Ribbon Decorating Ideas And Some Ribbon Shopping Tips

Ribbons are feminine decors, capable of adding a lovely touch to almost any household item. Proper use of creative ribbon decorating ideas can help you get an overwhelming decoration in your any rooms. Here, you will explore some creative ribbon decorating ideas.

brilliant ribbon decorating ideas

Uses of Ribbon

These colorful ribbons are frequently used in different household items. However, the use of these items can be divided into three major categories:

  • Ribbon accessories
  • Ribbon made artworks
  • Ribbon made effects

Actually, these items are so versatile that one can use these anywhere just by being creative and thinking out-of-the-box. Many homeowners purchase bulk ribbon supplies and decorate home in a bold manner. Here are several ribbon decorating ideas that you can utilize.

Ribbon Crafted Lampshades

The use of ribbons in creating colorful lampshades is possibly one of the most popular ribbon decorating ideas. It is easy. Anyone can do it and customize the lampshades to make them look magnificent. You can use the ribbons on:

  • Table lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Scones

You can make circular ribbon impressions to create different light shades. On the other hand, you can just wrap the whole lamp with these ribbons.

attractive bulk ribbon

Ribbon on Curtains

Curtains in houses can get their new look from ribbon artworks. You can stuff the colorful ribbons and create customized margins. This will definitely help you get a more tailored appearance. You can use wider ribbons to improve the visibility. You can even use these items for embellishments as well. The best part of using these decor items is their being inexpensiveness and diverse. You can create your own designs, go for trials and apply the designs to anywhere you want.

Ribbon Decorating Ideas on Glass Doors and Windows

The glass doors being talked about are parts of furniture like cupboard or a wardrobe door. You can create different patterns like an X pattern, which is a commonly seen ribbon design. You can also use some other decorative pieces to add extra values. You can also use these ribbons around the windows and doors, though the concept is not yet popular. But it would be great to act in a unique, creative and bold way.

Other Decorative Items

Here are other items that can be decorated with ribbons.

  • Think about decorative candles to embellish with these ribbons.
  • Christmas trees are commonly seen decorated with colorful silk ribbons.
  • Some homeowners turn their pillows more attractive using these ribbons.
  • Adding these to your photo frame will revitalize your nostalgia for sure.
  • Plan holders, mirrors, table clothes, table mats and almost anything you can think about will dazzle and look magnificent with the ribbons.

Essential Ribbon Shopping Tips

Here are some helpful shopping tips that will make way in applying those mentioned ribbon decorating ideas.

  • First, you should consider the items you wish to decorate with the ribbons. These ribbons will look great on light sources and glazy metals. The combination of colors and materials will turn the setting more attractive.
  • Try to buy ribbons in bulk. This will help you collect a wealthy stock of ribbons. Search online for discount offers and consider learning some creative ribbon decorating ideas to ensure the best use of your collection.
  • Prices and quality of these materials vary in a wider range. Do research on the items and the sellers simultaneously. Compare prices carefully and make a good purchase.

Child mental health experts often talk about proper mental evolution through creative acts. You can get your kids these ribbons and let them think in a creative way to decorate their rooms. On the other hand, you can put yourself into a creative mood and apply these ribbon decorating ideas or formulate your own ideas in your leisure.

Uses And Types of Ribbon

Females are the primary users of ribbons. They know how to distinguish between the different varieties and types of ribbon on the market.

Uses of Ribbons

different types of ribbon

The varied ways by which the different types of ribbon have been employed across different areas of the society has lead to this item receiving such prominence in the world of arts and crafts. Here are some uses of ribbons.

  • Ribbons can be used on almost any part of the body although they are primarily used to tie the hair.
  • They are also part of a female outfit like tops and skirts.
  • The fact that ribbons are used as decorative pieces by females does not take away the important role ribbons play when it comes to decorating other things like buildings or parcels.
  • It is even common to find ribbons imprinted in the flags and coat of arms of certain nations and institutions.
  • Ribbons are used during special events like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and even medal presentations during games. . In such big events, one may have to purchase bulk ribbons in order to save cost.

Irrespective of the purposes to which an individual wants to use ribbons, the person may choose from a wide range of these ribbons that are available on the market.

creatively made bulk ribbon

Types of Ribbons

For anyone looking to know more about ribbons, it is worth noting that there can be several types of ribbon based on the material used in the manufacturing process. Ribbons can be made from:

  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Even though ribbons can be made from any of these materials, it is very common for one to come across plastic or fabric made ribbons than to be introduced to ribbons made from metal.

When ribbons are employed for decorative purposes, their natural ability to remain curled up enhances their beauty. Furthermore, the most ideal ribbons should be flexible and durable in order to stand the test of the occasion. These are the reasons that have necessitated the adoption of fabric made ribbons as the most suitable types of ribbon to be used for all ornamental purposes. Plastic ribbons offer less flexibility compared to fabric ribbons. However, they are more flexible than those made of metal.

Fabric Ribbons

Fabric ribbons have subgroups based on the fabrics that are used to manufacture them. Each fabric type has its own set of qualities that will enhance the performance of the ribbon in executing its assigned task. Some of the most common fabric ribbons that can be found on the market are:

  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Grosgrain
  • Chiffon

It can be quickly realized that these fabrics are well noted for their excellent physical properties. This is a clear manifestation of the fact that ribbons need to be made from the highest quality material. In the textile business, the production of the different types of ribbons entails a lot of hard work in order to come out with these brightly colored decorative pieces. Tie up your hair or spice up the decor of the room by incorporating ribbons in the picture.

Make an Impression with a Personalized Ribbon

A personalized ribbon can be a great gift accessory to your loved one. Whether you intend to give them a gift on their wedding day or a birthday celebration, a ribbon can leave a lasting impression in their minds. In addition, a personalized ribbon can be used during events such as corporate branding and other events. In that case, the name of a company or brand can be printed on the ribbon. This way, the ribbon serves not only an aesthetic role but also marketing the brand. In most cases, companies will order bulk ribbon packs for their events to ensure that each employee has theirs.

cool Bulk ribbon

Variety and designs of personalized ribbons

Personalized ribbons are available in different designs and varieties. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that their manufacturers know that different buyers consider different factors when purchasing them. Their different varieties and designs include:

  • Personalized wedding ribbon: In most cases, a personalized wedding ribbon will have names of the wedding couple. It may also have a congratulatory message for the couple.

cute personalized wedding ribbon

  • Personalized ribbon for birthday party: There are also people who order ribbons for their loved ones during their birthdays. Such ribbons may have the name of the persons having their birthday and the number of years they have.
  • Personalized baby shower ribbon: If you are having a baby shower party, you can have their name or initials painted on them. You can also have a special wish for them printed on the ribbon. A personalized ribbon given to someone at their tender age can be a great treasure for showing them the love you have for them as they grow.

awesome personalized baby shower ribbon

Personalized ribbon for favors have been used by many people in different occasions. Some people even order these ribbons to surprise their loved ones. Others give their loved ones admitted in the hospital some gifts wrapped in these ribbons wishing them quick recovery. Most popular ribbons comprise of the name of the person being given or the wedding couple. They also have a special message for the recipient. When a message is chosen and written well in such ribbons, they will be adored by the persons who receive them. Their messages will also be remembered for many years.


At times you may not have time to go shopping for a card. Or maybe you do not have money for buying big gifts for your loved ones. Whether it is a personalized wedding ribbon or a personalized baby shower ribbon, when chosen well, it serves an important role in relaying the desired message.

Nevertheless, you need to know more about the occasion when you give your loved ones a gift with this kind of ribbon. Consider also their favorite colors and ensure that these colors are reflected on the ribbon you choose for them. Some come in plain colors while others have dots or stripes. If you are buying a wedding ribbon, make sure that its color matches the color scheme or theme of the wedding. Similarly, if you want to give a loved one a personalized ribbon as a gift in their birthday party, consider color of the venue decorations and the theme in general.

Personalized ribbons are great accessories to adorn your gifts to give. Whatever occasion it is for, this kind of ribbon will make your present a memorable one.

Things To Know About Silk Ribbons

When it comes to artwork and embroidery, silk ribbon remains one of the best materials to use. This is ascribed to not only its availability but also its good quality. Various stores offer this kind of ribbon making it available at any time of need. Due to different tastes, the processing companies have ensured that various silk ribbons are produced to meet the desires of every individual. Among the varieties of silk ribbons are hand dyed silk ribbon, black silk ribbon and white silk ribbon.

elegant white silk ribbon


Silk ribbon dates back to the 17th century when the London dress makers copied how the French made their attires. This kind of ribbon is mostly used in the Rococo embroidery. The quality is what matters in embroidery; hence, the demand for silk ribbons and for the never ending popularity of Rococo embroidery.

How to Use Silk Ribbons

creative hand dyed silk ribbon

Beginners in the embroidery realm can use any kind of silk ribbon. It is a matter of getting a few tips on making floral arrangements and simple patterns to become successful when dealing with silk ribbons. Another important thing about them is to master the various stitches involved when using these ribbons. They stitches can be:

  • Stem stitch
  • French knots
  • Straight stitch
  • Lazy daisy

Prior to using any silk ribbon, it is wise to read the instructions on the package. Such instructions help one know how or when to wash it so as to avoid any stains on the embroidery.

beautiful black silk ribbon

Where to Find Silk Ribbons

It is true that there are very many stores offering these items. The internet is where one is required to visit various websites offering silk ribbons and go through the information about the stores. This is because not all offer legitimate products. This implies one has to be careful when purchasing, especially if its bulk ribbon purchase. Much emphasis should be placed on the reviews and comments made about the ribbons. By doing so, one is provided an opportunity to determine the best stores to acquire silk ribbons. Therefore, it is important to do some research on various stores to ascertain the ones that offer ribbons that are not only affordable but also of high quality.

colorful bulk ribbon

As mentioned earlier, proper decision making has to be done when selecting this kind of ribbons. Wise choice of stores enables one to get high quality silk ribbons. With the antique look associated with them, their value keeps soaring high. It is, therefore, important to be associated with these beautiful products by purchasing items made out them.

Save More with Bulk Ribbon

Buying bulk ribbon is more economical when accomplishing large or multiple decorating projects, for gift wrapping, and for all other artistic crafts. Aside from the larger price discounts which can be availed of, buying wholesale ribbons will also have accessory benefits like guarantees against defects, damages, or perhaps, extra freebies. Ribbons are usually tailored from fabric materials and have colors or designs that radiate or standout giving a lovely accent to wherever they are used.

Common Types of Ribbons Sold in Bulk

Not all ribbons are sold in bulk. The specially made or scarce ones can only be offered on a retail basis. But the most essential and common types of ribbons like the following can be purchased on a wholesale basis.

where to buy bulk satin ribbon

  • Solid-colored satin ribbons. When the subjects of discussion are ribbons, people are more familiar with satin. Satin ribbons are shiny, have a smooth and soft surface, and are usually produced in bold primary colors. Bulk satin ribbon is usually marketed and offered per roll and they can vary in width depending on the requirements of the buyer.
  • Mesh ribbons. Another popular type of bulk ribbon demanded by artists and craftsmen are the mesh-type. Instead of a solid make, mesh ribbons are semi-transparent featuring minute holes or dots similar to a net.
  • Specialty or printed ribbons. Aside from the monotone colors, there are also ribbons which feature colorful prints like flowers, insects, dots, etc. Other print designs include stripes, checks, plaids, jacquards, or perhaps, text or numbers.
  • Textured ribbons. Textured ribbons provide a distinct style and design for conventionally known ribbons. Aside from the smooth and shiny surfaces, these ribbons feature unique textures similar to specialty fabrics. Some of the popular textures include velvet, ruffles, and the grosgrain ribbon bulk.

sophisticated Grosgrain ribbon bulk

  • Wired ribbons. To provide firmness for the ribbons when shaped, manufacturers have incorporated thin wires on the edges of most ribbon types mentioned above. Hence, there are now several styles of wired bulk ribbon that you can choose from.

Uses of Ribbons Sold in Bulk

Whether they are retail or wholesale ribbons, the uses and applications are just the same. Most of the time, it will only depend on the artistic or creative skills of the user. Ribbons are primarily used in decorations either at home, school, or during special occasions like birthdays, valentines, weddings, and others. They can be used to provide accent and highlight ordinary home items like pillowcases, lampshades, or tea towels. Ribbons are also widely used in creating costumes and other colorful outfits and gears. Flower-shaped ribbons can be adorned in headbands, tied in bookmarks, flower bouquets, etc. But perhaps, the most popular use of bulk ribbon is for gift wrapping and presentation.

Short Guide When You Buy Ribbon in Bulk

must buy ribbon in bulk

When searching and buying for wholesale ribbons, the following considerations should be noted.

  • Determine the particular type of ribbon your project requires. As the saying goes, it’s hard to look for a needle in a haystack. There are hundreds of styles and designs of ribbons sold in the market, thus, knowing the particular type, style, or design of the ribbon you need makes the search easier.
  • Buy extra rolls or yards. The last thing you would want to experience when finishing your craft or project is to fall short on your ribbon materials. Although you are buying bulk ribbon, it still pays if you make provisions for extra rolls or yards especially the rare or hard to find styles and designs.
  • Buy local. People usually buy ribbons based on current needs and do not usually intend to keep them on stock. Whether you are going to the shop personally or planning to buy over the Internet, buying from local suppliers is recommended.

economical Bulk ribbon

With the availability of numerous designs and styles for ribbons, finding the best one suitable for your project or endeavor is now easier. And for you to take advantage of a good deal, it is recommended to buy bulk ribbon.