Simple Decoration with Venetian Mirrors

Mirrors are and have been one of the essential commodities in human life with respect to their basic usage and aesthetic needs. A Venetian mirror is a mirror with great artistic look and it all developed in Italy, in the city of Venice during the late 16th century. Due to the techniques and highly skilled artwork involved in that era Venetian mirrors gained popularity among everyone. Apart from making the premises beautiful and elegant, it provides a touch of royal ambience; hence they are a bit expensive.

ornate venetian mirror

Popular Styles

These mirrors though have variety of styles available still some of the basic yet popular styles are given below:

  • Basic rectangle: This is one of the basic styles of Venetian mirrors popular among the masses around the globe. Diamond studded mirrors are most popular in this styles. Diamonds are attached to the edges giving it a simple and royal look.
  • Circular shaped: Some mirrors are shaped in oval or circular, which gives space to provide some decorative artwork around the mirror. Metals finished aesthetic mirrors are popular in this category.
  • Long and colored: This style is one of the modern styles evolved with time. Different colors are used to give mirrors modernized look with a feel of art in it.
  • Customized: Customers are nowadays flexible enough to provide their own ideas to make these mirrors with different combinations of color, size and shape. In this we can include antique mirrors, which can be customized in our own way like brushed nickel mirror.

Decoration Ideas

Decorating a room using Venetian mirrors is easy to understand depending on which room the decoration is to be done. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a room using these mirrors:

  • Decorating the Drawing room: The most visited room by you, your family or most importantly your guests is the drawing room hence decorating it with long and artistic  mirror can be useful. Even furniture, which uses mirrors, can be one good option. If your drawing room is huge, use 2-3 mirrors of different styles and shapes to make it look royal and elegant enough for anyone to like it and adore it.
  • Decorating the Bedroom: Bedrooms can be decorated with small and highly artistic mirrors, which can be customized as per the person living in that room. Romantic mirrors can be a good option depending on the color options, which trigger the likeness of the customer for Venetian mirrors.
  • Decoration the Bathroom: Here, much small yet important furniture can be used to integrate with any style of a Venetian mirror. Only one thing to keep in mind, the artwork of these mirrors should be simple and beautiful.
  • Decorating the Kitchen: Different kinds of mirrors can be used in furniture to make it look royal and aesthetic.

classy venetian mirror

Popular Distributors

Many distributors provide all styles and types of mirrors depending on the customer needs and budget. The basic way to distribute these mirrors is selling the style over the internet; still popular distributors are available for these kinds of mirrors:

  • The Chandelier Mirror Company
  • Venetian Macao Company
  • Home Accessory Limited
  • Italian Venetian Mirrors
  • VenexiArt.

Therefore Venetian Mirrors have a great demand all around the globe because of its great artistic and adorable look and moment of feeling royal with beautiful surroundings all around the house or workplace.

Tips on Making an Antique Mirror

Mirrors add beauty and make our bedrooms, drawing rooms and bathrooms shine with an added effect of completeness. The basic purpose of mirrors is to reflect our selves for what we wear and how we look. Now a day’s mirrors not only fulfill the basic purpose but also provide a factor for keeping them as an antique showpiece, which in turn makes the respective areas look beautiful and elegant. Mirrors are an important part of life and serve as a great input for making your house viewable and complete. Using antique mirror is one of the best ways to change the look and feel of your house/workplace. Making a mirror look antique is easy and inexpensive task, which can be done by anyone of us with some care and proper tips.

finest antique mirror

Making a Mirror Look Antique

Step by step process is noted down for making a proper antique mirror:

  • Protect yourself: Wear gloves and an apron for your protection as making antique mirror involves usage of chemicals and paints which can be a bit harmful.
  • Area selection to keep the mirror: First decide the space required for the mirror and then put the mirror in that space. Preferably cardboard is considered to be kept in between the mirror and the ground surface. If not available make sure the surface is washable and can be cleaned after the work is done. Most important thing when placing the mirror, make sure it is face down as the glass surface can be sensitive.
  • Remove paint: Initial steps to make an antique mirror are to remove the paint from backside, which can be done using a stripper. Stripper as the word says strips down all the paint. It has a chemical base so use a brush to put it on the backside of a mirror and be generous while stripping out the paint with a knife. Let 20%-25% of the paint remains on the mirror.
  • Wash and Dry: After stripping of the paint is done, wash the mirror with soap and let it dry completely.
  • Black Metal Patina: Patina is one of the solutions which helps in making antique mirrors look genuinely antique. Apply this black patina solution, available easily in the market, on the reflective side of the mirror. Antique mirror must look rusty and eaten away at the edges so apply large amount of patina at the edges and some on the inner side. Desired effects can be created with any kind of brush. Until the desired level of antiqueness is not achieved keep applying the solution.
  • Rinse and Dry: Again rinse the mirror with water and let it dry completely.
  • Apply Paint: Now when the mirror is all dried apply paint to the back side of it and see to it you cover the spots created by the patina solution. You can use dark shades of traditional colors like silver, gold and black to make this antique mirror more beautiful. Different combinations can be given to make it look elegant. Brushed nickel mirror is one of the examples of this combination.

modernized antique gold oval

Finally wait for the paint to dry and use it accordingly. These steps should be followed carefully and religiously to make an antique mirror look antique, beautiful, elegant and a masterpiece.

Things You Need To Know About Vanity Mirrors

Did you know that an important stage in the development of an individual includes the stage where he is capable of recognizing himself in the mirror? So yes, the next time someone catches you gazing too long in the vanity mirror, you can let them know that this is actually a productive habit.

Common Uses of Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors combine function with style. Not only do they add the illusion of space and light in a washroom and can serve a decorative purpose but they also need to be functional as men use bathroom vanity mirrors for shaving and women use them for putting on makeup.

Since they serve utilitarian purposes as well, it is best to buy large sized bathroom vanity mirrors with decent illumination which also come in various options and features. Vanity mirrors with lights used by professional makeup artists can contain up to 12 bulbs with a dimmer option. Wall mounted vanity lights work better than recessed down lights.

modern lighted vanity mirror

Popular Types and Designs of Vanity Mirrors

Popular types and designs of vanity mirrors include:

  • Framed vanity mirrors – Can be mounted in a wide range of styles, finishes and polishes that go with the general theme of the wash room.
  • Unframed vanity mirrors – Are generally unframed with buffed and rounded edges.
  • Attached – If you are short on space, you can double up your space by attaching a medicine cabinet behind the vanity mirror.
  • Unattached – If you prefer a lighter, more modern look for your washroom, go for unattached, wall mounted vanity mirrors.
  • Single mirror – The most common type of vanity mirrors contains a single mirror.
  • Multiple mirrors – Multiple vanity mirrors, especially pivoted ones, are quite popular as they allow you to check your image from different angles.
  • Lighted vanity mirrors – Illuminated mirrors make it easier to put on makeup and shave.

Tips for Maintaining Vanity Mirrors

Here are a few tips for keeping your mirrors in top shape so they last you a long time:

  1. Always use a nonabrasive material, such as a clean, dry cloth for cleaning your mirror.
  2. Clean the mirror properly at least once a week to ensure its hygiene.
  3. Use a newspaper dipped in vinegar to clean the mirror; wipe the glass dry with the newspaper.
  4. Do not use commercial cleaners for cleaning mirrors as they can strip off the covering.
  5. Protect the mirror from liquids as they can remove the mirror’s backing.
  6. If your mirror is damaged around the edges, you can hide that by getting your mirror framed.
  7. Go for low maintenance mirrors like brushed nickel mirrors that require less cleaning as compared with other mirrors.

royal class bathroom vanity mirrors

A vanity mirror may be named because of its beautifying and hygiene purposes, however, its utilitarian function may speak of itself more. For quality purchases, always consult reliable glass dealers and distributors.

A Guide to Buying Decorative Mirrors

If you want to add a dramatic focal point in your room, create the illusion of space in a small area, brighten up your room or just catch your reflection and do all of this on a tight budget, all of this and more can be achieved by adding decorative mirrors to your interiors.

Types of Decorative Mirrors

  • Frame – Both framed and frameless mirrors are available. Generally, people prefer framed mirrors when going for decorative wall mirrors.
  • Polish/Finish – Framed mirrors are a huge category in themselves. Some popular finishes include weathered, antique finish, wooden finishes such as oak and maple, and metallic finishes such as bronze, gold, stainless steel and brushed nickel mirrors.
  • Shape – Mirrors come in various shapes ranging from the common ones such as oval, rectangular, round, square and arc to the more unconventional free forms including stars, sun bursts and rain drops.
  • Custom mirrors – Some manufacturers even deliver customized mirrors in which the buyer can specify the shape, size, finish and/or look.

decorative mirror of the natural handicraft mirror

Most Popular Styles of Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a popular element of interior décor; consequently each design movement had its own representative furniture and décor pieces which included mirrors. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Antique – If you prefer a classical look then you can opt for antique mirrors, either by buying period specific mirrors or by going for an antique finish.
  • Contemporary mirrors – If you like sleek, straight lines, simple shapes and bold, graphic frames then you should go for contemporary mirrors.
  • Southwestern – If you have a primarily Southwestern theme in your house, which means lots of ceramics and earthen colors and shapes, then use decorative mirrors with wrought iron frames to complete the look.
  • Art DecoGeometric designs, recurrent use of sun burst motifs and zigzag edges signify the ever popular art deco mirrors.
  • Old World – Buy old world style, large mirrors with distressed finish if you want to add scale to your room.
  • Country – If the country look is closer to your heart then you can go for pine framed mirrors or invest in some good quality wrought iron frames for them.
  • Crystal – If you want to add some bling to your interiors, you can go for mirrors with crystal frames. 
  • VictorianShapes, chunky frames, and ornate designs make them excellent centerpieces. If you have got this beauty you might as well flaunt it and make it the focal point of your entire décor.
  • Eclectic – You can even combine the above styles and mix different frames, shapes, sizes and colors of mirrors in your house to give an eclectic look. A good idea is to make a collage wall featuring your entire range of mirrors.

Other popular styles include whimsical, retro, Cape Cod, mid-century modern, rustic, mission, traditional, arts and crafts style.

clover antique silver decorative framed wall mirror

Shopping Tips for Decorative Mirrors

Start playing with decorative mirrors and add life to your interiors. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for mirrors.

  • Compare prices online. You would be surprised at the bargains you can find online.
  • It helps if you mark out the dimensions of the space where you want to put your mirror, that way you would not end up with an oversized or undersized mirror.
  • If you have a theme running in your house, try to continue the mood by buying mirrors which go with the theme. You can also look at the style guide above for ideas.

Modern Look With The Brushed Nickel Mirror

A brushed nickel mirror gives out a nice finish to the room making it look modern yet cozy. It is a good choice for people who want to achieve a modern look in their space without making it look cold. It is a bit ironic for something metallic such as a brushed nickel mirror to give warm touch to the space but for some reason it does.

The brushed nickel mirror has a nickel finish but it has been abraded or brushed to remove some of its luster. A fine grit sand paper is used to brush it. The result is a nice metallic frame with just the right amount of graininess in it to make. The brushing is what removes the coldness in the mirror.

uttermost kagami wall mirror in brushed nickel

Advantages Of Using Brushed Nickel Mirror

A brushed nickel mirror is nice to put in the foyer, den, bathroom and even the bedroom. It can balance the look of the room. There are several advantages of using a brushed nickel mirror and these are:

  • Easy To Clean And Maintain. Brushed nickel mirrors are very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with damp cloth and then dry it and it will look brand new again. You don’t need to clean it every day, just a few times a week. You don’t need to rub it with wax because it does not need to shine.
  • Easy To Use. It is easy to mix and match with whatever theme you have going on in your house. Even when you do not go with a modern theme you can still use it and it will not be like an eyesore.
  • Longevity. This mirror will last for a longer time than wood framed mirrors. It will also look new for a longer time. If you just maintain it well then the mirror will look the same as the day that you have bought it from the store.
  • Corrosion Resistant. The beads that are in the brushing limit the ability of any fluid to bead on its surface resulting in less corrosion.

modern framed brushed nickel mirror

Common Brushed Nickel Mirror Designs

The brushed nickel mirror has common designs like other mirrors. There are mirrors that are made in regular shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles and even triangles. Aside from these there are also mirrors that are designed to look like art deco, ultra modern and with flares and curves.

entwined circles black mirror

Brands Of Brushed Nickel Mirror

There are brushed nickel bathroom mirror, brushed nickel wall mirror, brushed nickel vanity mirrors and brushed nickel framed mirror.

  • The Herbeau Brushed Nickel Royal 3131 is a sample of a good nickel bathroom mirror. This mirror gives the bathroom a whole new look.
  • The Minka Mirror with beveled glass is great as a brushed nickel wall mirror. It gives a unique accent to the wall.
  • The Home Styles Brushed Vanity Mirror is great combination for any bureau. It is the mirror that can bind the dressing room.
  • Quozel’s Brushed Nickel Downtown Mirror is a great brushed nickel framed mirror. It is something very unique.

bathroom brushed nickel mirror

These are just some of the popular brands of brushed nickel mirror available in the market. Visit other online stores to get other types.