patient’s desired result was achieved.

Plastic surgery is done to correct or improve what a person finds ‘flawed’ in his/her look.  A good plastic surgery is supposed to give you a renewed and revitalized sense of self-confidence for a long time, not have you regretting about getting it.

Really Good Plastic Surgery Before and After

A successful plastic surgery is not something that relies solely in the hands of the medical practitioner who does the procedure. As to what happens to a good plastic surgery before and after, the whole affair is your responsibility: getting the right surgeon to do it, being certain about what to have done on your face/body, post-opera care, etc.

Here are some simple guidelines that will help you achieve a good plastic surgery.

  • A good plastic surgery starts with a good surgeon.  Find a doctor that you can trust. Look not only into his portfolio, but look into the kind of rapport that you can establish with him/her. Your plastic surgeon should be someone that you can trust and that you can be comfortable with. Of course it is important that s/he is reputable; but it is just as important that you can tell him/her ANYTHING that concerns your surgery – your fears, your doubts, and more importantly, your desired result. That way, you do not go into the operating table in the hands of a total stranger who does not know a thing about what you want to see after..

What A Good Celebrity Plastic Surgery

  • Research on the various types of plastic surgeries that are there and cost for such surgeries. This allows you a better look at the services that you can get.
  • Conduct a thorough research. Find sample results of good celebrity plastic surgery. More importantly, find samples that match your own desired result. Take cue from already successful surgeries and let your doctor know about it. A good example for this is Cameron Diaz plastic surgery where everything looks so natural.

Amazing Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

  • Follow the doctor’s orders. Post operation, your full and great recovery is solely in your hands. Do what the doctor tells you to do, and do not do what s/he says you should not. Rest when needed; avoid what needs to be avoided. To fully achieve a good plastic surgery, you need to be a responsible plastic surgery patient.

Some Plastic Surgery Good or Bad

Plastic surgery good or bad will cost you something. And because it does, you had better do all that you need to do to get the good results and avoid any form of bad ones.

Plastic Surgery Prices

Plastic Surgery Prices: Information about Current Prices of Plastic Surgery

How much does plastic surgery cost? With so many people getting and are interested in getting plastic surgery, one of the most frequently asked questions are about plastic surgery prices. If by any chance you wish to see a sample, say before and after images of a plastic surgery done then searching for Cameron Diaz plastic surgery would give you what you are looking for.

Searching for Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

It is best to fully understand the kind of procedure you will go through (and what to expect after!) should you decide to get a plastic surgery.

Related Costs in Getting a Plastic Surgery

People have varied reasons for getting plastic surgery, the top one being to ‘improve’ the picture they see of themselves, others to correct a medical condition. But for whatever reason you are going under the knife, you have to remember that your pocket goes there with you. It is always important to know how much you are going to spend on getting your desired procedure.

Right Prices for Plastic Surgery

Prices for plastic surgery vary from one procedure to another. And plastic surgery prices can go from expensive to outright ridiculous and that is due to a number of reasons. It is always best to have the procedure fees quoted by your plastic surgeon of choice beforehand.

Here are some of the things that greatly affect the prices of plastic surgery

Best Prices of Plastic Surgery

  • A well trained surgeon who has experience charges higher fees than others. This is due to experience gained over time and having worked on many patients.
  • Availability of procedure you require in your area is another cause for prices to differ. This is a basic example of the law of supply and demand: the fewer medical professionals who can do the job, higher demand, the higher the fees.
  • Pre-surgery visits and anesthetics are also charged. Remember that your anesthesiologist (the person administering the pain medications) is not the same person who will do the actual surgery. Different people, different procedures, thus, separate fees.
  • Any medication offered before, during and after surgery will also be translate on your bill. Every shot, every tablet, and every drop of medicine that you got will be charged.
  • Premises where surgery is carried out is rented thus charged as well as part of plastic surgery prices. Should your procedure require longer stay at the hospital, you will also be billed accordingly.

Knowing How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost

While these fees would seem overwhelming, you have to remember that they are all part of the whole procedure. It is therefore important for you to be diligent in finding NOT THE CHEAPEST solution but the most affordable one for you. And by affordable, it means you get the one that gives you the result that is worth your effort and your every dime.