All the Baking Equipment You Need

Baking, like any other craft, is all a matter of dedication, passion, and skills. And oh, the best ingredients, a trusty oven, and a good set of baking equipment!

A Brief Look on Baking Equipment List

If you are looking to complete your baking equipment list, then read on to see if you have every little thing you need.

Basic Baking Equipment

Starters and pros may not share the same level of expertise and love for the craft, but they all share the following baking equipment. The more advanced ones may have something more advanced or more expensive versions of them, but the following tools never get old:

  • Mixer

The mixer is the ultimate evolution of the wire whisk. It gradually developed from the single whisk to the manual rotating whisk to today’s hand mixers and heavy duty mixers. You need them for thorough and even mixing – without the muscle soreness after!

  • Baking Pans

Pans come in a million varieties, shapes, and types. And purposes too. This is the baking equipment that never gets outdated – no matter how many variations come and go. The most common baking pans are the ordinary cake pans that come in aluminum, glass and stainless. Another type of baking pan is the Bundt pan. Bundt pans are special pans that have decorative ridged sides and holes in the center.  Muffins and cupcakes are baked in muffin pans that are like mini cake pans lined in sets of 6 or 12.

There are also the pans called the springform. Springform pans are used for those delicate cakes that are difficult to remove – mousses, cheesecakes, etc. The sides and the bottom are removable.

Meanwhile, breads, cookies and biscuits are baked in special aluminum sheets called cookie sheets. They all need to be greased (with oil or butter) or with grease-covered paper so the pastry/cake/bread don’t stick.

Pie crusts are baked in special shallow pans called pie plates.

Most Essential Basic Baking Equipment

  • Mixing bowls

This is where all the magic ingredients come together to create the awesomeness called the batter. Mixing bowls come in glass, plastic and aluminum. Most bakers prefer the aluminum ones; they are cheap, sturdy, and they don’t scratch too easily. Make sure you own more than two bowls. Most recipes require separate mixing of the dry and wet ingredients.

  • Measuring Spoons and Cups

These come in sets. One set has all the measurements you need. It would be easier to own separate sets for the liquid and solid ingredients but it is not necessary. It will save you from the hassle of having to wash-and-dry after each succession of wet and dry ingredients though.

  • Spatulas, Spoons and Whisks

There are two main types of spatulas that are part of the basic baking equipment list: the rubber spatula (also called the scraper) and the stainless one. The rubber spatula or as its moniker implies, makes for easy scraping. It is also the perfect tool for folding. The stainless spatula, on the other hand, makes for the perfect spreader and leveler.
The wooden spoon is also a necessary tool in mixing, especially in putting together your dry ingredients.

And even if you have an electric mixer, you would still need a wire whisk for smaller mixing needs.

  • Sifter

Most, if not all, dry ingredients need to be sifted to get a finer batter.  From flour to sugar to baking powder, the sifter is your best buddy for purer ingredients.

These baking equipment are easy to find and are available in your nearest supermarket and baking supplies store.

Baking Pans: Types and Uses

Baking pans have evolved since they started being made. Many designs have been incorporated that leave designs on cakes. Baking pans are made out of various material types. Some of these pans types include silicone baking pans, aluminum baking pans, stainless steel baking pans and the popular Bundt pan. Different shapes and designs of baking pans have brought about beautiful presentations of cakes.

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Materials Used in Making Baking Pans

Before getting to fun parts of decorating a cake with colorful icing and candies, we need to understand different types of baking pans out there on sale. We also need to understand different materials used to make them with relation to why these materials have been used. Of importance to note is that some cakes require specific type of pans to bake them. Some types of pans are highlighted below to shed some light into cake baking art.

  • Widely used cake pans are traditional shiny aluminum or dark metals. These are well known for their non-sticking capabilities, which are very good for baking pans. These types of pans are known to distribute heat while baking. They also reflect heat away from cakes so as to have them fluffy, moist and light colored with a crispy crust. Darker versions of aluminum baking pans absorb heat, making cakes appear with darker crusts.
  • People who wish to stay clear of chemicals present in non-sticking surfaces use Glass cake pans. These types do not absorb heat like metal although it is advisable to lower baking temperatures when using glass pans so as to prevent over baked cakes.


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  • Quick cakes prepared in a microwave can be made using 5-minute pans with vented lid control system that releases steam to ensure baked goods are moistened. These types of cake pans are becoming popular especially with growth of technology in microwaves.
  • Clay has also been used since time immemorial to make baking pans. Amongst these are clay terracotta bakers, which produce cakes with a crusty outside and soft, spongy inside. With this type of baking pan, you need to be careful to capture exact temperatures indicated on a cake recipe.

All these materials used to make baking pans affect heat absorption, reflection and retention in different ways. Understanding this will help you make an informed choice for a pan when you decide to purchase one. It will as well help you bake cakes the right way by understanding timing for any type of baking pan. 

Learn More about Cake Pans

Cake pans are pans that are used to make cakes. The type of cakes that you want to make is what will determine which type of pan you are going to use. These pans are different in various ways. There are mini cake pans, which are further classified into round cake pans and fancy flower cake pans. There is also a Bundt cake pan.

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Mini cake pans are usually used for making mini cakes. These cakes can be used for your child’s birthday, parties and also weddings. If you want a round cake, then you can make use of a round pan. However, if it is a cake for kids, you will need to use cake pans for kids to make your work easier and efficient.

The Bundt Pan

A Bundt pan is beneficial to use in shaping cakes into a ridged ring. But, why use a Bundt pan? This type of cake pan is usually utilized when making a designed cake. Using a normal cake pan will not give you any special design because it has not been made for that purpose that is why it is necessary to have a special pan to give you your desired shape.

Guidelines on How to use a Bundt Pan

  • Ensure your cake pans are coated with butter before use. This is necessary so that you can ensure that your cake will not stick.
  • Since this is a designed cake, immediately after the cake is cooked, transfer the cake to a tray. Any stuck dough will spoil the whole design.
  • Ensure that your fill is enough. As much as cake rises while cooking, it is necessary to ensure that you have put right amount of fill such that your cake does not come out too small or extra big. Do not fill to the brim, though, it might end up splattering and cause a mess. If this happens, you might need to redo it all over again.

Different Types Of Cake Pans

If you use these cake pans according to instructions given above, then you can be assured of getting good outcome.  Designed cakes are basically used during gatherings, parties, weddings and also birthday parties. If you want to enhance your boring round or square shaped cake to designed cakes, cake pans will be your pan of choice.

Now that you know how designed cakes come about, take a challenge and get your own Bundt pan today to experiment and bake cakes with designs.

All You Need To Know About Using A Bundt Pan

Do you know why anybody would buy a bundt pan? A bundt pan is used primarily to create a bundt cake. The reason you need a special pan for these kinds of cakes is because they have designs on the sides of them, which are only caused by the outer design of the cake pan. Some people are not very familiar with the way a bundt pan works and that is why it is beneficial to read a book or ask for help the first time you use one.

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Tips In Using A Bundt Pan

The bundt pan design is not your typical baking pan and it requires a different kind of preparation so that you will have the desired outcome just right. Below are some helpful tips you can do to achieve the best looking cakes and pastries using a bundt pan.

  • Coat With Butter Before Using – Like with any baking pan, you need to coat it with something so that the filling doesn’t stick to the pan. With a bundt cake, you will have to take it out of the pan immediately so you don’t want it to be stuck and fall apart right when you pull the cake out.
  • Fill Generously – Being that cake expands and rises, you need to fill the bundt pan generously but not so much that the cake mix spills out of the tip of the pan. It is a good rule of thumb that if you pick up the pan and your finger touches the mixture, then the pan is too full.


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A bundt pan is fairly easy to use, however, you need to make sure the cake mix is done right. A lot of people fill the bundt pan to the brim and the problem with that is the cake will rise. With a bundt cake, you are supposed to flip it over and that is impossible to do if the cake is rounded on the bottom.

A lot of people like bundt cakes, so if you want to surprise somebody with a cake for a party or a gathering, then this is the way to go about it. Something that you should keep in mind is that you can use a mini bundt pan to make several cakes, which is a popular thing to do for children’s birthday parties. You can use a bundt cake pan for many different occasions, just make sure the people you are cooking for know what this is because many people don’t.

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Ideal Uses For A Bundt Pan

  • Creating A Bundt Cake – This is a bit obvious, however, this is what the most common use for a bundt pan is. If you want to create a bundt cake you can’t do it with a regular cake pan, you need a bundt pan.
  • Adding Designs To Ordinary Cakes – If you don’t want a regular cake, then you don’t have to have one. You can easily add regular cake mix to a bundt pan and that will create a different shaped cake with a great design on it. If you have been dreaming of a different style caked, then this is one way to go about making one.


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If you want to really change things up, then get yourself a mini bundt cake pan and bake something with it. The benefit of doing this is that you can create many different flavored cakes to suit a bunch of different people. Using a bundt pan to create a cake is different, however, they are often well received by new neighbors, friends and people who are just having a hard time.