Basic Types Brake Parts

There are many bike brake technology in the history of bicycles and there are still various types still in use up to the present, sold by known companies like Tektro brakes. The usual types are the disc brakes, the rim brakes, or the drum brakes. Before you can be a biker, or a professional one at that, you need to have a good understanding of the brake parts that play a very important role in your biking experience and your safety as a biker.

How Bike Brakes Work

Basically, bike brakes and the brake parts use many systems of cables, levers, and rubber pads in order to create rubbing or friction on the bike’s rim or wheel rims in order to perform the function.

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Some of the bike brakes have turned out complicated as people looked and manufactured bicycles for more safety and efficiency for the bikers. The power of the break goes hand in hand with the light weight of the road bike, whereas a mountain bike needs the power with resilience to debris and trauma encountered on the road. Each of these brake parts has its own unique features and parts.

Types Of Brake Parts

Read and get to know these various parts of your bicycle’s brakes:

  • Brake Pads

These are rubber pads in particular that are placed on the disk brakes. Basically, they are steel backing plates that have a material that creates friction on the surface and is a very important part of the braking system of the wheel. This is one of the cheap brake parts that are also equally easy to install. They come in many varieties and types which are better than the others. One of the popular types is the ceramic brake pad, which is not only of good quality but also has great advantages over other pads traditionally seen on the market.

  • Disc Brakes

These are hydraulic and are found on mountain bikes. They have a better braking power as well as resilience especially to combat the off-road riding experience.

  • Cables

These are activated using a thin metal, wherein a cable is pulled by the bike rider in order to stop the bike from running.

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  • Brake Level

The brake level is controlled on the bike’s handlebars from the lever. The purpose of these lever is for the rider’s convenience to enforce force on the cable and in effect to slow down the bike.

  • Caliper Brakes

These are mounted above the wheel on the frame of the bike and use the pads against the lever on to the rim of the wheel. This is what is usually used on the road such as when racing.

When it comes to brake parts, it is very important that you install high performance brake parts because of safety reasons. The good news is that in case you have problems with parts of your brake, these are readily available locally or online. There are many brake parts warehouse that has a wide array of options for the bikers. Usually these outlets keep local products and imported parts that have a slight difference in price. In this case, it is a choice between quality and price versus safety of the rider.