Table Tennis Rules

Table tennis rules are made to avoid any issues that will arise during a game. These rules are always reviewed yearly by International Table Tennis Federation, simply called ITTF. As a beginner, you have to know the basic rules before you start playing the games with your friends and colleagues. The rules for table tennis are the same for amateurs and professionals. How many rules are used in a game depends on the standard of competition and if the organizer will adopt them all.

Let’s take a few looks of these basic table tennis rules which you will need when playing in the future with your friends.

Table Tennis Rules

The Basic Table Tennis Rules

  • How to start the game? Before starting, the players should decide who will serve first. As the official rules of table tennis say, a coin toss will decide who will serve the game first. There is also a common method used where one player will hide the ball in one hand. The other will be asked to guess which hand is holding the ball. The winner usually serves first but there are actually things that he can choose. The winner can either select which to serve first, make the opponent serves first or which side of the table he wishes to play first. This is the table tennis rules of starting the game.

  • How to serve the ball? The serve must be conducted behind the end of the table. The basic serve requires holding the ball of the non-playing hand, throw it upward and as the ball falls down you will hit it with your racket. The ball will bounce to your opponent’s side of the table. The ball is allowed to bounce anywhere after the first return. If the opponent let the ball bounces once, you gain a point as according to the table tennis rules.

  • How many serves each player has? Players are allowed to have 2 serves each. The serves continue changing between each player until a player will first score 11. If both players have the same score of 10 points, the play is called deuce.

  • How to play double? Doubles also have the same two serves each player and the service will continue to exchange in every two points between the sides. Every two points, each receiver will be the server and the partner of the server will be the receiver.

  • How to make a score? According to table tennis rules, to have a score you must keep the ball bouncing longer than the opponent. A certain player will lose a point if:

  • Failed to make a good serve like throwing the ball into the air or failing to hit the ball.

  • The ball bounces twice on the table.

  • Missed to hit the ball after it bounces on the table.

  • Does not hit the ball to the opponent’s side.

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  • Failed to hit the ball that does not bounce on the table.

  • Double hit the ball.

  • Has put the non-playing hand on the table or net, also moves the table.

  • Blocked the ball in any part of the body unless the ball will not bounce on his side.

  • Hit the ball when it’s not his turn when playing a double.

  • How long is the game? The table tennis rules say that the game will end after a player has already made 11 points and will be declared as the winner of the game. The match usually has 3, 5 or 7 games.

Of course, you cannot play table tennis unless you have good equipments to use. The Butterfly table tennis is a well-known company on this field of sports that manufactured good quality table tennis and ping pong accessories.

Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is a very popular game. It has been played for many years now and is a classic indoor game. It can be played outdoors too though and it is actually more fun playing indoors. However, when you think of buying a table tennis table, there are a few considerations to be made. To find the best table tennis table, you have to be very careful about the dimensions and the prices. Here is some important information that will help you buy the ideal table tennis table so that you can play on the best surface.

Tips In Buying A Table Tennis Table

The Price:

Every manufacturer you go to will try convincing you that he is selling the best table tennis table at the best rate. You should not fall in the trap and do your own research. Don’t choose the first manufacturer you talk to. Look for a few others and then decide on the best among those. Another thing to keep in mind while buying the table is your attitude towards the sport, whether you are very serious about the sport or whether you are buying it only for some fun and entertainment. If it is the latter, there is no point buying an expensive and a professional one. In this age, you must try cutting costs as much as possible and not spending lavishly. If the cost is a tad too much for you, you could always find a table tennis table sale online. There are many websites for you to choose from.

Table Tennis Table

The Usage:

As mentioned above, buy a cheaper one if you want to use it only to play with your family and friends. If you are a beginner too, start off with a cheap one and when you get a hang of it, buy an upgraded version.

The Type:

You have to make this decision after giving it a lot of thought. You should not choose the fixed type until and unless you are absolutely sure that you want it left there permanently. A folding type table tennis table is always the better choice because you can keep it away and use the space for something else when you are not playing. You can pick a table that has rollers in it. But you have to be sure that the brakes are functioning well. If not, you will not be able to play properly.

The Thickness:

This is extremely important. One inch or 25 mm thickness is ideal. The bounce produced by this thickness is ideal. Most people choose ¾ inch or 19 mm thickness because it is really good. The thicker the top, the more will be the price. Thus, it’d be ideal to for the 19 mm top to buy from good manufacturers like Butterfly table tennis unless you are willing to shell out more for the thicker version.

The Other Specifications:

Simply looking at the playing surface of the table tennis table is not enough. You have to look at other things such as the support legs and the leg levellers. Its height should ideally be 76 cm from the floor.

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Table Tennis Table Dimensions

The standard table tennis table dimensions as prescribed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) are as follows:

Length: 9 feet (2.74 meters)

Width: 5 feet (1.52 meters)

Height: 30 inches (76 centimeters)

Net Height: 6 inches (15.25 centimeters)

If you are in doubt about a manufacturer or the table dimensions themselves, you could look through the table tennis table reviews and do research. You will find many over the internet to make your choice easier.

Table Tennis Equipment

Table tennis is a very interesting and popular sport. In this sport, skill is not the only thing that plays a vital role. The table tennis equipment is also crucial for a good game. This is the primary reason why you have to be very careful when you buy a table and the equipment. Footwork, hand-eye coordination, and the technique depend on the equipment you choose but these days the choice is becoming tougher. There are numerous brick and mortar stores as well as online stores for you to buy from. All you need to do is be careful about your decision so that you choose the ideal table tennis equipment. Here is what you will essentially need and some information about each essential component of the sport.

best Table Tennis Equipment

Essential Table Tennis Equipment

  • The Table: The playing surface or the upper surface of the table tennis table must be dark colored, rectangular and mat. The dimensions must be 2.74m x 1.525m x 76 cm. There must also be wide side lines and end line. Each of these should be 2 cm wide. Butterfly table tennis equipment offers these precise measurements and details. To check if the playing surface is good, simply drop the ball from a height of 30 cm. It must bounce up to 23 cm in return.

  • The Net: This is very important when it comes to table tennis equipment. You must be careful that the net must be 6 inches high. On each side of the table, it may extend to about 15.25 cm. The net will of course come along with supporting posts, clamps and suspension.

  • The Ball: The ball should weigh 2.7 grams and its diameter must be 40 mm. The ball may either be white in color or orange. Celluloid is the ideal material for the ball but other plastic materials are also okay.

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  • Racket: There aren’t many specifications when it comes to the racket. You should only take care that its surface is flat and it is rigid. Be careful about the type of rubber and the thickness of the racket because they will be the determining factors of the spin of the ball and the speed.

  • The Shoes: You have to be able to move comfortably as you play and that is why you should choose comfortable shoes with rubber soles that will give you a good grip.

All these specifications are given by the International Table Tennis Federation. It sets the standards to be followed while playing table tennis. If the cost of the table tennis equipment is high or beyond your reach, you could look for an online table tennis equipment for sale. You will find many options to choose from and select the best. There are also table tennis equipment reviews that you could depend on while choosing the best brand. Butterfly table tennis is a popular brand which are the very table tennis equipments used in the Olympics and other major table tennis events. You can surely find Butterfly table tennis equipments trustworthy and reliable.

Tips In Playing Table Tennis

People play table tennis for a century now and the game it even getting more popular and intense. It was even said that the game started in the late parts of the 19th century and originated as a parlor game. The game was known first as pingpong. Not until Parker Brothers have changed the name and the world began calling the game as table tennis. The first equipments used were balls made of cork, far from the modern balls made of plastic used today, and rubber-covered sticks. Later, the paddles got an upgrade which had sponge all over it utilized by the Japanese players in the year 1952. Since then, table tennis had been legitimate. How to play table tennis is very important where set rules and techniques were created.

Before you play table tennis, you need to know some tips and techniques. Here are the enumerated tips to help you get to know the sports more.

how to Play Table Tennis

Tips On How To Play Table Tennis Properly

  • Learn to know the different stroke techniques. You have to know the proper execution and the strokes to perform them appropriately on the game. There are seven types of strokes defined by Pong World to play table tennis including the kill, push, forehand loop, block, counter drive, chop and backhand loop.

  • Know the type of players that professionals used as their bases on the strokes to use in playing. There are five types of players listed by the Pond World included blockers, counter-drivers, loopers, choppers, and penholders. Professionals use specific strategies to play table tennis alongside to the certain types of players.

  • You have to develop a good strategy to maximize your strengths and opponents weaknesses. You can do some mix up serves of different lengths and spins. You can use some advance serves such as medium-long, deep, short, pure spin or pure speed. Since the receiver must be quick to decide whether to use forehand or backhand, serving to the elbow is very effective to play table tennis.

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  • Choose good equipment for yourself. If you can select good table tennis gears and equipment that will help you improve playing the game. You can consider the shape when you select a racket. The choices will be based on your style of play such as the speed of the racket and the handle shape. The Butterfly table tennis is one of the well-known companies known for their table tennis and pingpong accessories. If you want equipments that are best, you can buy on that sport shop.

  • Once you know the style, have developed a playing strategy and have good equipment, practice until you think you’re good enough for your opponent and be confident. To play table tennis well, of course, you have to train

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Remember these tips when you are planning to play table tennis anytime soon. The effectiveness of these tips depends on your application and the very equipment you would be using to address these tips. So it is therefore important that you get quality table tennis equipment from well reputed sources such as Butterfly table tennis products.

Butterfly Table Tennis

The world of table tennis has advanced leaps and bounds over the game that many enjoyed in the past. This is no longer just a parlor game that you play with friends. Professional table tennis leagues are running around the world. In a game where the ball can travel in excess of 65 miles-per-hour, quick reflexes and a keen eye are key skills. However, equipment can make a large difference as well.

The Sport and Butterfly Table Tennis Equipment

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As one of the leading makers of professional and recreational table tennis equipment in the world, Butterfly table tennis products offer everything you need to take your game to the next level. In a sport where speed is king, having a racket that feels like an extension of your hand is paramount to success. Whether you are building a custom handle and blade combination or choosing from the many pre-assembled paddles available, Butterfly table tennis equipment can help you improve your game and be more competitive.

If you are new to the world of table tennis, a Butterfly table tennis package might be the ideal way to get started. By purchasing your Butterfly table tennis equipment in a package, you can often save money versus purchasing each piece individually. Multiple pack types are available depending on your level of interest and your budget. From full packages, including a Butterfly table tennis table, netting and multiple paddles and balls to a basic multi-pack of paddles, there is an offering to get you enjoying this great game in no time at all.

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However, Butterfly table tennis products include far more than just paddles and tables. As one of the biggest and most successful sponsors of table tennis tournaments around the world, their product line up is truly impressive. Other popular Butterfly table tennis products include numerous products that truly proves the company’s specialization and dedication to the table tennis sport.

Butterfly Table Tennis Product Selection

  • Butterfly table tennis equipment bags

  • Instructional books and videos

  • Professional table tennis footwear

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  • Racket cases

  • Paddle grip and blade repair parts

  • Butterfly sports wear

With such an extensive selection, you can always count on Butterfly table tennis when you find yourself in need of anything related to table tennis.

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While Butterfly table tennis offers a wide selection of professional grade table tennis equipment and accessories, they have a variety of recreational table tennis gear as well. This makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of Butterfly table tennis gear at nearly any skill level or price point. Most recreational paddles come preassembled. This means you can simply take your new paddle out of the box and start playing.

If you are looking to improve your game, Butterfly table tennis products include training robots and instructional books and videos. A large part of climbing the ranks within the world of competitive table tennis is practice and technique. These tools can provide plenty of opportunities to hone your skills in the comfort of your own home.