Wonders of Coffee Mixed Drinks

With the rise of various cafés, coffee lovers can now have either pure coffee or coffee mixed drinks. There are plenty of ways to create coffee mixed drinks. Do not limit yourself with pure coffee. Coffee mixed drinks are even better since you have both the taste of coffee and the taste of another drink. They also come in different varieties that will surely catch your taste.

interesting coffee mixed drinks

There are different ways of mixing and improving the experience of drinking coffee. You can mix two or more varieties of coffee beans like the Indonesian coffee mixed drink which is a combination of Papua New Guinea beans and Sumatran beans. This drink has an excellent, strong flavor. Sumatran beans alone have a black roast and smoky taste that can be brewed to the best flavor. Aside from other varieties of coffee beans, incorporating other flavors like almond, vanilla and cherry can make a great change in the taste of coffee and offers a different kind of coffee experience. The additional flavors will lighten the acid of brewed coffee. Along with the flavors, identifying the correct blend of roasted coffee seeds will allow you to make your dream coffee mixed drinks.

It was claimed that one of the best international coffee mixed drink is the Tahitian vanilla latte. Another astonishing coffee mixed drink is the combination of Yemen coffee (Qahwa) and dark chocolate. This mixture produces a foreign taste. When you want a lighter taste, then you can substitute dark chocolate with Ghirardelli milk chocolate. Coffee mixed with cocoa is wonderful. Combine Mexican coffee and cocoa beans to create the best winter season warm up coffee. You can have this mixed drink as a cold drink during the summer season too.

Coffee is also a great flavor for cocktail drinks. It can either be a coffee liquor or espresso-infused vodka.  It can be mixed with vodka, whiskey and bourbon. Examples of coffee mixed drinks that contain liquors are Espresso Martini, Roasted Toasted Almond and Mochatini. Cream and milk can also be added to coffees to produce a fun experience with drinking coffee mixed drinks Examples of these are Caramel latte and coffee shake.

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If you want to have the best brewed coffee to be mixed with your drinks, the Bunn coffee maker is one of the well known coffee maker brands in the coffee market. Bunn coffee pots are famous in the hotel kitchens and houses all over the world. Go online and search for recipes on how to create unique and tasty coffee mixed drinks. However, you create your own coffee mixed drink to have a more adventurous coffee experience. 

How To Make Cafe Latte At Home

If you love cafe latte, then you are probably looking for proper ways on how to make cafe latte at home. The good news is you can make a delicious cup of this coffee at home that tastes like an expensive coffee shop drink. It may seem like a difficult thing to do, but you’ll be surprised as you read along how easy it is to make one.

Cafe latte is basically an espresso drink made from the mixture of coffee and generous amount of steamed milk. This type of coffee drink is usually flavored with sweet syrups in United States, where it became very popular.

learning how to make cafe latte at home

Preparing Home Made Café Latte

Indicated below is a detailed list of instructions of how to make cafe latte at home.

Ingredients And Tools You Need:

  • Whole medium or dark roast coffee beans
  • Milk
  • Coffee grinder
  • Stainless steel steam pitcher
  • Espresso machine with steam wand
  • Wand thermometer for steam pitcher
  • A spoon
  • A cup


1.)    First, grind the beans. To make the best tasting latte, you should use the freshest coffee beans possible. Using your coffee grinder, grind the beans in a very fine texture. If you don’t have coffee grinder at home, consider having them ground by your coffee supplier.

2.)    The next step is milk steaming. To do this, fill half of your pitcher with milk. To avoid milk expansion, do not fill the pitcher up to its brim. Also, do not forget to attach the thermometer on its side. Put the steaming wand into the milk and steam it until it reaches 150 degrees. Make sure to not over steam your milk, or it will burn. Once the milk is well-steamed, you should see the foam forming on top of it. However, having too much foam on the latte is not recommended. To prevent this from happening, insert the steam wand further through the milk.

3.)    Now, you will have to create an espresso shot. Using your espresso machine, make a shot of espresso. If you have never used the espresso machine before, read the instructions on the machine’s user manual. Put the ground espresso beans into the machine and when it is done, you can now pull out the espresso shot. The shot should be in caramel brown color, because if not, it will have a bitter taste. This step only takes a few minutes.

4.)    After the espresso shot is drawn, you are now ready to assemble the coffee latte. Pour the espresso shot into the cup and combine it with milk immediately. Using a spoon, scrape the foam from the pitcher and put it over the cafe latte.

5.)    Serve hot. If you want your coffee to look more artistic, grab a fork and create fancy patterns on top by mixing the milk on top with the espresso underneath. Do this carefully to get the best results.

Quick and Reliable Bunn coffee pots

This is just one proper way on how to make cafe latte at home. If you love coffee-making, you’ll probably need the help of Bunn coffee pots. These pots offer easy-pouring, sturdiness, strength, and drip-proof, convenient coffee serving. Available at local and online stores, along with other equipment that help in faster coffee-making.

Popular Espresso Machines

Coffee is the one of the most popular beverage in the world. There are coffee houses at every nook and corner today because of this popularity. However, it is not always feasible to go to the coffee house every time you need a delicious cup of coffee. This is why it is a great idea to buy the best espresso machine available in the market. Buying espresso machines will save you a great deal of money in the long run. Also, you can get your cup of favorite coffee as and when you want without having to wait in a queue at the coffee bar. You can simply turn the machine on and have your espresso ready within a minute. There are machines that come with a timer and serve you coffee every day in the morning as per your convenience.

undeniably the best espresso machine

Popular Names

Another big advantage of buying espresso machines is that you can entertain guests with ease. You can make coffee for them instantly and along with the stereo player and the TV, you will have a little extra to offer to them. When it comes to buying a commercial espresso machine there are certain things that you should keep in mind and the most important one is to choose the right brand. There are many different brands in the market today and picking the best can be difficult. Here are some of the top espresso machines:

highly efficient commercial espresso machine

  • Espresso Gaggia: The best thing about this machine is that it has low maintenance and great for everyday use. The espresso is thick and creamy, just like those sold in the coffee houses. However, this machine is expensive.
  • Nespresso D290: This is one of the most user friendly espresso machines. You only need to press a button on the machine and your espresso will be ready. There are numerous models to choose from according to your preference.
  • Krups Novo 3000: If you are looking for a reasonably priced machine, this is the one you should go for. The controls are also minimalistic and easy to operate. However, the coffee quality is not as great as the other machines.

specially designed bunn coffee pots

  • Bunn Coffee Pots: These are famous for their creamy espressos and their durability. They also brew instantly unlike some other machines that take a lot of time. Hence they are an ideal choice especially if you are looking for something reliable as well as something that is quick and within your budget.

must read espresso machine reviews

These are just a few of the many espresso machines in the market. All you need to do is look through various espresso machine reviews before zeroing in on a particular model. Going through reviews will give you a brief idea about the machine and what you can expect from it.

The Best Coffee Makers

For most people, the day is difficult to start without a hot, steaming cup of coffee. There are many people dependent on coffee to start their mornings and to keep them going throughout the day. This is the reason why coffee makers are a huge hit today. These machines are easy to operate and also very functional, giving you an instant cup of coffee when you desire. There are many different models in the market today and you can pick from them based on different factors such as the type of coffee you like, the duration of the making coffee and the coffee beans to be used.

efficient commercial coffee makers

Other people usually make coffee instantly by mixing and stirring preserved coffee beans with a hot cup of water. That could be tedious in the sense that you need to make coffee every time you want one and the taste of the coffee is not really that good. On the other hand, coffee makers allow you to make a large amount of coffee with the taste of real coffee beans. Here are some essential information about the best coffee makers and the top brands so that you know which one to pick.

truly the best coffee makers

  • Braun Aroma Deluxe KF150: The only drawback of this machine is that it is not as quick as the other machines. It may take a while to brew your coffee but the wait is worth it with these machines. They are reliable, cheap and are ideal if you are not looking for something over the top.
  • Bunn Coffee Makers: These coffee makers are known for their consistency and their durability. The quality of coffee is unbeatable and the choices are immense. You can choose from commercial coffee makers to non commercial ones but no matter which one you choose, you will be guaranteed quick and great tasting coffee from these Bunn coffee pots.

favorite bunn coffee makers

  • Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200: This machine is very popular because of the fact that it is cheap but very functional. It can brew coffee enough for 12 cups at a time. It has automated shut off and a timer that you can program according to preference. It also has an adjustable temperature plate that is very handy.
  • Newco OCS-8: This machine has a plastic decanter that has proven to be very functional. Plastic decanter is better than the glass decanter that most machines have because these tend to ‘cook’ the coffee which is undesirable. These units are however quite difficult to find in the market. They are usually only available over the internet.

most reliable bunn coffee pots

The reason why coffee makers are good to have instead of relying on buying coffee each and every day is that you will be able to save up a lot of money in the long run. These machines are a one-time investment and will last long, giving you a cup of coffee whenever you desired. The advantages of coffee makers over other alternative ways of making coffees are: the taste of the coffee really comes out and coffee makers are really convenient and mostly affordable.  Thus, if you are someone who just can’t do things without coffee, a coffee maker is a must for you.

Bunn Coffee Pots for the Perfect Cup of Brew

Bunn has been a leader in consumer and commercial-grade coffee brewers for over 40 years. As the inventor of fluted coffee filters that most people use today and the maker of the first home use automatic-drip coffee makers, Bunn coffee pots have a reputation that only a few in the coffee industry can match. Chances are good that if you enjoy a cup of coffee at your favorite diner or restaurant, it was brewed using a Bunn brewing system.

Cool Bunn coffee pots

Common Features of Bunn Coffee Pots

  • Regulated Heating – By keeping the water at an exact temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, Bunn coffee pots extract every drop of flavor from your coffee grounds without the bitterness that boiling water can cause. This creates a flavor that is often sweeter and smoother than traditional coffee makers can provide.
  • Dispersed Pour Over Brew Heads – While most coffee pots just dump hot water in a stream onto your coffee grounds, Bunn coffee pots distribute it evenly over the grounds by using multiple water outputs. It is almost like a showerhead for your coffee which means that the coffee is saturated evenly. The result is a richer, deeper flavor using fewer grounds.
  • Thermal Carafes – The carafes on Bunn coffee pots are specially designed to retain heat and keep your coffee at the perfect temperature. This means you can come back after brewing a pot of your favorite grind and enjoy a cup of coffee that is just as hot and fresh as when you first brewed it. This also prevents scorching and burning that can add bitterness to your brew.

availing bunn coffee pots on sale

With their innovative features, first-class build quality and versatile selection of coffee makers, Bunn coffee pots are priced a little higher than your standard department store coffee pot. However, their reliability, consistency and ease of use make them well worth the investment. Best of all, by purchasing Bunn coffee pots on sale, you can eliminate most of the price difference while still reaping the benefits of these outstanding brewing systems.

For home users, Bunn coffee pots are available in a few different models. The main models offered through the Bunn-o-Matic line include the NHBX, GRX, BX, BTX and STX models. All of these feature a 10-cup capacity and offer special high-capacity models to ensure that users can enjoy a superb cup of Joe at any altitude.

Popular Bunn Commercial Coffee Pots

Commercial users have a few more options. Most of these options relate to the brewing capacity and holding capacity of the unit.

trusted bunn commercial coffee pots

  • Bunn CWTF-15 APS Automatic Airpot Coffee Brewer: This coffee maker brews into airpots for extended holding and reduced waste. Coffee can be held in airpots for over an hour without a significant loss of flavor or temperature.
  • Bunn Axiom-15-3: This is the classic Bunn coffee brewer. With the quick pour-over brewing system, three 12-cup carafes and three ceramic warming trays, you can keep your customers’ cups full with no issues. Since accidents inevitably occur, Bunn coffee pots replacements are easily found online, at your local restaurant supply store or direct through Bunn.
  • Bunn Single CWF Satellite Coffee Brewer: This brewer is ideal for businesses needing a self-service coffee brewing option or those in search of a high-output coffee maker. Capable of brewing nearly 9 gallons of coffee per hour, this coffee maker is ready for any challenge. A tap on the satellite server makes it easy to pour the perfect cup directly from the coffee maker.

Quality Bunn coffee pots replacements

Bunn coffee pots keep their promises of best-tasting coffee in every cup as witnessed by various coffee lovers and as ranked by different websites. Whichever model you purchase, Bunn ensures brewing pleasure and quality coffee drinking to the last drop.