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Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush

Most people do not realize what an important role their hairbrush plays in the overall look of their hair.  It’s commonly believed that the shampoo or conditioner you use determines the look and feel of you hair, but in reality, the type of brush you use also plays an equally important role. Given the importance of a brush, it’s a wonder that most people just buy their hairbrush without putting much thought into it at a drug store or discount store.

One of the best brushes you can buy is a boar bristle brush.  Of all the different natural material brushes on the market, the Mason Pearson boar bristle brush is by far the most well-known and highest quality. These brushes are in the higher end of the price range for brushes, but the many boar bristle brush benefits easily justifies the cost. Below are the top 5 benefits of this brush provides.

best durable boar bristle brush

5 Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush

  • They make your hair shinier.  Sure, every brush probably claims to make your hair extra shiny.  Maybe your shampoo even claims to do the same thing.  The truth is that a boar bristle brush is made from natural materials that gather and redistribute the oils in your hair.  Distributing those oils evenly over your hair will make it seem shinier without adding any extra weight or using special products.

  • They are gentler than regular hairbrushes.  A boar bristle hair brush is less likely to damage hair than a nylon bristle brush.  Why?  Because the individual bristles aren’t as strong.  That makes this type of hairbrush not as effective at attacking tangles or thick hair.  If you have tangled or thick hair, you’re better off using a paddle brush with nylon bristles.

  • They stimulate your hair follicles.  The bristles in a boar bristle brush are usually very densely packed.  The densely packed bristles are still flexible though, so with each pass of the brush, they gently stroke and massage the scalp.  The massaging action that occurs with each swipe of the brush stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth.

sturdy boar bristle hair brush

  • They clean your hair between washings.  This hairbrush is excellent for removing dirt and debris from hair.  Using it between washings is a great way to keep the hair clean between washings, and is especially effective in keeping African American hair, which can be challenging for regular brushes, smooth and clean.

  • They keep the ends of your hair healthy.  The smooth, gentle motion of a boar bristle brush combined with the oil redistributing property leaves you with exceptionally healthy hair from root to tip.  People who use boar hairbrushes notice that they have less split ends, and overall healthier hair.

Now that you’ve read about some of the benefits of owning a boar bristle brush, you’re ready to head to the store and find one for yourself.  Your hair will definitely thank you for the care you’ve provided them by using this type of hairbrush!