The Bumbo Baby Seat

A Bumbo baby seat is made of durable foam with designed to support babies in a sitting position. These seats have great reception from mothers who are training their toddlers how to sit properly and support themselves. A bumbo seat has a circular base which has a hole in the middle with two leg opening and a raised back to support your baby. Comparing them with other types of baby seats available, these seats are very light, solid and easily movable. They come in a wide range and variety of colors.

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More about Bumbo Baby Seat

A Bumbo baby seat has some features that make it convenient for any mother to invest in. Below are some of these features;

  • It supports your baby hence helping it learn how to sit in an upright sitting position.
  • It is made of lightweight material that is generally soft for your baby’s bottom. Its light weight makes it easy to move.
  • It is completely harmless to your baby as it has been thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals.
  • This seat is easy to clean and long lasting, making it hygienic enough for your child. It is also durable to be used by another baby after some years, given proper storage.

A bumbo baby seat with tray is one variation of the bumbo seat that transforms the chair into a practical one that they can use for playing, and maybe even eating. All you need to do is attach its front panel to the seat and ensure that it is capable of holding your baby’s toys. You can also get a bumbo toilet trainer, which helps in your baby’s potty training. There is a bumbo table companion that acts as a high chair, putting your baby at table level during feeding time.

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A bumbo baby seat compared to other types of baby chairs is convenient as it offers safety to your baby by placing them at near ground level. Bumbo baby seat designs are considerate of a baby’s tender muscles and helps prevent injuries. This is because it ensures that your baby’s lumbar joint is well supported while seating on a bumbo baby sitter seat.

Greatest advantage of this seat over other types of seats is that a bumbo seat has no straps that limit your child’s play. When purchasing a cheap bumbo baby seat, ensure you are also provided with user instruction manual, which should be followed well to ensure proper development of your baby’s safety.

All About the Bumbo Seat

The cute little Bumbo seat has received favorable remarks and acceptance from moms who are trying to teach their toddlers in sitting upright and to improve their posture, locomotive and muscle functions. It is a special seat solely designed for babies made out of light materials that provide comfort, are attractive and adherent to its purpose. Describing its design, the baby Bumbo seat is circular in nature featuring a hollow center, two-leg rests or openings, and a slightly raised back panel for support. It is very light, compact, and portable, there are also color distinctions appropriate for the male and female babies.

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The Seat’s Best Features

Among the features and uses of the Bumbo seat that parents have loved include one or a combination of the following.

  • Ergonomically designed to teach the baby to sit up straight. The manner the seat is designed attracts or provides the best way to teach a child to sit upright. It features contours that fit or only suitable for babies. According to experts, babies are imitative during their early stages of learning. Thus, whenever they see their parents walking, dancing, sitting, or performing any other act, they would try to imitate and learn from it. And the best tool to aid for this purpose is the seat designed by Bumbo.

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  • Made of lightweight foam material. The Bumbo baby seat is made out of low-density foam that is light, soft, and generally harmless. This feature primarily benefits the baby by providing a comfortable seating experience and elimination of certain chemical or health risks due to the absence of toxic or harmful chemicals that are otherwise present in plastic and other chair materials. The lightweight feature also makes the seat easy to carry, move, and to store.
  • The seat is durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. Although it is merely made out of soft foam, it is durable.  The soft and water-or stain-resistant surface makes it easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect.

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Bumbo Seat Options and Accessories

Aside from color options, seats offered by Bumbo for babies have alternatives, complementary options and accessories to fully extend the seat’s uses or applications.

  • The Bumbo Play Tray. To transform the ordinary seat into a playing set or Bumbo seat with tray, you will have to complement it with the Bumbo play tray. The tray is attached unto the front panel of the seat and is capable of holding baby’s toys and other items. It may also be used during feeding time.
  • The Bumbo Toilet Trainer. As the name implies, this type of Bumbo seat is primarily used to teach or familiarize the baby to use the toilet. This type of seat is more flat compared to the main baby seat, but can be attached or placed on top of the toilet seat.
  • The Bumbo Table Companion. The table companion is only a complementary high chair that would secure the seat and raise the baby to a dining table’s level while the family is having their meal or during baby’s feeding time.
  • There are also options for a mobile stroller and choices of seat covers.

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Risks, Hazards, and Concerns with Bumbo Seat

If there are beneficial features and pros in using the seat, several parents also have observed certain risks associated with it. These include the risk for the baby to tip off backwards due to the insufficient back support or the very soft foam material, the seat can only be used for a certain period of time which is usually until the baby learns to sit on his or her own, and that some moms complain on the seat’s price. Now it is up to you to weigh and decide whether you want a Bumbo seat for your baby or not.