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Bottle Feeding As Alternative To Breast Feeding

Bottle feeding is an alternative for breast feeding when a mother cannot provide breast milk or chooses not to breast feed. Doctors usually advise mothers to breast feed a full term newborn baby until up to at least six months. However, this is not easy to follow because every situation is different. For a domestic mom, breast feeding is achievable since the mother stays at home most of the time. But for career women who need to go to an 8-hour job every week, breast feeding could be compromised. Thus, bottle feeding a newborn is practical and convenient. It is vital though that the baby’s nutrition and welfare will be the priority even with bottle feeding.

Health Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding a newborn may raise a lot of eyebrows especially from health care professions. Proven articles discuss the importance of breast milk especially to newborn. However, mothers who choose to bottle feed their babies can still use their expressed breast milk and supply it in a feeding bottle. One example of the advantages of bottle feeding is that these bottles are accurately calibrated, thus making moms know exactly how much milk their babies are getting.

Here are other benefits of bottle feeding:

Best of Born Free Bottles

1.) Bottle feeding is suitable for moms who have a hard time producing breast milk.

2.) Moms can go back to work without worrying that their babies are getting hungry.

3.) Bottle feeding avoids embarrassment when breast feeding in a public place.

There are three different classes of formula milk you can mix for your baby. These are: the soy milk formula, cow’s milk formula, and iron-fortified formula. Now which is the best one for your baby? You need to consult your ob-gynecologist or your baby’s pediatrician for this.

Bottle Feeding a Newborn with Born Free Bottles

Best Bottles For Your Baby

Now, if you are a momonthego who relishes the idea of bottle feeding your baby, make sure you choose the best feeding bottle which is suitable for your child. There will be brands that promises you great quality and stylish designs. These are the three leading brands for feeding bottles:

1.)    Avent bottles:

These have been one of the widely used feeding bottles. Some reviews though complains about the bottle leaking.

2.)    Born Free Bottles:

Taking the Advantages of Bottle Feeding

The brand claims that their product is made from the safest material. It boasts of an air vent system that reduces air intake, thus reducing colic.

3.)    Dr. Brown Bottles:

These are similar to born free bottles, have a patented internal vent system that provides positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding.

Bottle feeding is a personal decision that only a mother can decide. Whatever the experts or the pediatricians advise is, it is still up to the mother to decide since she is the only one who knows what’s best for her body. Yes, it is important to consider the newborn’s health; however, the health of the mothers should also be taken care of.