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All About The Bose MIE2i Headset

The Bose MIE2i headset is a high quality piece of audio kit designed for the on-the-go consumer. It carries the same high quality audio as home Bose audio products; however it is packed into the portable form of these Bose MIE2i headphones. The Bose brand is synonymous with the best audio quality in the business; they are pretty much unbeatable. For years they have invested a huge sum in research and development to create a crisp and resonant high quality audio sound. This attention to detail and relentless quest to have the highest quality possible has given consumers fantastic quality. The Bose brand is so far ahead of the competition that consumers hold their brand as the holy grail, and rightly so.

best Bose MIE2i

The Bose MIE2i is designed for use with mobile communication devices as they have a built in omni directional microphone for chatting. This high quality microphone allows the users to chat to callers and online users without having to hold or worry about the position of the microphone. Convenience is just as big a factor as quality in this model. The highlight features of the Bose MIE2i are featured below.

Outstanding Features Of The Bose MIE2i

  • Improved in ear stability from patented ear phone shape

  • Omni directional microphone for simple communication with friends, family and colleagues

  • One touch answer or end call button on the microphone

best bose mie2i review

  • Architecturally designed for better acoustic sound on the go

  • High quality cabling to ensure product longevity

The Bose MIE2i carries a patented in ear grip design which allows for more secure listening during exercise and high movement activity. This is a common problem for gym goers, runners and anyone who listens to music during exercise. Nothing disrupts a good exercise routine than your earphone flying out. It is really frustrating having to scramble and put earphones back in, especially if they are prone to falling back out again.

best bose mie2i headphones

The one touch answer or end call feature on the Bose MIE2i means that you do not need to scramble to get your phone or media device out of your pocket. The simple one touch system stops music and allows use of the microphone immediately. The placement of the microphone and the integrated technology means that no holding or direction of the microphone is necessary.

best bose mie2i headset

As mentioned above, Bose is renowned for high quality and well designed audio equipment. Well the Bose MIE2i is no different, the earphones have been specifically structurally designed to improve sound and acoustics. This technology is patented and so no other earphone on the market will be using it. In addition to this as you would expect the rest of the Bose MIE2i is of premium quality too including the cabling. It is near guaranteed that there will never be any loose connections or broken internal wiring.

Overall, the Bose MIE2i is a fantastic piece of portable audio kit. Reading Bose MIE2i review articles reveals that the general public thinks so too. The product is praised as a high quality and solid piece of kit for the price. If sound quality is important to you then this product can definitely be recommended over competitors.